pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 33)

The chapter starts at night in yuvAni’s room. Yuvraj is seen sleeping and suhani is laying down and crying. Suhani’s tear falls on yuvi’s face and he wakes up from his sleep.
Yuvi: suhani…why r u crying ?is there any problem?
Suhani: no …it’s just that the baby is kicking and I can’t sleep. I don’t know why but I just want to cry….
Yuvi: ok I will call the ambulance
Suhani: r u mad …it’s just our baby kicking me harder nothing else…I want to see a movie
Yuvi: What!did u see the time now? Its 2am in the midnight
Suhani: but I want to see a bachhan saab’s movie now …pls yuvi
Yuvi: ok …( he switches on the tv and puts cotton in his ear and returns back to his sleep)

Next morning everyone everyone is at the diding table ready to have breakfast except yuvi and suhani.
Pratima: where is yuvi and suhani?
Suhani : I’m right here…
Pratima: where is yuvi?
Suhani: maa , he will be coming …( yuvi comes there)
Suhani: yuvi…I want to have aalu ki paratha . pls don’t stop me from eating it….
Yuvi: whatever u eat u must eat salads…
Suhani: maa, look at your son…he doesn’t even let me eat properly
Pratima: but beta he cares for u that’s why he tells u to eat salads…pls eat it, if u eat it then I will make mango pickles for u
Suhani: really ? then ok I will eat it….( she eats salads)
Pratima: ragini and saurabh I want u both to start a family…it has been 4 years of your marriage and I think u both r ready to start a family….( rags gets sad hearing pratima)
Saurabh: what’s the hurry maa?
Pratima: it has been a long time since u both got married and see yuvraj …if he can start a family then u can too..
Saurabh: no maa we can’t ….
Pratima: what do u mean?
Saurabh: ragini I think we should tell them about that incident…( ragini nods no but saurabh insists)
Pratima: what incident?( saurabh tells the whole story behind ragini’s change in behavior everyone gets shocked and feels sorry for rags)
Menka: ragini jiji , u didn’t even tell anything to me till now about it…
Pratima: Menka , r u her mother in law or I ? ragini I’m really sorry to hurt your feelings by taunting u the past two years. If I had known what u r going through , I would have never said such things to u….sorry for misunderstanding u beta.
Ragini: u don’t need to be sorry mummy ji, my fate is bad but I’m lucky to get a loving family like u.
Suhani: bhabi, even thought I will be the mother to my child, u will be her bari maa…
Rags: thanks suhani…I don’t regret that I don’t have a sister , maybe I have done something good in past to get a sister like u
Suhani: u only said no thank u’s and no sorrys between sisters then why r u saying thank u. ( they both finish their breakfast and hug)
Bhavna: so u both forgot me?…i’m not talking to u
Suhani: di there is nothing like that…u r also my…I mean our sister
Gauri: then I’m the one here u is your sister in law here?
Suhani: u r my sweet and cutest sister among all
Menka: achha, then u mean I’m the only one who does not have sister here?
Suhani: how can we forget u menka bhabi…( five of them share a hug and smile)

