pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 35)

The chapter starts with yuvi returning to birla house injured with blood dripping from his hand and everyone is shocked to his state.
pratima: yuvraj…what happened to u ? how did u get injured?( yuvi is seen in a state of shock and doesn’t reply anything)
Pratima: yuvraaj …I’m asking u something…. and where is suhani?
Pratima( shouts): YUVRAJ….Answer me
Yuvi( crying): maa, I lost suhani…..we had an accident and after I got conscious I search for her only to find her dupatta near the edge of a cliff…( he shows her dupatta to pratima)
Yuvi: maa…I and the police searched every where and also below the cliff but we could not find any traces of her( pratima slaps yuvi hard on his face hearing this)
Pratima: no this can’t happen…u r lying…I know my suhani would never go away from her family, she will surely return to me…( saurabh consoles pratima)
Rags( coming out of the kitchen holding the aarthi plate ,hearing all this drops it in shock): no!!! my sister can’t leave me….i will go and find her( bhavna cries and consoles her)
Yuvi: this is all my fault…(he takes a glass and breaks it and was about to slit his hand with it when sharad stops him)
Sharad: guru…what r u doing?…did u even think how will it effect yuvani…?
Yuvi: Sharad …what should I do? I’m all alone now…
Sharad: no u r not we r all with u…( yuvi hugs sharad snd cries inconsolably)

Later yuvi at his room looks at suhani’s photo and talks it.( he remembers all their lovely moments spent together and cries)
Yuvi(crying): why did u leave me suhani…what about your promise?( he looks at yuvani who is sleeping at the cradle beside the bed)
Yuvi: at least u should have thought about our little baby….)He cries and says ‘Suhani….’. Meanwhile at the hospital Suhani is seen with an oxygen mask and she too in her unconscious state shouts ‘yuvraj’. Kalho na ho sad version plays in the bg)
Yuvi: u said u will never leave me then why did u go, why did u break your promise?…Answer me suhani( Just then he imagines suhani who is seen in white anarkali)
Suhani: I did not break my promise…..i said that I will always be with u whether in your imagination or in reality….( yuvi reminisces their honeymoon night and their converstion with suhani )FLASHBACK…..
Yuvi: I could identify your presence around me without seeing your face
Suhani: really….then it would be really hard for me to hide or get lost.
Yuvi( getting angry and emotional at the same time): Suhani don’t u ever say that ……I really never ever want to lose u
Suhani: yuvraj … just relax , don’t worry I will never leave my sadu ……I will always be there with u whether in reality or in your imagination
Yuvi: promise….?
Suhani: promise…..( they both smile)FLASHBACK end

Suhani dances with yuvi in his imagination ( saiyaraa plays)
aasmaan, tera mera hua
khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
aasmaan, tera mera hua
saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan
jaaye jahan tu jaye
paaye mujhe hi paaye
saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye
Saiyyara main saiyaara
sayyara tu saiyyara
Sitaron ke jahan mein milenge ab yaara

(your sky, and mine,
has become all smoke, like a dream..
your sky, and mine,
is spread in parts, like breaths..
wherever you go,
you’ll find me only..
these shadows of mine are comprised in you..
planet, I’m a planet now..
Planet, you’re a planet (too)..
And we shall meet again in the world of stars now..)
Tu jo mili, toh yun hua
Hogaye puri , adhuri si dua….
Tu jo gaya , toh legaya
Tere sang mere jine ki har wajaa…
Jaye jahan tu jaye,paye mujhe hi paye
Saaye ye mere hain tujhme samayee
Saiyyara main saiyaara
sayyara tu saiyyara
Sitaron ke jahan mein milenge ab yaara( Suhani kisses yuvi on his cheek)

(When u came in my life
My unfulfilled wish became true
When u left from my life, u took away
With you, my every reason of living
wherever you go,
you’ll find me only..
these shadows of mine are comprised in you..
planet, I’m a planet now..
Planet, you’re a planet (too)..
And we shall meet again in the world of stars now..) song ends
suhani:So Mr perfect …now u know how much I love u…I will never ever leave u
Yuvi( still tears filled in eyes): yaa…never leave me
Suhani: oho yuvi…what did I tell u …my sweet sadu looks good while smiling so now u smile( yuvi smiles a little…)
Suhani: stay always like this ….
Yuvi: I will if u r with me….( yuvi tries to hold suhani’s hand when she disappears and yuvi gets out of his imagination…tears fall down his eyes yet he is smiling remembering suhani. He remembers suhani telling him about her being the brightest star on the sky and if he ever misses her ,he should look at that star. He smiles seeing suhani in the sky)

