pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 9)

The chapter starts with Suhani making Bhavna ready as a bride in red and golden lehanga. Suhani is wearing a designer green and pink anarkali suit with matching jewelleries with her hair being open. She talks emotionally to bhavna with tears in her eyes.
Suhani: di… aap bohot pyari lagrahi ho (di you are looking very lovely)
Bhavna: thanks… it’s all because of u suhani… u designed my wedding dress and planned my wedding well.

Suhani: it’s nothing at all di…. You are like a mother to me…. You never let me realize mother’s emptiness in my life … and after today I won’t see u waking me up at morning and making delicious breakfast for me and calling me to have breakfast. Also I won’t hear the phrase “yeh pagal ladki kabhi nahi sudhregi” (this crazy girl would never change) from you. (Saying this she bursts on to tears)
Bhavna ( wiping suhani’s tears): Suhani, I would be coming here to stay occasionally , then we will talk a lot and also I would make your life crazy by calling your several times so don’t think you are free from my clutches.( this makes suhani smile a bit and they both hug).Dadi comes to them

Dadi: mere poti toh rajkumari jaisi lagrahi hai… kisiki nazar na lage meri bhavna ko( my granddaughter is looking like a princess…may no one’s evil eye fall on my Bhavna). Saying this she wards off the evil eye from bhavna. Suddenly they hear the baarat arriving.
Suhani( looking from the window of her room): di baraat( grom’s family ) has come … aww…. Jiju is looking too cute…(suhani teases bhavna). She calls somu and both of them leave from there.
They come to Suhani’s room.
Suhani: somu we have to steal jiju’s shoes anyhow. She gets a plan and she tells her plan in somya’s ears that is muted.

They arrive at the marriage hall. Yuvi in the baraat looks at suhani’s and is dumbstruck at suhani’s beauty. Amit sits at the chair and waits for bhavna to arrive. Then suhani and some other girls bring bhavna down the stairs. Amit gets lost in her beauty…. Meanwhile somya quietly steals his shoes and slips quietly from there. Suhani makes bhavna sit next to amit and leaves. She comes to somya who tells her work is done. She takes the shoes from somya and hides it under her bed.She tells somya no one will ever be able to find the shoes now.

At the hall amit notices his shoes missing and tells yuvi and Krishna..yuvi and krish observe Suhani and somya smiling. He tells amit that he thinks Suhani and somya are behind this and confronts them. Suhani and somya accept that they have hidden the shoes and they cannot find it and they shall only give the shoes if her jiju gives them nek( money).yuvi and Krishna ask amit not to bend infront of the girls… suhani tells him jiju is not like u both so he will give us nek… saying this they start an argument . yuvi and suhani sing“ jootae de do paise le lo)

Yuvi:Dulhe Ki Saaliyon, O Hare Dupatte Waaliyon
(O sisters-in-law of the groom! O the ones with a green dupatta!)
(Dupatta is a cloth covering the top of a dress and sometimes even used a veil)
Joote Dedo, Paise Lelo
(Give the shoes back, and take the money)

Suhani:Dulhan Ke Dewar, Tum Dikhlao Na Yun Tevar
(O brother of the groom! Don’t act brashly in this way)
Suhani:Paise Dedo, Joote Lelo
(Give the money, and take back the shoes)

Yuvi:Joote Do, Paise Lo
(Give the shoes back, and take the money)

s:Aji Note Gino Ji
(Start counting notes of money)

y:Joote Lao
Bring the shoes (first)

S:Zidd Chhodo Ji
(Stop being stubborn)

Y:Joote Lao
Bring the shoes (first)

S:Fraud Hain Kya Hum
(Do You think that we are frauds?)

