Pyar ko ho jaane do season 2 (episode 1)

Hi guys! I’m maithili and after reading sana didi ‘s ff I am inspired to write my own! This would be my very first time writing a fan fiction as I haven’t experienced writing much since I am only 8. Here it goes.

The episode starts with Rizwan and preet gravelling in the car when some goons attack. Rizwan goes out of the car with his gun and he realises that preet has been kidnapped. He tracks her location with the help of his colleague myra(can be assumed as Kritika kamra last seen in reporters ). Myra explains that both of them love each other immensly but because of their ego they dont want to be together. Rizwan remembers meeting dr neil khana and ragini
khanna earlier on and remembers how they both didn’t stay together because of their ego.

Rizwan then remembered how much preet still cared for him after the bomb blast.

Flashback :after the bomb blast, injured preet and rizwan come home and rizwan is thrown out while preet goes in. After that, from the window preet applies medicine on rizwan’s gunshot.
Coming back to the present, rizwan’s eyes are filled with tears as myra tries to console him. Rizwan tries tracking preet and he finds out that anam, his co -terrorist helper under secretive measures was behind this kidnap. Rizwan is shocked to see anam and remembers how he there her out of the terrorist squad.

Flashback :anam was before sana joined. Anam was the worst -terrorist mainly because she was Indian and she supported India as well as Pakistan. When anam was charged for trying to expose baba in court, rizwan threw her out replacing her by sana.

Back to the present. Rizwan runs away with preet and gets her into the car safely. As he is entering the car a man comes and pulls him behind the car. Preet screams.

Precap :a gunshot is heard. Preet is confused who got the shot. She prays rizwan didn’t and cries.

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  1. Its very nice! It looks like pkhjd is back again! But no this is just a fan fiction. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see the season 2 pkhjd directed, written and produced by mailthili

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  3. nice concept maithli…..carryy on

  4. It’s interesting. Carry on please.

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