pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 4)


The chapter starts with Bhavna waking up Suhani
Bhavna: Suhani , Suhani, wake up sleepy head
Suhani: bas panch minute aur di
(only 5 minutes more di)
Bhavna: did u forget that papa is going to return home this morning?
Suhani: oh di ! I forgot….(Saying this she hurried to the bathroom to get fresh )
Bhavna: Pagal ladki(crazy girl)

In the kitchen Dadi wanted to make something special (although bhavna had cooked all the food) for Pankaj as he got the contract and coming after 2 days.
Dadi: offo… where did this Bhavna keep the suji (semolina). {they have a maid but she went on vacation for 10 days so bhavna takes care of the kitchen}. Dadi keeps her hand in the vessel containing flour that is higher in the cupboard and by mistakenly it fell all over Dadi.
Dadi: oh look …what have I done. Let me take the broom and quickly clean this mess up.
Taking the broom she was about to sweep just then he heard the calling bell…
Dadi: Bhavana , suhani look who has come( the bell continues to ring)
Dadi : looks like I have to open the door.

Saying this she went to open the door with her still being covered in flour hand a broom in the hand. When she opened the door she saw Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj was shocked seeing Dadi. Just then dadi saw a mouse behind yuvraj and screamed. Yuvraj also screamed hearing her scream. Dadi then with her broomstick ran after the mouse to kill it which was behind yuvraaj. Yuvraaj thought Dadi was chasing him so he started to run suddenly he bumped into Suhani and Suhani was about to fall just then Yuvi held her in his arms and they had an eyelock.
Bhavna and Somya looks on .
Bhavna: ahm ahm….. ( Suhani and yuvraj come to their senses and move away)
Suhani: yuvraj you here? And why are u running like this)

Yuvraaj : darasal Suhani….. jab main yahan aya mere boss ke saath tab iss naukrani toh mere pechhe hi pargayi jharu le kar.(Actually Suhani…… when I came here with my boss this maid is chasing me with her broomstick; pointing towards Dadi)
Suhani (laughed looking at Dadi): Yeh meri Dadi hai (this is my grandma)
Yuvraj was shocked to know that and laid on floor and folding his hands in front of dadi.
Yuvraaj: Sorry Dadi, I didn’t know that it was you since you were fully covered with flour.
Dadi: ok, ok, first tell me who are you? Just then Pankaj entered saying he is my Secretary and I invited him to come here.
Pankaj (laughing): maa ji aap bhoot ban kar qu hain?(Why are you being as a ghost?)
Dadi : ha ha haslo haslo ( yes, yes continue laughing)
Suhani: Dadi and papa first u go and change then we will talk

Then Suhani and pankaj introduced all the family members to yuvraj and they later had breakfast together. Suhani was serving the food to everyone.
Suhani : what do you want to have yuvi?
Yuvi: you…. I mean you go and sit I will take what I want.
After having breakfast they talked and yuvraj bid farewell to them. Outside the Shrivastav mansion suhani came to Yuvraaj who was leaving.
Suhani: yuvi…you forgot your wallet.
Yuvraj: thanks …By the way you have an amazing family Suhani..
Suhani : yaa …and I m also eagerly waiting to meet your family some day
Yuvraj: Maybe someday and anyways see you later and take care. Bye….
Suhani: bye yuvi…..

Precap : bhavna’s in laws came to Shrivastav mansion and her marriage date has been fixed. Suhani invites Yuvraj for bhavna’s marriage functions.

Credit to: Sanaa

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  1. NAPSHa J

    Yuvi wants to have suhani….awww… <3
    Plzz update soon dear..

    1. Thanks Napsha J and i will try to update it asap

  2. yuvi was secreatry of pankaj… 😀 ..yuvi was falling with suhani 😉

    1. Thanks ash and keep reading , there is more twists to come.

  3. Nice one sanna

    1. thanks Ayushi there is still lot to come in the following episodes.

  4. Ohh that’s why Yuvi got shocked 😀

    1. Yup …. by the way good guess Roz

  5. Aqsxxh

    haha, Dadi got called a maid- wish that happens in the real thing! I love it Sanaa! hehe its really Really REALLY ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

    1. Thanks Aqsxxh , actually the thing is i m fed up of Dadi in the serial so can’t do anything to the serial but write my heart out in my ff so I’m just doing that.

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