Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 1)

Pyar ko ho jaane do again with “Rohit and preeti”

Episode 1:

After 25 years of that bomb blast , Hooda family did ‘nt forget their main pillers ishaan and preet. But now time has changed and also their lives is changed. But now some family members hate Rizwaan. Especially sid and trisha. They think that rizwaan went to die but why their preet bhabhi. She deserved to live and love. But neeti are in shock state for 20 years. She did ‘nt say anything a word when she heard the news of their brother and sister in law ‘s death. Infact in Kavya ‘s book publish ceremony no one of hooda house came to appreciate her book. In season 2 Kavya (Moini roy) is now an interior designer and set herself. Trisha marries to bilal and they have a son now , named Ali bilal khan. Sid marries Sharanya (Hina khan) they also have a daughter , named Reeti. Badi maa and bade papa had more love for Rizwaan and preet. But they never saw their photos for 25 years. Even they forgave Rizwaan but they never want to thinked about him. Now its time to come Tinko and Chinno the children of Neeti from abroad. Their name is Rohit(Iqbal khan) and Ritik(Arjun bijlani) respectively. Both come from abroad and everyone shock to see Rohit as his face has much similarity to Rizwaan. They creat a lot of buzz and happiness. Then Rohit (iqbal khan) goes to her mom ‘s room for blessings even neeti is still keep silent. When he meets her and hugs her she looks to him and one drop of ters fell down and she cries bitterly by saying that her Ishaan bhaiyaa is now comes. Kuku says ” he is not ishaan he is our son Rohit”. Neeti says “No ….no he is ishaan” Rohit says ” mom i m your son and not Rizwaan”. Kayva also tries to consoles neti by saying the same. Badi maa gets emotional to see that at least due to Rohit neeti says something after a long time. Ritik tries to light up the tense environment He cracks a joke like his mama sid. Everybody laughs. Kavya plans a big party for Rohit and Ritik. Everyone cheers up.

In night party at hooda house.

Ritik , Rohit and Kavya dance on song Dewaangi Dewaangi. Neeti is very happy and she says to kuku that now i m waiting for Preet bhabhi. Kuku says “neeti , he is our son and died people can ‘t alive back”. Ritik cracks jokes on kavya and she gets angry. Then Rohit sings a song to cheer her up. Kavya becomes happy. Actually Kavya loves Rohit and Ritik loves Kavya. But a new entrance makes Rohit to love. But what love entrance?  To know please stay to read next episode.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow.happy to see pkhjd.surprised to see mouni as kavya.surprised to see iqbal as rohit who is rizwan’s look alike.surprised that ritik too is there.but shocking that kavya loves rohit.but how can she love someone who looks like her foster dad?waiting for preeti’s entry

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