Our Pyar Muhabatein and Tashan….episode 2


Its Heidi… Loved ur cmnts and keep cmnting for fab episodes
The episode start with yuvi Running towards ishita nd taking to other side while she misses to see arnav nd khushi so as they…..nd twinkle running toward s anita grabing her nd taking her in other direction.. Both in heart says thank god they didn’t see arnav nd khushi …..

Pallavi and kunj witness yuvi nd twinkle hugging each other nd crying …..both are disheartened they move towards them nd ask what happened….. They says we remembered past how they used to be together happy nd that incident changed thier lives ….

Kunj nd pallavi consoled them nd they head to leave

Kunj to himself why  i was jealous of yuvi??? Why i can’t see her crying????

Yuvi to himself hope she didn’t take it wrong or else what would have happened???

Both are interrupted….as pallkle call them 

Background plays kuch to hwa hai…..

Other side ishita is thinking i hve seen them they are here they back
He is back ….( khushi joined college recently she is also a new but she somehow cares about twinkle kunj pallavi nd yuvi.)
Why was shanaya looking so mysterious like she don’t know
him???? I had to find out.

Raman nd arnav are walking when both unknowingly hit each other nd they look at each other with arrogance nd walk past each other

A mysterious place is shown like a backside of building… Nd w8 arnav nd raman both are there they show same expressions of arrogance nd then pass smile to each other nd hug…..
A flashback is shown two boys teasing two girls shanaya nd ishita arnav is teasing shanaya nd raman is teasing ishita nd it seems like they are couples….nd yes they are couples…..but shanaya nd ishita speak up dont tease us…… The boys gave high five…..a girl comes running nd hugs the girls nd the boys gave each other runaway look nd they did that……the girl is anita….she laughs seeing them running away and then the girls follow them anita says i knew bhai will run away with arnav coz they have to make ne happy nd that would have emptied their pockets….the girls give high five flashback ends
Raman says that 2 years nd now u hve again entered this college
Arnav ya…i wanna gain  what i lost….di nd shanaya

Raman what????shanaya…but she is….

Arnav no she isn’t

Raman arnu she died

Arnav no she was saved

Raman who saved her???? How????

Arnav i also wanna know the same….

Raman does he know this????

Arnav i dont know

On the other hand ( meanwhile ) khushi collided with a person nd the person is none other than harshad…..

Harshad shanaya tm????

Khushi kn shanaya i m khushi chopra..

Nd she went away saying this…

Harshad also reached the same place….arnav raman shanaya he says this nd starts crying……

Raman nd arnav console him…

At once arnav asked raman where is ishu di????

Raman nd harshad looked at each other nd raman said she should know that…..i m nt in touch with her nd left the place

On the other side ishita is crying nd says all that happened because of me

Anita is sitting at some other place saying same as ishita nd crying

Raman harshad and arnav convo was witnessed by yuvi nd kunj witnessed the harshad nd khushi’s convo nd twinkle nd pallavi saw anita nd ishita crying….

The screen splits on four sides…..one on anita one on ishita one on khushi nd one on armanad(arnav raman nd harshad)

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  2. quite good

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    Nice epi

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  5. Nice epi..plzz post next asap..

  6. It’s nice and I love yuvi and twinkle will be making them together? ……. or

  7. It’s nice and I love yuvi and twinkle will you be making them together?

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    Nice heidi
    Keep continue

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    hey heldi nice well i will be 18 next week 🙂

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    M if u think that my fanfic is good then keep commenting….. Nd sorry its a twinj fanfic

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    amazing interesting…..

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    omg heidi di amazing luvd it 2 d core sry fr being late amazing episode post asap di luvd it

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