pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 31)

The chapter starts with Suhani welcoming gauri in birla house.
Suhani: maa, yuvraj, sharad bhaiyaa , saurabh bhaiyaa , anuj bhaiyya, ragina and menka bhabi , bhavna di come and see who came to visit us ( everyone come to the hall and gets surprised to see Gauri there)
Pratima: gauri , tum kaisi ho apni sasural mein?( gauri , how r u at your inlaws?)
Gauri: I’m fine maa
Yuvi: u were supposed to come at night right then why at afternoon?
Gauri: I wanted to surprise u all…
Surabh: waise gauri tu bohot moti ho gayi…( by the way gauri u became very fat)
Gauri: what did u say saurabh bhaiyya? I became fat…u just wait( she heads to run but just then yuvi holds her hand)
Gauri: vyu bhaiyya leave my hand I have to teach saurbh a lesson for calling me fat( everyone smile at their mischief)
Yuvi: did u see your weight ? u really became very fat…I’m afraid that u might fell while running…
Gauri: now u too vyu bhaiyya…now I will show u ( she takes a pillaow from the sofa and and runs after them….Suhani smiles seeing their mischief)
Suhani: maa, are they always like this?
Pratima: ya,, they like pulling each other’s legs from childhood…(after a while gauri comes back being tired …)
Yuvi and surabh: told u , u can’t catch us because u r fat….( gauri throws pillows at their faces as Suhani laughs)
Pratima: by the way Suhani, your face is glowing today….
Suhani: it always glows when I’m happy…
Bhavna: but today it’s a special glow….
Suhani: di…gauri came after many days and I haven’t met her before .it’s nice to see such bonding between siblings
Gauri: I’m tired…. I want to go out and have fresh air , who wants to accompany me?
Suhani , yuvi, saurabh, bhavna, menka and anuj: me…….
Gauri: I will only take two….and I will take Suhani and bhavna bhabi..
Saurabh and yuvi: what about us?
Gauri: u both called me fat so u won’t come with me…
Yuvi: gauri , I’m sorry ….at least take me…
Bhavna: ya…u take yuvi, I have some work at the kitchen..
Gauri: ok so , Suhani bhabi and vyu bhaiyaa will accompany me at the park( They leave for the park)

At the park Suhani and gauri have a talk …they see ice-cream stand there and go to ice cream
Gauri: bhabi, what’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Suhani: kesar pista( almond pistachio)
Gauri: wow, what a coincidence , that is my favorite flavor too( they both buy ice cream
Suhani:yuvi wont u buy ice cream?
Yuvi: no, I wont ….
Suhani: have it , it will keep your head cool and u won’t be a sadu for at least a while( gauri and Suhani laughs)
Gauri: bhabi, u call him sadu..?
Suhani: ya…I like calling him sadu…
Yuvi: pls don’t start here in the park
Suhani: ok but u started it….( they then see a golgappa stall )
Suhani: I’m not interested in arguing with u now as I want to eat golgappe …gauri, u like golgappe?
Gauri:bhabi, what r u saying I love golgappe so much that there has been no one who has defeated me in golgappa completion…
Suhani: then gauri be ready to lose because even I have never lost in golgappa completion…lets have a completion
Gauri: ok….
Suhani:yuvi, if u want u to join us then u can…
Yuvi: ok….(they go to the golgappa stand and start having a completion. Yuvi eats ten and gives up. There is a tough completion between gauri and Suhani)
Yuvi: how much will u eat Suhani? U already ate 30 golgappe…u will fall ill
Suhani: shut up yuv…u r making me lose
Gauri: I give up bhabi, I lost and u win….
Yuvi: enough of completion, let’s go home now…
Gauri and Suhani: ok..

Later at dinner everyone sit at the dining table and eat food. Yuvi notices Suhani eating egg plant curry
Yuvi: Suhani what happened to u all of a sudden? I mean u hate egg plant then how come today u r eating egg plant curry?
Suhani: I just wanted to taste egg plant curry today, then what’s the problem?
Bhavna: seriously even I’m confused….the food u didn’t eat from your childhood u are eating it now…r u having fever?
Suhani: no di I’m absolutely fine…(Suddenly Suhani felt nausea and rushes to the bathroom)
Pratima: what happened to her all of a sudden?
Yuvi: maa, your bahu doesn’t listen to me…She ate 35 golgappas today that’s why
Bhavna: what!! she never eats so much golgappas then why today?
Yuvi: she and gauri were competing each other …gauri lost and Suhani won
Pratima: bhavna, go make lemon juice for Suhani….and gauri what was the need for this golgappa eating competition?
Gauri: maa …I just wanted to have some fun
Pratima: now see Suhani got sick because of u
Suhani: maa..I’m absolutely fine maa…maybe its because I ate egg plant curry today( bhavna gives her lemon juice and she drinks it)

After dinner they were chatting at the hall.
Suhani: who wants to have masala tea?
Everyone: me….
Suhani: ok I will make for everyone…( she goes to the kitchen and makes masala tea. She brings the tea to the hall and everyone compliment suhani’s hand made tea. Rags gets jealous)
Gauri: I need more sugar
Suhani: ok , I will get it for u…( she heads towards the kitchen and just then she holds her head and feels dizzy. Yuvi notices this and rushes to hold her before she faints)
Yuvi: Suhani….suhani
Pratima: what happened to her ? sharad call the doctor

