pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 5)


The chapter begins with Bhavna’s mother in law coming to Shrivastav mansion to fix Bhavna and Amit’s marriage date.

Sneha and Ritesh( Amit’s mom and Dad): Pankaj ji , to ek hafte ke baad shaadi hai . Hume pataa hai ki yeh bohot jaldi hai per pandit ji ne kaha ki shubh mahurat ek hafte baad ya phir 6 mahine baad. 6 mahine toh bohot hi lamba samay hai isiliye humne ek hafte baad shaadi ka faisla lia. Aapka koi aitraaz hai to hume bataa saktehe hum…..
( pankaj, so the wedding is after one week. I know that it is very quick but the priest told that the auspicious times are after a week or 6 months. 6 months is a long time so I decided the wedding to take place after a week. If you have any problem then you can tell me we will…….
Pankaj: I don’t have any problem with that ……

Bhavna: but I do…..the marriage is soo soon and I haven’t done any shopping for the wedding.
Suhani: that’s why I ‘m here di…. I will manage everything but you just agree
Bhavna: Ok Ok what about the decorations….
Suhani: Di although u have planned others wedding but this time …. I will plan your wedding , you don’t worry.
Bhavna: ok ……

Sneha and Ritesh bids farewell and leaves Shrivastav Mansion. Bhavna is standing having several thoughts in her mind.
Suhani: di….. I know that it is your wedding but you can’t just stand here like this…. U come with me I will design your wedding dress but first let me take your measurements.
Saying this she took Bhavna’s measurements , then Dadi’s ,then Somya’s and at last she herself took her measurements. After 2 hours she had finished designing the dresses and had selecting the fabric and at last she came out of her room.
Suhani : di, dadi and somu… now quickly come with me to the shopping mall. We also have to select the jewelries … (Saying this she went to the mall along with Bhavna, Somya and Dadi)

At the mall yuvraaj also came with his mom to choose a saari for going to a relative’s wedding(Amit is their relative ).Suhani also came in the mall along with Bhavna, Somya and Dadi.
Suhani : you all choose the jewelry I will be back in a minute.( saying this she dialed yuvraj’s number and called him but due to the noise at the mall he didn’t hear the call)

Suhani : oho why doesn’t this yuvi receive the call..(Saying this she moved back a bit and bumped on to yuvraj and was about to fall where he held her in his arms followed by an eyelock.
After sometime they come to their senses and move away.
Suhani : yuvi … u here?
Yuvraaj: ya .. I came for shopping with my maa since my……..
Suhani: oh yes , I also came here for shopping and guess what … my di is getting married after a week so I m inviting you and your family to attend the wedding and its functions.
Yuvraaj: Sorry Suhani… but my relative’s wedding is also after a week so we all are attending that and we can’t come to your sister’s wedding

Suhani( in angry tone): you have to come …. After all it’s my di’s wedding…and who is this relative of yours who can’t change their wedding date?
Yuvraaj: Leave it u won’t know him…
Suhani: no , no tell me naa who is this relative of yours….
Yuvraaj: Amit Bhardwaj

Suhani: whaaaaaat????….. he is my jiju and why didn’t u tell this to me before?
Yuvraaj: I didn’t know that he is your jiju … he is my mother’s brother’s son (cousin)
Suhani: never mind then it is final that u will attend all the wedding functions; am I right?
Yuvraaj : ya…of course
Then they hear dadi calling.
Dadi: Suhani….. kaha ho tum? (Where are u suhani?)
Suhani : Ok yuvi, bye for now and see u later.( Saying this she came to dadi)

Dadi : look I have selected these jewelries for you … you will look very beautiful in them.
Suhani: thanks dadi….
Somya: I think this necklace will suit me more ….
Dadi ( snatching the necklace from her hand): Ae ladki …How many times did I tell u that I selected this one for suhani… you can choose other necklaces..
Suhani( taking the necklace from Dadi’s hand): oho Dadi, what’s wrong if Somya likes this necklace… after all she is my best friend so she can have this besides I have many jewelries . it doesn’t matter to me …
Dadi: but it matters to me as I chose this one especially for you Suhani..
Suhani: u love me right?
Dadi: more than anything…
Suhani: then give this necklace to her by your hands.
Dadi(shocked) : ok (saying this she took the necklace and gave it to Somya)
Somya: ttt th thanks Dadi……
Suhani: that’s my Dadi. Now let’s go home it’s getting late and on the way I will give the designs and measurements of our dresses to my personal tailor ok? now let’s go ….

After 2 days… marriage preparations starts and Suhani is busy decorating the hall.

Precap: Suhani falls on yuvraj and they both land on the ground having an eye lock with a long piece of fabric over them . Saware…….plays. Dadi gets angry seeing them.

Credit to: Sanaa

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