pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 7)


The chapter starts at the next day’s Sangeet. Suhani and Somya are making Bhavna ready. Bhavna is wearing a Dark green and golden lehenga with matching accessories.
Bhavna: Suhani and Somya go and get ready fast; there guests will be here in a while
Somya and Suhani together: ok… di

At suhani’s room suhani is seen wearing a dark blue lahenga with silver border along with matching jewelries. Her hair braided and jasmine flowers neatly arranged on her braid. Suhani is almost ready it’s just her blouse string that is untied. Yuvraaj and Krishna arrive at Shrivastav mansion and Somya comes out of her room wearing pink and golden lahenga. Krishna gets lost in her beauty.
Yuvraaj: Somya , where is Suhani ?
Suhani: I ‘m just right here.
Yuvraaj looks at Suhani and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He just can’t take his eyes of her.
Suhani: Somu and Krishna u both rehearse for your dance performance in somu’s room and I and yuvi will rehearse in my room
Somu and Krishna: ok…(they leave)

Suhani turns to go to her room just then yuvi notices her blouse dori is untied. He gets shoched and puts her hand on her back to cover it and heads to leave.
Suhani in her room: yuvi, why did u keep your hand on my back?( Yuvi closes the door and suhani gets worried)
Yuvi: because to save your respect. ( pointing towards suhanis back.( he then ties her back string ). This gives shivers to Suhani’s spine.
Suhani: Thanks yuvi…
Yuvi: don’t mention it …. Dosti mein no thank you and no sorry.
Suhani: ok ok

After a while Amit’s family , yuvi’s family and other guests starts to arrive at Shrivastav mansion.

Amits gets awestruck in bhavna’s beauty. He walks towards bhavna and compliments her beauty and gives her a gift. Bhavna thanks him and opens the gift . She is surprised to find her favorite sweet in it and tastes the sweet.
Bhavna: how do u know this is my favorite sweet?
Amit: I m your to be husband so it’s my duty to know your likes and dislikes.
Suddenly they hear an announcement by sharad .
Sharad : ladies and gentle man we all know today is a happy occasion of bhavna’s Sangeet and on this happy occasion I would like everyone to show their dancing talents. So at first I would like to invite somya and Krishna at the stage. Everyone clap except Dadi.
They dance on “rabtaa” and at the end everyone clap for them.
Sharad: next from the groom’s side it’s saurabh and ragini.( they dance on “dance pe chance mar le”) everyone clap for them.

Sharad: Nexts from bride’s side it is her sister Suhani and her brother in law Yuvraaj.Suhani and yuvraj dance on “hogaya hai tujhko toh pyar sajna”. They dance romantically in “pyar ki yeh ek kahani sunoo…” song. At last Suhani takes the mike from Sharad hand and announces “this song is specially for my di and jiju so I hope di and jiju u both will like it”. Saying this she throws a marigold by a catapult at yuvraaj’s back and dances with him in the song “didi tera dewar dewaana”. At the end everyone claps for them.
Like ways Dadi, Menka and anuj, Sneha and ritesh and their family dance and everyone claps for them.
Sharad: now it’s time for our dulha and dulhan (brige and groom) to come to the stage and dance.(Amit and Bhavna dance on the song “ mere haath mein tera haath ho”.

At the end of the dance all clap for them . Just then bhavna rubs to the side of the stage and vomits. Everyone gets get shocked and concerned as she vomits and faints.
Suhani: di… di … wake up
Dadi: pankaj .. call the doctor quickly..
After a while doctor comes and checks bhavna and tells them about bhavna’s condition
Doctor : chandrakala ji…. Actually the thing is……. Bhavna had food poisoning and she became weak and fainted. Now I have given her glucose solution and she will be fine…( the doctor leaves)
Dadi: but she was fine until now…
Amit: I think it’s because of me as I gave her sweets so maybe she got…..
Dadi: no amit beta… maybe it’s something else…
Suhani: don’t worry jiju, we will know when bhavna di is conscious.
Everyone agrees and leaves bhavna alone to rest. The screen freezes on Suhani being worried.

Precap: Mehendi function…..The mehendi designer writes “S” on bhavna’s hand.

Credit to: Sanaa

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