pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 6)


The chapter starts with Suhani giving instructions to the men to decorate the house.
Suhani: Arey bhaiyya jaldi jaldi kam kijiye na …. Humare paas itne time nahi hai. Aur yeh kya hai aapne is phool ko que nahi lagaya ? thek hai aap jaiye aur baaki ka kaam kijiye , hum isse kar lenge.
(Work faster … we don’t have enough time, and what is this why didn’t you keep this garland properly? Ok you go and do some other work, I will do this)
Man: thhek hai mam(ok mam)

Suhani takes a stool and stands on it to fix the garland properly. Yuvraaj enters along with Sharad in Shrivastav Mansion to kelp in arrangements. He goes to suhani who is busy in fixing the flower garland.
Yuvraaj: Hi suhani , give this garland to me I will fix it .
Suhani: hi yuvi, no you are from the groom’s side and I‘m from the bride’s side so I will do it . I don’t want to make you work as u are from the groom’s side.
Yuvraaj: Suhani don’t be adamant … you know u can’t do this then give this to me
Suhani : No I won’t ………..(saying this she falls from the stool on yuvraaj and the both land on the ground having an eye lock . A fabric banner falls on them covering them both. Saware….. plays. Dadi come is search of Suhani and sees yuvi and suhani romancing; she gets angry.
Dadi: Suhani…………….( Suhani and yuvraj get their senses ,gets up and move away)
Dadi: Suhani …. What are u doing with this secretary of pankaj?
Suhani: He maybe papa’s secretary but he is my friend and Amit jiju’s cousin. I was fixing this garland and by mistakenly I fell from the stool on him .

Dadi: Oh , I didn’t know that he was Amit’s cousin ….
Dadi: Sorry yuvraj beta , I’m sorry for that day’s incident and why didn’t u tell me that u are amit’s cousin?
Yuvi: it’s ok Dadi even I thought u were a maid that day and I didn’t know that bhavna was going to get married to Amit bhaiyaa.
Dadi: beta did u come here for any work ?
Yuvi: No actually my maa tells me if I help a bride’s family than I will get a wife of my choice so that’s why I came here if any help is needed.
Dadi: Oh, Ok (Saying this she leaves from there)

Suhani: yuvi, tomorrow is Sangeet so did you practice for a dance ?
Yuvi: No …. I didn’t practice for the dance, as I don’t want to dance
Suhani: offo… come on yuvi, you can dance with me … even I didn’t practice for the dance.
Yuvi: Ok, as you say but I will chose the song as I ‘m from the groom’s side(Remembering suhani’s words)
Suhani : no the song will be of my choice….

Bhavna and Sharad together: you both can merge your songs together and the problem is solved
Suhani: Thanks di and…?
Yuvi: Sharad….. my cousin brother
Suhani: oh, thanks Sharad Bhaiyya
Sharad: guru …. To yeh Suhani bha….. aur bhavna hai?( oh this is suhani… and bhavna ?)
Yuvi: haan yeh hai Suhani aur uski badi behen bhavna( yes she is suhani and this is her elder sister bhavna)
Suhani: will u spend all the time in talking? Let’s go and practice for the dance( Saying this Suhani took yuvi to her room).Yuvi was surprised to see her childhood pics as she was very fat and chubby and laughs.
Suhani: done laughing ? Now choose a song
Yuvi: mmmm……. How about “Hogaya hai tujh ko hai pyar sajna”?
Suhani: nice but ….How about “pyar ki yeh ek kahani Suno”?
Yuvi: not bad …..We can merge them together ok?
Suhani : Ok but I also have a special dance with u at the end
Yuvi: in which song?
Suhani: Surprise….

Saying this they started dancing and at the end they were lost in each other’s eyes.
Krishna came there as Shrikant sent him to meet Suhani( Shrikant couldn’t come as he had an important meeting)…He walked towards Suhani’s room where Suhani And yuvraaj were dancing but just then…… a man called him and asked to lift a basket full of garlands near Somya’ s room so he got distracted. He walked towards Somya’s room where he accidentally bumped onto somya and she was about to fall but he held her in his arms…. They both were lost in each other’s eyes.
Dadi comes and looks at them angrily
Dadi: Krishna….(Krishna and Somya get their senses and part ways )
Dadi; Krishna beta …. Oh I almost forgot to invite u and your father for Bhavna’s marriage functions in this week. Her Sangeet is tomorrow so I want u to Dance with Suhani …
Krishna : ok dadi (he leaves )
Dadi: aur tum ladki , ainda mujhe tumhe Krishna ke aas paas nahi dekh na samjhi….?( And u girl, thereafter I don’t want u to roam around Krishna , Do you understand?)
Somya : Ji Dadi (Somya leaves)

At suhani’s room Suhani calls Somya and she arrives . also Krishna comes to herroom to meet her.
Suhani: Somya I and yuvraaj practiced for our Dance and what about you ? which song are u going to dance and with whom?
Somya : actually I don’t know…as I don’t have a partner
Krishna: Somya , I will be your partner
Suhani: oh u must be Krishna … Dadi told me about u . So somu its settled then u are going to dance with Krishna ok?
Somya: Ok as u wish…..

Saying this they all started to practice for dance in the sangeet.The Screen then freezeson Suhani- Yuvi And Somya- Krishna’s smiling faces .

Precap: Couples dance at Sangeet…….Bhavna vomits.

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Credit to: Sanaa

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