pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 32)

The chapter starts with saurabh consoling rags as she cries…
Saurabh: ragini, no one can understand u better than me…I know how you became stone hearted after that incident who doesn’t care about other’s feelings. Fate made a joke of u and so u also started to make joke of others..Ragini, will u fulfill a wish of mine?
Ragini: what?
Saurabh: I want to see my old ragini who is caring,kind hearted, fun loving and always smiling…
Rags: that’s not possible saurabh…I changed
Saurabh: but deep down I still know u r the same ragini whom once I loved….pls if u ever loved me, then u would fulfill my wish…
Ragini: I will try…( saurabh wipes her tears)
Saurabh: u said u will try then why am I seeing tears on your face ….smile ( ragini smiles and hugs saurabh)

Time flies by and Suhani is seen eight months pregnant and everyone is pampering her…at breakfast everyone is sitting at the dining table and are eating breakfast.
Suhani: I don’t want to eat salads..
Yuvi: u have to …its healthy
Suhani: no I wont,I wont, I wont
Yuvi: maa , u explain your bahu to eat salads…she is not listening to me
Pratima: beta , yuvi is right pls have salads….at least for your baby
Suhani(reluctantly eats salads): happy now both of u…
Bhavna: Suhani now drink this milk..
Suhani: di, I’m full, I can’t eat more
Bhavna: u have to …( Suhani holds her nose and drinks milk)

Later at evening after yuvi arrived from office he goes to his room and sees Suhani selecting names of babies
Yuvi: Suhani what r u searching in the net?
Suhani: Baby’s name
Yuvi: what’s there to search…there r lots of names…if it is a girl, then rani, pari , kareena….and if it is a boy then prakash, ritvik, karan
Suhani: yuvi, I want our child to have an unique name. let me think Mmm…( she writes ‘yuvraj’ and ‘Suhani’ and gets an idea)
Suhani: how about Yuvani if it is a girl and if it’s a boy then Yuvaan
Yuvi: mm..these names r unique…yup these names perfect for our girl or boy..( he goes near suhani who is standing and bends on his knees …he keeps his head on suhani’s stomach and talks to the baby)
Yuvi: baby how r u?…u know your papa loves u more than your mamma…she doesn’t let u eat healthy food and is always after samosas…( suhani makes faces)
Suhani: accha…( she touches her belly and talks to her baby). Don’t listen to your papa and don’t become sadu like him. U r my sweet child and I know u will be sweet like me….
Yuvi: don’t fall on your mamma’s words…she is very stubborn ( Suddenly suhani feels baby’s kick and tells yuvi…)
Yuvi: don’t disturb your mamma otherwise she will not let me sleep tonight…( suhani hits yuvi’s head being annoyed)

Later, after dinner everyone chats at the hall and yuvi asks suhani to drink milk.
Suhani (holding her nose drinks milk): done…yuvi I want to have gulab jamun now
Yuvi: have u lost your mind? Where will I find gulab jamun now at this time….its 10 pm and all the shops have shut down.( suhani makes faces…rags leaves from there)
Sharad: I have an idea …why don’t we play truth and dare?( every one agree)
Sharad( spinning the bottle): it is menka bhabi and yuvi’s turn…
Yuvi: truth or dare?
Menka: tru…dare
Yuvi: then u have to drink this bitter gourd juice…
Menka: what!! No ways I’m drinking bitter gourd juice
Yuvi: then I will tell ragini bhabi that u stole her make up box..
Menka( being tensed): ok…ok I will drink it ( sheholds her nose and drinks bitter gourd juice. Everyone laughs at her foolishness)
The game continues and rags comes there with gulab jamuns for suhani
Rags : suhani, u wanted to eat gulab jamun right ? here u go…
Suhani: thanks ragini bhabi(Suhani was about to have her first bite but just then yuvi stops her)
Suhani: yuvi why did u stop me from eating it …?
Yuvi: because I don’t trust ragini bhabi at all… she played a game with as last time and I don’t want to trust her any more
Suhani: but yuvi…she also helped us in our plan to save somya…Pls yuvi , she made it with much love
Yuvi: no ways…u don’t know her, it’s about our child and I don’t want any arguments…( rags feels bad)
Suhani : ok fine, I’m going to my room…( she heads to leave and goes towards the stairs. She walks on the stairs and suddenly slips and screams. Everyone gets shocked hearing her scream)
Yuvi: Suhani….( everyone get glad seeing rags holding suhani preventing her from falling. Everyone goes near suhani)
Yuvi: r u fine?( suhani nods)
Suhani: thanks ragini bhabi…
Yuvi: I’m sorry rags bhabi, after what u have done , I will always be indebted to u…
Pratima: ya ragini, for the first time atleast u have done something good in the past 2 years
Suhani: thanks ragini bhabi…no matter how hard u try to hide your emotions I know deep down u have a kind heart
Rags: it’s ok suhani….u said I’m like your bhavna di then why thank u? ( suhani smiles hearing rags)
Suhani: see yuvi, I told u that rags bhabi is very nice….now can I atleast have gulab jamun?
Yuvi(smiling): u will never change suhani….go ahead and have some
Rags: wait….I will feed u Suhani( she feeds Suhani by her hands)
The screen freezes on everyone’s smiling seeing the sisterly bond between them

Precap: yuvi shouts “suhani….don’t leave me….I cant live without u”

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  1. Awesomeeeeeeeeee and after reading the precap seems like new twist is coming ?

    1. Thanks Ayushi dear ,yup u r right there is a twist….

  2. sanaa what a beautiful episode.i just loved it.i like ragni’s character today and our yuvani nok jokes.i think the precap relates to suhani’s labour pains.anyway we want to see yuvani playing with their kids which we missed in serial.keep rocking like this.

    1. Thanks radha sweetheart, your guess is wrong… do u have have any other guesses?

  3. Is suhani going to will be boring.

    1. Ci relax dear… suhani is the heart of this ff then how can she die? If u want to know more then tune in for the next epi

  4. Aqsxxh

    ly Sanaa Di x This is perfect! I love the change in Rags character! 🙂 Ty for such an amazinf epi x

    1. Thanks Aqsaah … sometimes deep inside evil lies a good heart.

  5. Nithu

    Awsm dr

    1. Thanks nithu

  6. nice saana di…. i think its labor pain.. or any twist… anyway its intresting!!!

    1. Thanks Subha sweetie….keep guessing

  7. its definyly ek anokhi kahani 🙂 sanaa

    1. Thanks ash…yup I chose the title by an unique and important concept. Love should be spread to stop the evil and injustice. This is not only an ff or a love story…it is about humanity…due to lack of love and increase in war and violence people loose their innocence and cause all the destructions around the world. So my message through this ff is ‘Spread love to remove the stain of hatred and evil in our world. Forgive others and solve every problem with a smile on your face’. As they say ,”love wins over all evils”.

  8. NAPSHa J

    Amazing.. Keep going girl.. 🙂

    1. Thanks Napsha dear…?

  9. Wow… awesome epi sanaa. Hope nothing happens to suhani

    1. Thanks sona, don’t worry everything is going to be fine

  10. Shilpa-Saraj

    Epicle epiv.. Woww..

    1. Thanks shilpa di….missed u a lot, glad u r back?

  11. Neethu

    YuvAni moments were too cute! Precap sounds interesting..

    1. Thanks Neethu, its is just wait and watch

  12. Lovely epi sanaa ….

    1. Thanks diya dear

  13. Superb epi…liked suhani-yuvi and ragini-suhani scene

    1. Thanks Tanisha…glad u like the scenes

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