At afternoon everyone is sitting in the hall and chatting with eachother when they hear the calling bell ringing. Bhavna goes to open the door and gets surprised to see dadi and pankaj there…
Bhavna: how r u dadi and papa …come in (everyone welcomes dadi and pankaj)
Suhani: wow dadi what a pleasant surprise( she hugs dadi)
Dadi: I wanted to meet u so I came here….how is my great grandchild doing?
Suhani: he is fine
Dadi: here, I got some toys and a pair of shoes for him/her
Suhani: thanks dadi…
Pankaj : u like samosas right ? I got samosas for u
Suhani: thanks papa u r the best….your damad (son in law) needs to learn how to keep me happy. He forces me to eat salads and drink milk regularly…( yuvi makes faces as dadi and pankaj smile)
Pankaj: I would have done the same too…
Suhani: papa…now u also took his side, not fair..
Rags: suhani, I got a present for u…
Suhani: what is it ragini di?
Rags: open it and see( suhani unwraps the gift and gets surprised to see hand woven sweater , shoes and cap for the baby)
Suhani: u did this by your hand?( ragini nods…suhani hugs ragini)
Suhani: thanks a lot ragini di…
Dadi: when did ragini become your di?
Suhani: dadi…she was always my di…( rags smiles)
Menka : u mean I’m not your sister anymore?
Anuj: how can she forget u menka? U r her clown sister( he teases her)
Menka: maa, look your son is teasing me..
Pratima: what can I say if he is right
Menka: maa, u too
Suhani: arey menka bhabi, u r also my sister and I’m sure u will fulfil the dual role of being a chachi and maasi
Menka: thanks suhani jiji…
Suhani: I will go and keep these gifts in my room( she heads to go and just then she gets some uneasiness but still she heads towards her romm when all of a sudden she screams in pain)
Suhani: yuvraaaaaj…..aaaah( everyone get concerned and rush towards her)
Yuvi(holding suhani): suhani, r u ok ?
Suhani: yuvi, I …I think the time has come….
Yuvi: suhani, nothing will happen to u…sharad call the ambulance
Sharad: guru…I’m not getting any network over here
Pratima: try my mobile and check outside…( sharad comes back)
Sharad: I’m not getting any network still…( everyone worry as suhani screams louder )
Dadi: I have my car and we will take suhani to hospital
Yuvi: ya that’s right …sharad ask the driver to start the car
Sharad: guru…it is raining cats and dogs outside..and the driver is telling that he just came from the main road and there is much traffic there..
Yuvi: what will we do now?
Rags: I have an idea…it will be very late if we wait so I think we should do the delivery..( everyone gets shocked hearing her)
Suhani: yuvi I can’t take it anymore…aaah….
Pratima: I think ragini is right …
Rags: pls hurry up we don’t have much time…menka and bhavna u also come with me( they take suhani to yuvani’s room and close the door. Everyone waits outside being worried…they hear suhani scream louder and yuvi gets worried.)
Gauri( keeping a hand on yuvi’s shoulder): don’t worry vyu bhaiyya everything is going to be fine…( they hear the baby’s cry and smile )
Bhavna(coming outside): congrats yuvi…it’s a baby Girl( yuvi’s gives a smile worth million dollar)
Really : how is suhani?
Bhavna: she is fine…rags did her delivery and is taking care of her now
Dadi: can we go and meet her now..?
Menka: why not? Come in ( they all go in)
Yuvi (seeing the baby in next to suhani): how r u now? suhani, we got our baby girl…do u remember the name we chose for her?
Suhani: I’m fine …..yes how can I forget that…It is Yuvani( everyone smile hearing the name)
Gauri: my niece is so cute right maa?
Pratima: ya she looks as sweet as suhani
Dadi: yes, I’m seeing little suhani in her
Dadi: bhavna hand over my great grandchild to me…..
Suhani: wait dadi……(everyone gets shocked) the first one to hold my child in her lap is….ragini di. She did my delivery so it is her right to lift my child on her lap first ( rags cries in happiness and takes the child in her lap….soon after everyone’s turn they leave from YuvAni’s room)
Suhani: yuvi, u don’t know how to carry a small child in your lap?
Yuvi: no…I’m scared…( suhani laughs and teases yuvi)
Suhani: see yuvani your papa doesn’t know how to carry you on his lap( she teaches yuvi how to take babies on lap…the baby starts crying and suhani takes yuvani from yuvi’s lap)
Suhani: yuvi, I think baby is hungry…I have to feed her, u go out of the room and close the door before u leave
Yuvi: u can feed her right now…what’s the problem if I stay here?
Suhani: yuvi, how shamless can u be….go now I have to feed her( yuvi leaves and suhani feeds yuvani)

Later at night at YuvAni’s room yuvani cries…
Suhani: oho…this baby is not stopping to cry
Yuvi: u sing the lullaby to her ….the one that dadi used to sing to u when u were a kid( suhani rocks the cradle and sings chandaniya)
Lori lori lori
(Lullaby )

Chandaniya chup jaana re
oh stars hide away

Chan bhar ko ruk jaana re
(stop for a while)

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
(Let the sleep come)

Bitiya meri so jaaye
(and my daughter be asleep)

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
(Let the sleep come)

Bitiya meri so jaaye
(and my daughter be asleep)

Leke godh mein sulaaun
(I will make her sleep in my lap)

Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
(and sing lullaby for her entire night)

Main lori lori
(I will sing lullaby)

ho main lori lori
(I will sing lullaby0

Lori lori lori ( the baby sleeps and YuvAni too falls fast asleep)

Precap: yuvi shouts “suhani….don’t leave me….I cant live without u

Guys sorry for the same precap…this precap is for the next epi

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

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    i love the change in rag’s character, I wish she was the same in the real track, bcos this episode was flawless! I love it! 😀

    1. Thanks Aqsaah, here she has a weakness that’s why she is so sweet but in the serial she has no weakness a nd still she is so jealous and arrogant

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    1. Thanks a lot radha, don’t worry they won’t be separated like the serial

  13. Mind blowing epi sanaa….

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