our pyar muhabatein nd tashan….episode 9

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The episode starts with Raman and ishita moving towards harshad and anita…..they are in their house…. Harshad tells raman and ishra something and they started to decorate the place…..they also invited pallavi yuivi twinkle and kunj and vani……all are busy but vani is continuously flirting with kunj…..twinkle fumes seeing them… She is continuously watching them and instead of putting pictures in frames…

Removes photos from the frames…. Yuvi comes and says twinkle tu kam ma faldo na bna itni mehnt sai to lgai t ab phr lgani parai gi pointing towards some pics and frames…..

Twi walks away in anger?????

Then twi shouts on seeing kunj and vani in kissing position…..

Twi vani mainai u ko bulaya tha bhai ko or harsh bhai ko un ki gf sai milanai k liay pr tu to(i have called u for arnav and harsh bhai but u)

Kunj are what’s big deal…..she is my gf….we will do what ever we want….

Twi axha gf when did that happened

Kunj whenever it happened why do u care…

Twi…..why won’t i care

Kunj why should u ptao na q frq prta a…

Twi coz i love u…..

Kunj gave a victorious look???….

Twi shocked at what she said….she grabbed a broom nearby nd ran after kunj

Kunj are mar q ri a

Twi u haven’t forgot our challenge….. How could u made vani ur gf

Kunj why should i forget….only u challenged me that u will never confess first if u fall in love with me….

Twi nd i only said that if i fall in love with someone then that person will get a gift from me if be succeeded in making me confess first….(said that by dropping broom stick and going in flashback)

Kunj Quickly moves towards twi

Twi suddenly slaps him on his cheek…..nd then kisses him….it was a small peck…but they parted coz of pallraj….

As they said that they are in love…

Twinj moves towards them asking many ques…..they hold each other hands and says we are in love with each other…..

Twinj are shocked…..they says….what???when how….

Pallraj when u were busy in ur fighance

Twinj what?

Pallraj fight + romance

Twinj blush
harni and ishra teases them….and they had good time and they again get busy in decoration…..

Arnaya/arshi enters…

Light are off

The lights get on and the place is decorated with arnaya/arshi pics and jazbati group pics…..on one wall it was written welcome back to the past…..

Shanaya/Khushi is very happy…..she sees each and every pic but gets sad

Arnav why are u sad

Khushi coz i can’t remember anything….

Suddenly they heard a voice
The person is revealed to b ashok

Ashok…u remember or not but u will die for sure….

Everybody is shocked

Ashok slowly pulls out a gun and shoots….first twinj then pallraj then ishra and harni nd they get shot while saving each other……

When it comes to khushi he shots and arnav takes the bullet…..

Khushi is shocked….she looks at all the bodies Nd then arnav and shouts arnu…..she remembers everything….she gets her memory back…..nd she sees ashok as he is out of bullets….she grabs a stick nearby and hits him but before that she is stopped by arnav….

She gets shocked as she sees everyone fine…..
Arnav says don’t be shocked i will tell u what happened

Flashback harshad gets call from a person….. He says that today u all are gonna die…as i am gonna shoot u…..do u want ur khushi back then do as i say….nd plz trust me….do as i say….and he tells doc tells that her brain damage is cured….she simply needs a shock that can bring her memory back…. And that’s why i want u to do this…he tells his name as khushi’s doc….he even send them some details….and they all agree to his plans….

Raman but ashok tm?

Ashok becoz i m the person who called u

All what?

A girl enters and says he is telling truth…. He did this….for me…..he fell in love with me but when i came to know about his reality after searching through private detective…. I refused and made him realize his mistakes and aftr that he did this drama to make khushi remember her past as he knew that khushi is life of this group…..

Ashok bowed his head down when raman and harshad came and hugged him…..they forgave him….so as ishita and anita and khushi….

Arnav to girl…hey sweety what’s ur name by the way…..

Girl my name is astha

Before arnav can say anything khushi grabs him and says hgya interview bht hai….don’t u dare to flirt with her….

And all started to celebrate discussing about how they patched up nd suddenly twi says where is vani?

Kunj i don’t know

He looks at everyone who gave don’t know expression….

And all heard laughing sound…..they followed it nd found vani with bihaan

Bihaan thapki u know i love ur laugh

Thapki i know bihu….

All :we all know that too…

Now if u r done with ur romance tell us who is he….and every detail

Thahaan we are engaged…. And after week is our wedding so plz come….

Ishra says…..wedding…we wanna say something…

Yuvi v know that u are married…

Ishra how?

Coz when u guyz were getting married we were there only…nd u guyx thought we won’t accept u guyz and u got married but truth is v were only there….

All continue their talks laughingly…..

The end….Sorry but couldn’t continue… M very busy now a days

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    Loved it Twinkle confessed her feelings when Twinj were shot I thought they are really dead but then I cam to know it ia a plan Post soon 🙂

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