Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 3)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with preeti and rohit.
episode 3…

after party preeti wants to discuss their business deal with sid trisha and bade papa.
Preeti: excuse me Mr. sid. i want to discuss some papers with you.
Sid: yes please… if you don ‘t mind I ‘ll get Trisha di and Papa here. i think i need them in this discussion.
Preeti: ohhh…yes please.
Sid: you sit here i ‘ll come back.
Trisha bade papa and badi mummy come. Trisha sits next to preeti and bade papa sits next to sid.
Bade papa: I send some coffee tea for you.
Preeti: no mam… not coffee. only tea.
Bade mummy: ok beta.
Preeti: so lets start.
They start their discussion. but all three only consentrate on preeti not on deal. Ritik sees her in hall with Sid and says
“She is so much charm damn it. she is good looking. I think i m fallen in love with her. ohhh noo , i love kavya but… whats the mattar infact i know that kavya loves bro (Rohit) but bro is not. never mind i m today start love with preeti and i wish bro will love kavya. they both look nice with each other. (In Sharukh khan style) preeeeeeetiiiiiii you are only mine.”
In room…
Ritik: hey bro (excitingly) i m fallen in love.
Rohit: yes i know…
Ritik: what!!!?
Rohit: with Kavya.
Ritik: no bro she loves you so why i snatch her love. i m fallen in love with preeti.
Rohit: what noncense… kavya…
Ritik: yes..
Rohit: listen you are a flirty guy. ok. and preeti… i think she is very proud. she does not let you to move around her head like a fly. she has much attitude than anybody. and kavya… she is like a child. i ‘ll handle her but you…i think you will lost kavya ever from this behaviour. ok…
Ritik: how do you know that she has much attitude?
Rohit: yar i m walking in loan. suddenly i through some tea on air but unfortunately it is fallen on miss preeti and she…..she yelled on me bitterly. come on yar its just accident but she did ‘nt listen to me.
Ritik: no way… she only listen to me bro. i ‘ll handle her.
Rohit: ok i ‘ll see.

At hall.

preeti: wao. amazing. i think dad had good decision to deal with hooda industry. infact i m against to deal with any indian company but you have so much telent and ideas.
Rohit stairs down. preeti walks towards him and says ” but some indians have a telent to throw tea on air.”
preeti: I go then my work is almost finish. next day i’ll come with papers to sign in. (pointing to badi mummy) tea is nice.
badi mummy: i wish that you stay at our home till you go to london beta.
preeti: there is no need mam. i booked room in hotel.
Trisha: but our house is much better than any hotal.
Sid: yes please stay at our home please.
Ritik comes and says: well miss preeti.. every one insists you so much. you should stay here.
Preeti: but my czn is in hotal. she is alone there.
Ritik: your czn?? its ok i ‘ll take your luggage and czn here. Right chacho.
Sid: preeti you give your hotal address to Ritik.
Preeti gives him and says: Thank you. you all are loving people. except… thank you Ritik you are so caring.
Ritik: (smiling) mention not.
sharanya: come preeti i’ll show your room.
preeti: thanks.
Rohit: (in her thoughts angerly) she is soo much proudy.

Shergill is in bedroom thinking about bomb blast.
every where is in fire and shergill came in room where preet and ishaan died. here is ishaan lied on floor. He is not dead yet. shergill tried to find out to Ishaan that where is preet. Ishaan only says that preet is …preet is… but he was not able to speak he is so much injuried and he died. Shergill is in hospital and doctors told him that in Ishaan ‘s dead body there is much wounds of knife. its seems to be that someone attacked on him through knife.
shergill is shocked to hear it. shergill talked to his members to find out the dead body of preet. but they did not find out. shergill replaced burned dead body of a women to preet ‘s dead body. and gave it to hooda family. hooda family got last rituals of preet and ishaan.
at present.
shergill: and yet…i do not find out that where is preet ‘s dead body. is she alive or not? but preeti…. she has a face like preet. her entry is in hooda house is not an miracle there is some secret behind her.
Ajay (shergill assistance) :it may be miracle sir. and Rohit is also has a face like ishaan. i think it is not realy serious.
Shergill: but rohit is the son of hooda family. there is no confusion. he has a true identity. but preeti khan…. she has a mystry and i will find it out that who is she.

what mystry? to know please stay to read next article.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    rohit preeti tea scene was funny.wish you had shown it instead of making rohit explain it.shocking that ritik knows about kavya loving rohit and now he is attracted towards preeti.shocking that preet is alive.she can’t be preeti as preeti is young.wish ishan was alive.if so ishreet could have united.

    but I have a doubt. ishaan is actually he is not actually a Hooda. then how can rohit getting ishan’s look be normal?

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