There is a leap of one month and yuvi is seen going to his office when yuvani starts to cry…
Rags:why is yuvani crying ? I fed her milk from the feeder then…
Pratima: ragini, give yuvani to me…( she takes yuvani on her lap but still she doesn’t stop crying)
Yuvi( gets suhani’s dupatta and wraps yuvani with it …): I’m sure this will stop her crying( miraculously yuvani stops crying)
Yuvi: maa , can I take yuvani to office with me today?
Pratima: beta u can but she will disturb u in office…
Yuvi: no maa, I believe she will not…
Pratima: if u think , then ok….u may take her
Yuvi: thanks maa

Yuvi leaves for his office and in the middle of the way his car stops.
Yuvi: driver why did the car stop?
Driver: there is some problem… it will take 15 minutes to to fix it
Yuvi: ok … fix it quickly…( he sees ice cream stall there and goes towards it to bye ice cream reminiscing suhani buying ice cream. Just then he bumps on to a girl as she was about to fall he holds her by waist. He gets shocked to find it is none other than suhani. They both have an intense eyelock. After a while they come back to their senses)
Yuvi: suhani tum….( he smiles and hugs her tight while suhani does not respond)
Suhani( breaking the hug): who r u? and how do u know my name? (yuvi gets shocked hearing her)
Yuvi: suhani… I’m your yuvraj…your sadu
Suhani: I don’t know any yuvraj…( yuvani starts crying and the driver brings her to yuvi)
Suhani: is this your child?
Yuvraj: yes…she is yuvani..
Suhani: I heard her name somewhere…but I cant remember…(she holds her head)
Suhani: she is crying …give her to me( yuvi gives her to suhani and yuvani stops crying)
Suhani: she stopped crying…
Yuvi: ya…she would stop crying afterall she is on her mother’s lap( suhani gets dumbstruck at his reply)

Precap: Suhani says I love u to….

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  1. super episode and this episode plot is amazing and eagerly waitig for tommorrow episode.

    1. Thanks sri… I will try to update asap

  2. Shilpa-Saraj

    Wonderful… Wanted a memory loss track. Thnks for giving it sis…. Loved the way u hv portrayed the scenes…

    1. Thanks Shilpa dear….Looks like we r similar in thinking, glad u liked the scenes


    This is amazing, Im hooked Sanaa. So excited for the next episode… ☺

    1. Thanks Shreya …tune in for the next epi

  4. sanaa sorry fr not commenting on previous episode.but i have read it.i just freaked out thinking what happened with suhani.but after reading this i felt so happy and utoday u portrayed yuvraj’s pain in a wonderful way.hope suhani will get back her memory soon.all d best dear.

    1. Thanks radha soooooooooo much and keep supporting me like this always

  5. sanaa sorry fr not commenting in previeous episode.but i read it.after reading i just freaked out thinking what happend to suhani and after reading this i felt very happy.u explained yuvraaj situation in a wonderful way.i just loved it.we hope that our suhani get her memory back.all d best dear.

  6. Very emotional ?? and very excited for the precap??

    1. I will try to update a asap dear Ayushi

  7. Ruksy

    wow this is just amazing but kind of sad knowing suhani doesn’t remember her own daughter

    1. Thanks Ruksy , dont worry everything will be fine

  8. Guys here’s the link for saiyaara song in female version. Pls listen to this song and reply about it …

  9. Aqsxxh

    Sanaa, you have read all our minds! I wanted a memory loss track as well as shilppy!I love you di! this was flawless x

    1. Thanks Aqsaah…..looks like yours, shilpa’s and my thinking r similar…love u loads dear

  10. sorry yaar my comment posted twice.

    1. Its ok radha….

  11. oh god suhani lost her memory!!! wat a new twist ths.. but its nice the way of describe yuvi dream….

    1. Thanks subha, and keep commenting sweetie?

  12. U nailed it sanaa….it was mind blowing…pls update the next epi asap

    1. Thanks sona sweatheart,I will try to update asap

  13. Today’s epi was very emotional….but i liked the new twist

    1. Hopefully u will like th next epi too Diya

  14. Kya baat hai….this is super se uper epi……keep rocking loke this sanaa

    1. Thanks Tanisha dear….can i can call u tanni? My neighbor’s name is tanni so I was wondering to call u by that name

  15. Neethu

    It’s very nice Sanaa dear! And all the best for your new ff!!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks a lot Neethu…love u

    2. Thanks Neethu dear

  16. Fantastic episode..

    1. Thanks farhat

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