After a while the doctor comes and checks Suhani. Everyone is worried in yuvani’s room and surrounds her
Yuvi: doctor is there something to worry?
Doctor: nothing to worry but to be happy…
Yuvi: what do u mean?
Doc: Suhani birla is pregnant…u r going to be papa soon…(yuvi couldn’t believe his ears…everyone smile hearing the good news. ). She will get conscious after some time and mr birla I have prescribed her some vitamin medicines. Make sure she takes them regularly and keep her away from any stress.(doc leaves)
Bhavna: oh so that’s why she ate egg plant curry and vomited…
Pratima: I’m very happy that my Suhani is going to make me dadi first…( rags hears this and gets sad and leaves from there…saurabh also follows her. Everybody leave from yuvani’s room except yuvi. Suhani gets conscious)
Suhani: what happened to me?
Yuvi: u gave me the world’s most precious gift…
Suhani: what do u mean?
Yuvi: u r going to be a mother Suhani….(Suhani gets very happy that she couldn’t control her tears)
Suhani: I ….i don’t know how to express myself … I feel I became a complete women now…( she hugs yuvi)

At rags and saurabh room
Saurabh( seeing rags upset and crying): I know what u r going through ragini….
Rags: no u can never know what I’m going through….
Saurabh: rags aren’t u happy for yuvani…
Rags: I am but I ….( She cries harder and hugs saurabh)
Saurabh( patting rags’s head): don’t worry this child is also related to us.….
Flashback: Rags along with saurabh was seen at London for saurabh’s business trip. Saurabh came to his hotel room and saw rags selecting baby’s names in the net…
Saurabh: rags what r u searching in the net?
Rags: searching for our baby’s name…
Saurabh: at first month ?did u tell maa about the good news?
Rags: no we wil surprise her when we return to india…oh I almost forgot I need to have a bath
Saurabh: at night ?
Rags: ya , I read in the net that bathing with luke warm water at night is good for the mother and the baby….
Rags: saurabh can u meanwhile pls make samosa …I want to eat samosa
Saurabh: ok , my jaan …your wish is my command( rags goes inside the bathroom and takes a bath…after sometime and heads to leave the bathroom. Surabh just then hears rags’s scream and rushes towards the bathroom to see her in a pool of blood.) Flashback ends
Rags: its all my fault… if I only had not slipped then our child would have been with us now….
Saurabh: what happened , already happened u cannot change it…
Rags: ya u r right what happened , already happened and I can’t change the fact that I will never be able to become a mother again…(she cries as she hugs saurabh. Saurabh consoles her)

Precap: Suhani slips from the stairs and screams…

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  1. Neethu

    Fantastic one Sanaa!

    1. Thanks neethu and keep commenting regularly

  2. awsome episode ….

    1. Thanks sri dear

  3. Interesting epi,,,,,felt bad for Rags,,

    1. Thanks Roz, I didn’t want rags to be a negative character like the serial but to have some gray shades that’s why I introduced this track

  4. Gr8 going Sanaa and no miscarriage plzz

    1. Thanks ayushi dear…. don’t worry

  5. Guys sorry for the spelling mistake it is *competition* not completion

  6. wow my guessing s crt… lovely episode saana di…. mindblowing.. v want sme emotional moments of yuvani abt her pregnncy…

    1. Thanks subha sweetie and I will consider your comment and surely add some emotional moments of yuvani in suhani’s pregnancy

  7. Aqsxxh

    Omg I love love love Gauri’s character! it’s soo unique and similar to Suhani! They will be twins! Its a beautiful episode… And I feel sorry for Rags… She would’ve made a cute baby… But Things happen and you can’t change them… I really really love this marvelous episode, it was stunning… The way you made suhani have cravings is really good as well! You have no idea on how much I want to carry on writing about how fantastic this epi was di! Wow! I was blown away 🙂

    1. Thanks Aqsaah di….u r right , gauri’s character is similar to suhani, that’s why I added her in my ff

    2. Thanks a lot for your compliment Aqsaah….u always give me strength to write more…

  8. Nithu

    Superb dr bt sry rags …it really grt

    1. Thanks nithu…rags is not negative but with a character with grey shades.

  9. U made me happy today.

    1. I’m more than happy to know that I made u happy ci…. keep commenting dear

  10. so emotional sanaa

    1. I think the last part surely is emotional ….

  11. Loved today’s epi sanaa. I agree with aqsaah that gauri is like suhani…I don’t know why but after reading your ff, i always have a peace of mind

    1. Thanks sona sweetheart….glad to know that my ff gives u a peace of mind

  12. great episode,surprise and sorrow all these emotions in one nice.finally guari’s arrival make birla family happy.our beautiful love birds are going to be parents.excited fr tmr episode.

    1. Thanks radha sweetie, u made my day

  13. Amazing epi sanaa…

    1. Thanks Tanisha dear

  14. Sanaa…this was a mind blowing episode, continue the good work dear

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