pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 36)

The chapter starts with yuvi realizing that suhani has lost her memory.
Suhani: what do u mean by she is on her mother’s lap?
Yuvi: her mother’s name was also suhani
Suhani: so… where’s her mother?
Yuvi: we lost her…
Suhani: I’m sorry to hurt u unintentionally
Yuvi: it’s ok (the driver comes to yuvi)
Driver: sir , the car is fixed
Yuvi: ok I will come..u go and start the engine (the driver leaves)
Yuvi: bye Suhani , nice to meet u…
Suhani: bye…(she heads to leave and just then she feels a sudden grip at the end of her dupatta…she turned and saw little yuvani holding her dupatta)
Suhani(coming close to yuvi as he is carrying yuvani on his lap): yuvani u r such a sweet and cute baby( she comes very close near yuvi that her hair touches his face due to the wind. She comes closer and closer and kisses yuvani’s forehead.)
Suhani: bye yuvani( she kisses yuvani again and makes yuvani loose her grip on the end of her dupatta. Yuvi looks at Suhani for a while and leaves from there)

Suhani heads towards the ice cream stall and bumps to someone. Ot os seen that it is none other than Sambhav.
Suhani: Sambhav tum yaha?
Sambhav: ya…. u know na that maa made such spicy food today that I felt smoke comming out of my ears.( Suhani laughs hearing him and he smiles seeing her). That’s why I came to buy ice cream to lower the smoke coming out of my ear…
Suhani: oh… I’m eagerly waiting for todays night . Aren’t u?
Sambhav: ya… I’m glad that after a month at today’s night will be a dream come true for me… by the way I said the three magic words to u…now it’s your turn
Suhani: here?
Sambhav: if not on earth then on Mars u mean?
Suhani: no..( she laughs) . I…love u (sambhav smiles… Suddenly suhano gets a call)
Suhani: sambhav, it is aunty ji’s call..( she receives the call)
Suhani: yes aunty ji..i’m coming home right now…( she disconnects the call)
Suhani: sambhav I need to go… Aunty ji is calling me to come home.
Sumbhav: ya i also need to go , I’m getting late..( they both buy ice creams and leave for there respective destinations.)

At office yuvraj is seem making yuvani sleep and looks at suhani’s photo( he smiles as suhani is fine but then his smile fades away after he reminisces about her memory loss)
Sambhav: sir may I come in?
Yuvi: sure sam..(he sees yuvi in a good mood as he is smiling)
Sambhav: kya baat hai sir? U r smiling
Yuvi: Ya.. it’s nothing
Sambhav: there is something…sir pls tell me about it of u consider me as your friend.
Yuvi: ok… I met someone whom I thought was lost
Sambhav: mmn… interesting. Sir, I forgot to tell u that today’s my engagement. Pls u and your family come to my house for it…
Yuvi: that’s a great news sambhav. I will surely come.
Sambhav: sir I’m really happy that because of u I got the job of being your secretary . A month ago you gave me job and also helped me by providing some money for my mom ‘s treatment. If u weren’t there then don’t know what would have happened to my mom. Thanks a lot sir
Yuvi: u said u r like my friend then why thanks?… besides a month ago I was not the CEO of this company…My father in law retired so he gave me this post in his office… leave all this and tell me who’s the girl u getting engaged to ..
Sambhav: it is…( yuvi’s phone starts to ring…)
Yuvi: just a minute sambhav, it’s my maa’s call.(he talks to prarima and ends the call after talking to her)

Yuvi: ya sam…what were u saying?
Sam: ya she is…(yuvani starts to cry)
Yuvi: i think maybe yuvani is hungry.. I will go and get some hot water and some milk powder for her till then u wait here. (Yuvi leaves)
Sambhav looks here and there when yuvi gets a missed call from hos mobile and sam looms at it. He gets shocked seeing the wallpaper of yuvi’s mobile . He sees yuvi suhani and yuvani’s family photo and gets thinking.

Later yuvi arrives at birla house where everyone is surprised seeing yuvi happy.
Pratima: yuvraj beta why r u looking so happy today?
Yuvi:maa I found suhani today( he narrates the whole incident to her… everyone gets happy hearing this)
Pratima: that’s a great news…bhavna tell rags to get tea for everyone fast.

Bhavna goes to the kitchen to find rags lost in thoughts of suhani with an upset face. Being lost in her thoughts rags puts salt in tea instead of sugar.
Bhavna: ragini bhabi… u r adding salt instead of sugar in the tea( rags comes out of her sense)
Rags: look now what have I done… I can’t do anything properly..all the baf things happening around is all my fault.( She starts crying and bhavna consoles her)
Bhavna : ragini bhabi… this all aren’t your fault. It is our fate… anyways u know today yuvraj met Suhani( she narrates the whole story to her and rags gets happy)
Rags: really? I’m very happy to hear this but Suhani loat her memory…
Bhavna: don’t worry the next time we meet her she will remember everything.( They both hug)

Later yuvi and his entire family enters sambhav’s engagement function and all gets shocked to see suhani as sambhav’s fiance. Yuvi doesn’t notice suhani and bumps on to her and he holds her by her waist preventing her from falling. They have an eye lock and after sometime they get their sense and move away.
Yuvi( getting shocked to know about suhani beong sambhav’s finance): tum!!
Suhani: tum!!
They stare at each other and the screen freezes at their shocking faces

Precap: Twist in engagement…

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  1. nice episode with intresting twist…

    1. Thanks Sri dear and tune in for the last epi to know about the twist

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    Wow this twist is so exciting Sanaa, plz update soon ☺

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  5. oh god.. wat a twist… waiting fr tat… pls make thm reunion..

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  6. Sorry guys for the spelling mistakes as today I submitted this epi by my mobile and not with my laptop so there r more spelling mistakes .
    1)*it is* instead of ‘ot os’
    2)*thought* instead of ‘sense’
    3)*bad* instead of ‘baf’
    4)*lost* instead of ‘loat’
    5)*being* instead of ‘beong’

  7. Shilpa-Saraj

    Eonderfull… Really desperate to kniw wat happens next..

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    Sanaa I have no words for this Chapter! I love it x

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  14. Awesome epi sanaa…wonder what might be the twist in engagement

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