pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 8)

The chapter starts with bhavna getting conscious and Dadi, Pankaj , suhani and somya sitting beside her.
Pankaj: bhavna beta , what did you eat that you fell ill?
Bhavna: I only ate the sweets that Amit gave me and I fell ill.
Suhani takes the sweets and smells it and looks at the cover carefully.
Suhani: Dadi yeh mithai toh expired hai.( dadi this sweets are expired)
Dadi: Amit ne bhavna ko aisi mithai di…( Amit gave bhavna such sweets …)
Pankaj: maybe he didn’t notice that it is expired.
Suhani: ya maybe….
Bhavna; leave it now… I’m absolutely fine so don’t worry
Dadi: why should we not worry ? ….. you don’t take care of what u eat.
Bhavna: ok baba .. from now I will take care … happy? Now smile
Dadi, Suhani, Somya and Pankaj smile

Later yuvi calls Suhani to ask about bhavna’s health.
Suhani : bhavna di had food poisoning so she vomited … and now she is absolutely fine
Yuvi: thank god she is fine
Yuvi:by the way why didn’t u tell me that you were looking very hot today….
Suhani( blushing): chup karo … besharam kahin ki ( shut up … shameless)
Dadi calls suhani …Suhani: yuvi bye dadi is calling have to go.
Yuvi: bye( he sleeps thinking about her)
The next day at evening in Suhani’s house it is mehendi function and all the guests arrive.
Suhani comes wearing an orange saree with dark blue border. Yuvi can’t take his eyes off her . he goes near suhani and compliments her look. Bhavna gets henna applied by a henna artist.
Henna artist: bhavna, what is your husband’s name?( Just then Bhavna notices Sharad holding a gift and looking here and there. She calls him ..)
Bhavna: Sharad….., Sharad( henna artist thought her husband’s name is sharad so she wrote “S”).
Sharad comes to bhavna and gives her the gift and also compliments her henna.
Suhani: di… let me see your mehendi..
Suhani: what’s this di.. you love me so.. much that u have asked the henna artist to write “S” on your hand … awe… that’s so sweet of u di..
Suhani takes the mehendi cone and draws a simple design and thinks about yuvraaj and lost in her thoughts she writes Y. Somya too.. writes k on her hand reminiscing Krishna.

Suhani pulls Somya and dance on “ mehendi hai rachne wali” and at the end of the dance she also pulls bhavna, dadi and other girls. Yuvraaj day dreams looking at suhani…

The next day it is haldi so all of the ladies are dressed in yellow. The men and women do haldi together where the girls apply haldi to Bhavna and men to Amit.
First dadi applies haldi , then Sneha, then suhani and somya and then other ladies .At the men’s side first pankaj, then ritesh , then saurab , yuvi, anuj , sharad and other men.Suhani goes towards her bathroom to wash her hands where she meets yuvi.

Suhani: yuvi why did you come in my room?
Yuvi: for the same reason you came here. I don’t like to apply haldi at all.
Suhani(mischievously): Really… is that so …( she all of a sudden applies haldi to yuvi)
Yuvi: u applied haldi to me and now wait…….( he runs behind her and she slips and falls also making him fall on her.) when they get up Suhani notices his check had touched her’s and she also got haldi applied on her check. Yuvi laughs seeing her and teases her making her annoyed.

Precap: Marriage takes place and everyone from bhavna’s family gets emotional at her bidaai….

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