Pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (intro)


Hi everyone I’m Sanaa writing my first ff after being inspired by other writers. Since it is my first ff I would want you guys to support me.

In my ff:
Suhani shrivastav is a famous fashion designer and she is modern,beautiful and bubbly.

Bhavna is suhani’s elder sister and she a famous wedding planner.

Pankaj shrivastav is a successful businessman Who loves his daughters very much and runs a company on the name of his late wife Lata(Lata died while hiving birth to suhani,so pankaj loves suhani since he considers her to be lata’s last sign)

Chandrakala shrivastav is suhani’s dadi who loves Suhani very much.(contrary to the show)

Yuvraj birla is a middle-class man who works in pankaj’s business.He lives with his elder brother saurab and his wife Ragini,younger brother Anuj and his wife Menka,a cousin named Sharad and last but not least his dear mother ,Pratima.

Shrikant is pankaj’s childhood friend who promised his friend that he will get his son Krishna married to one of his daughters.

Krishna is a handsome young man who loves suhani from chidhood but suhani is unaware of his feelings. His life takes an unexpected turn when he falls with somya.

Somya is suhani’s bestie who loves her very much but somes gets selfish.She does not have parents so she lives with suhani at her house. She falls for Krishna by his looks and his richness.

Hope you liked the intro and pls let me know about your opinion by commenting.

Credit to: Sanaa

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  1. Sorry for the spelling mistake. Somes = sometimes

  2. Ruksy

    it seems interesting

    1. Thanks Rusky. This is just the intro you will find it more interesting after reading the first chapter and pls continue to support me.?

  3. Aqsxxh

    Amazing! I love it Sanaa! I will be supporting you all the way! We have the same name as well my middle name is Sanaa đŸ˜€ x hehe

    1. Thank you Aqsxxh! And keep supporting me.?

    2. Thank you Aqsxxh and keep supporting me. ?

  4. Its gonna be a good one.. Plz continue dear

    1. Thnksfarhat and keep supporting?

  5. welcome to u sanaa.. …. am regurlar ff reader… so all the best fr ur ff.. it make a successfull

    1. Thanks ash

  6. Nithu

    Its really superb….

  7. Thanks dear Nithu ,ash and Farhat and keep supporting me?

  8. Superb you made everything opposite amazing thinking?

    1. thank you Ayushi , it seem only you noticed it that it is exactly opposite.

  9. Very nice one!! It’s good that u made Chandrakala as Suhani’s Dadi..

    1. Thanks Neethu. Actually I’m fed up of dadi always praising somya and taunting Suhani so I made her Suhani’s Dadi.?

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