Y:Tum Hi Jaano
You only know this (whether You are honest or fraud)

S:Akdu Ho Tum
(You’re very stubborn)

Y:Jo Bhi Maano, Jo Bhi Maano, Jo Bhi Maano
(Whatever You feel)

S:Aji Bat Badhegi
(The talks will escalate)

Y:Badh Jaane Do
(Let it escalate)

S:Maang Chadhegi
(The bidding will increase)

Y:Chadh Jaane Do
(Let it increase)

S:Ado Na Aise
(Don’t be stubborn in this way)

Y:Pehle Joote
(First bring the shoes)

S:Pehle Paise
(First give money)

Y:Pehle Joote, Pehle Joote
(First bring the shoes)

S:Jute Liye Hain Nahi Churaaya Koyi Zevar
(We’ve just taken shoes and not stolen any jewellery)
Dulhan Ke Dewar Tum Dikhlao Na Yun Tevar
(O brother of the groom! Don’t act brashly in this wa)y
Paise Dedo, Joote Lelo
Give the money, and take back the shoes

At the end of the song Ritesh shouts.
Ritesh: stop all this….(everyone is shocked)
Ritesh: we are from the groom’s side and you are asking for money…. Pankaj we forgot to inform you the conditions for this marriage.. we want some things in dowry.. firstly: a mansion similar to yours, secondly: 5 cars and thirdly but not least half of bhavna’s property….
Pankaj: ritesh ji , first you listen to me……
Pratima: Ritest bhaiyya ek baar sun toh loh…(Ritesh…listen to him at least once)
Ritesh : I don’t want to listen anything…..we want these things and if we don’t get these things we will not let our son marry your daughter.( Suhani give the shoes back to amit)
Bhavna: bas bas (enough,enough) bohot hua ab aur nahi…
Bhavna: papa , don’t u bend infront of these people .. I will not marry amit….
Pankaj: have u lost your mind.. what will people say?
Bhavna: papa, you are giving them your most precious jewel, your daughter and they are asking more from you… I have decided that I will not marry amit at any cost…(she cries saying this)
Pankaj : but beta who will marry you now?
Sharad: I will…..( all are shocked to hear this)
Dadi: no way you are amit’s relative u will be also like them
Sharad : dadi, if I’m amit’s relative it doesn’t mean that I will be like him…I promise that I will keep bhavna very happy.
Pankaj: bhavna …. Do u agree for this relation …
Bhavna: if u think it’s the best for me then yes…
Sharad and bhavna take wedding rounds and yuvani and others throw flower petals at them
Yuvi: suhani are u happy at this relation?
Suhani: I don’t know … but I ‘m happy that bhavna di will be in your house and I believe u and sharad bhaiyya will not let anyone do injustice with my di…
Yuvi: thanks for trusting me and my family….(he then throws some flower petals on Suhani)
Suhani: yuvi why did u do it? (Saying this she also throws some flower petals on yuvi and again yuvi throws it on her. When she was about to throw it on yuvi again pratima comes to them)
Pratima: hmmm….hmmmm…. I believe flower petals are supposed to be thrown on the bride and groom during pheras and not on their brothers or sisters. (saying this she smiles)
Suhani and yuvi feels embarrassed. Meanwhile the wedding is completed as sharad makes bhavna wear the mangalsutra(wedding chain)and dons vermillion on her hair partition.
The marriage takes place and all are very emotional at bhavna’s bidaai.
Pankaj to sharad: beta I have given u bhavna’s responsibility from today…and hopefully you will fulfill them with honesty.
Sharad: I promise u uncle ji I will not let a tear come out of bhavna’s eye
Suhani( crying and showing Sharad’s shoes that she stole): jiju, bhavna di is a like mother figure to me … she has never made me realize that I had no mother. I stole amit ‘s shoes to get money in return but I stole yours to give me a promise that u will always be with bhavna di and take care of her .
Sharad: promise… saali sahiba( sister in law). Suhani returns his shoes to him .
Dadi: bhavna don’t forget us when u go to your sasural. Remember to call often and come to visit us.
Bhavna: ok dadi, your wish is my command
Bhavna hugs her family and sits in the car along with Sharad to leave. Suhani breaks down into tears and cries vigorously. Yuvi comes to her and consoles her and wipes her tears. Pankaj looks at them at a distance .

Precap: Some goons tease suhani as she goes to meet bhavna

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