Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 2)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with rohit and preeti
episode 2.
at hooda house.
In party bade papa welcome someone who is very special. He is none other Mr. Jai Shergill. He is now retired army officer. He is the special guest of Bade papa.
shergill: Hello mr. hooda. how are you.
Bade papa: i m fine. thank you. when you come from london?
Shergill: about one week.
Badi mummy: how are you shergill?
Shergill: good. good to see you all.
then he sees Rohit. he walks towards him and says “Ishaan”. Ritik interruptes and says “not Ishaan but Rohit. Ishaan mama is there (pointing towards picture)”
Shergill: (smiling) ohh… there is much similarity that i m confused.
Sid: I m too.
Trisha: whats the matter guys come lets dance.
Neeti says to kuku. “see kuku shergill says “Ishaan”. kuku says ” come on. come baby lets dance with me.”

At night.

every body wish… Happy birthday to you. Kavya is surprised to see that everyone knows her birthday.
kavya: Thank you soo much.
She remembers her mother (preet) always wish her first. her tears fell down. Rohit consoles her. Ritik tries to become her happy and organized a grand birthday bash for her.

In morning

Bade papa: Sid.. listen today i have a good news for you.
Sid: (happily) what!
Bade papa: Khan company accepts your deal.
Sid and trisha becomes happy.
Bade papa: and someone comes to take a contract with him. may be its Mr. Hussain (owner of khan ‘s company). today at night.
Sid: we prepare a very good environment for him to impress him.
Bade papa: good.

At night..

Rohit makes an announcement. he says “kavya is our princess” kavya (in her thought) says ” and you r my prince of heart”.
Rohit: i have a speacial gift for you kavya. I sing a song for you.
Bade papa: I think he (Mr. Hussain) must come sid. be prepare to welcome him.
Sid: ok.
song starts. name..(Sapna jahan)
during the song a beautiful girl enters. kuku sees her and he is about to faint when Ritik helps him. everyone is shocked to see her. she is Preeti khan (mona singh) in white skirt.
Kavya comes towards her. her eyes are full of tears.
Preeti: (Shaking hand with kavya) hello.. i m preeti khan daughter of Mr. Hussain khan the owner of Khan ‘s company. who is Mr. Sid hooda?
Sid: (unconciously) preet….
Bade papa: (interepting) preeti khan… nice to meet you miss. i m mr. hooda. your father…
Preeti: he is ill. thats why he sent me to sign a deal.
Kavya runs. preeti gets shock to see her like this.
Trisha: i m sorry. actually you have much similar face like my bhabhi soo kavya us…
Preeti: its ok.
Ritik says “she is too good bro. check her personality yar.”
Rohit: (looking towards the pic of preet) shut up. i think she is our guest.
Shergill says to Rohit ” its miracle you have a face like ishaan and miss preeti khan has a face like preet. you come in hooda house and she also comes. i think God is trying to meet you again” and then he leaves.
In Car. shergill goes back to his flashback. where he tried to find the dead body of preet on the spot of bomb blast.
Is preet ‘s dead body disappeared on spot. to know please stay to keep reading the next episode.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Wow at kavya’s b’day party Preet’s look alike Preeti Khan came.Is she Preet’s rebirth or just a look alike?Did Shergill get Preeti’s body?I wonder if Ishaan -preet r alive

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