pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 30)


It’s my 30th chapter and I would like to thank Aqsaah di, Napsha, ash, radha, Nithu, Neethu, Sona, Tanisha, subha, Diya and rusky for their unconditional love and support all this while. I was wondering whether u all got bored with the current track and if u did then I might end this ff soon.

The chapter starts next day evening when yuvani and others have a talk about their plan.
Suhani: Do all of u remember the plan we made?
All: yes…..
Menka: no…
Suhani: there is no point of telling u the plan again..
Menka: pls tell me Suhani jiji
Suhani: okay, so here’s the plan……Krishna would be coming to Allahabad after an hour and it is yuvi your duty to bring krisha in his house from the airport after thirty minutes…mean while somu would enter her house alone and I’m damn sure that rishi would be waiting for her in the hall…I , bhavna and sharad bhaiyya would reach somu’s room from the balcony and hide behind the curtains and sharad bhaiyya inside the almirah. Somu u would enter u room normally …. Bhavna di u get the chilli powder ready incase of any emergency (bhavna nods) and sharad bhaiyaa u have to record the entire video(sharad : ok bhabi)…Saurabh bhaiyaa u have to get the police there in the correct time so that rishi cannot escape ok?(Saurabh: ok)

Menka: what is my role in this plan?
Suhani: u have to get rishi’s girlfriend who got pregnant ….Do u remember her name?
Menka: I think so….it was priya
Suhani: no, its priyanka ….
Menka: ok jiji( how did u know he had a girlfriend)
Suhani: once when yuvi and I were out enjoing in the park when we visited dadi for the pagphere rasam, I saw a girl named priyanka and her boyfriend rishi talking. She was talking about her being pregnant and rishi asked her to abort the baby…they both had an argument and rishi left the place…I promised priyanka I would help her get justice and we became friends. I noted down her address and phone number. Then I got to know that somu’s devar is rishi… this made my work much easier….
Menka: Suhani jiji u r vey clever,rags jiji does nothing but makes stupid plans( rags hears this and fumes)
Suhani: rags bhabi I know u must be angry at me…but I really need your help in this
Rags: what help do u need? U r already clever and have others support then why do u need my help?
Suhani: I consider u to be my elder sister…. Eventhough I have others support but I really need your help in this…
Rags: ok ok … tell me what should I do
Suhani: u along with menka bhabi go to priyanka’s house and get her… I don’t trust menka bhabi because of her foolishness ….so I’m trusting u. if priyanka doesn’t recognize u then u will show my pic to her and she will understand…( She hands over her address along with her photo)
Suhani: So its settled now …..and together we will succeede ( all join hands and smile)

After an hour, they execute their plan. Somya enters her inlaws house and sees rishi sitting in the hall.
Rishi: welcome bhabi, welcome…I know u would come today after all krish bhaiyaa is coming today( he comes near somya)
Somya(moves away): stay away from me ….( meanwhile Suhani, bhavna and sharad reach somya’s room through balcony . Suhani and bhavna hide behind the curtain with the chilli powder spray and sharad hides in the wardrobe with the video camera. Yuvi searches for Krishna in the airport and find him. He tells Krishna of visiting his house today…they leave for his house)
Rishi: where would u run …there is no one in the house now( he chases somya as she runs away from him. Somya comes to her room and throws things at him. rishi catches her and throws her on bed and forces himself on somya as somya screams . Suhani and bhavna uses chillispray on rishi’s face as sharad records the entire incident. Rishi gets hold of Suhani and she gets worried)
Rishi: oh so this must be your friend….now it will be much fun to ruin both the friend’s respect.( he pulls suhani’s dupatta and throws it aside. Bhavna sprays more chilli powder from behind the curtain. Suddenly krishna and yuvi arrive there and gets shocked seeing the rishi’s behavior)

Krishna: rishi……. How dare u?
Yuvi( returning suhani’s dupatta to her): I will not leave u rishi u tried to touch my Suhani..( krish slaps rishi and they both beat rishi black and blue. Rishi gets free somehow and grabs somya as hostage pointing a knife on her neck)
Rishi: don’t try to move or I’ll kill her….(He tries to leave with somya from there but someone throws a heavy book on his head and he looses his grip on somya and falls down….it is none other than menka)
Menka: u were trying to escape right ? now escape ….see who is more clever now( everyone gets relieved….rishi being semi conscious grabs the knife iand is about to attack krishna with it but just then someone hits his back with a cricket bat and he falls down, it is none other than rags…Just then saurabh comes with the police and the police arrests rishi . sharad comes out of the almirah and shows the video clip to the police and krishna.. they get shocked. Priyanka also comes there and tells about the injustice done to her. The police leave with rishi)
Krishna ( folding his hands): Somya pls forgive me….I did not trust u and trusted my brother who wanted to kill me…
Somya: u don’t apologise to me… u r my husband and it doesn’t look good ( they both hug as everyone smiles seeing them.)
Sharad: hmmmm……( kriya gets their senses and move away)
Krishna: how did u do all this?
Somya: with suhani’s help…
Suhani: no the plan was mine but everyone helped me in it including rags bhabi….thanks rags bhabi..
Rags: don’t mention…( all of them smiles .)
Somya(hugging suhani): thanks of supporting me a lot Suhani….I was the only child in my family and after my parents died in a car accident u kept me in your house with love….I don’t regret of loosing my parent or not having a sibling because u r more than a sister to me…Thanks for being there with me at my toughest time )
Suhani: oho…don’t make me emotional now…how many times did I tell u that dosti mein no thank u and no sorry. Now smile…( somya smiles)
Yuvi:Suhani, I think we should leave now…
Suhani: ya…bye somu and krishna and take care( yuvani and shavna bid farewell and leave from there)

Later at night Suhani and yuvi are looking at the stars and are talking.
Suhani: yuvi, do u see the brightest star over there..?
Yuvi: ya…
Suhani: that’s my favorite star…when ever u miss me or feel lonely u can look at that star, it will remind u of me
Yuvi: but u r always by my side right?
Suhani:ya but for example I went somewhere for the night and u miss me then u can look at that star
Yuvi: ok ….we will see about that, if u go away from me even for a single minute I miss u a lot. My love for u is boundless and deep as the sea, the more I love u the more I have in my heart.
Suhani: Achha , I didn’t know a sadu like u can tell such lovely things to me
Yuvi: how many times will I tell u to stop calling me sadu
Suhani: u r my sadu and I only have the right to call u sadu and so I will always call u sadu…( she teases yuvi and runs)
Yuvi: u just wait… Suhani today u will not be saved (he chases suhani and after a while they both fall on bed. Yuvi is over Suhani and they have an eyelock. Yuvi moves the hair from suhani’s face and comes closer. He comes closer and they both have a passionate kiss….just yuvi’s phone rings and he gets disappointed. He quickly picks up the call after looking at the name appearing at his phone’s screen.)
Yuvi: how r u my sweetheart? I missed u so much ….( Suhani gets jealous)
Suhani(in mind): who is this yuvi is talking to ? is this his girlfriend? I have to find out…
Yuvi: when will u come home u know without u this house looks lonely…pls comes soon( Suhani takes the phone from his hand and speaks)
Suhani: how dare u to cast an eye on my husband…I know such type of woman like u who want to trap married man like my husband…
woman: hello bhabi, how r u …? U misunderstood me I’m gauri , vyu bhaiyya’s younger sister
Suhani: who is vyu?
Gauri: offo bhabi….yuvraj bhaiyya, I call him vyu bhaiyaa
Suhani: oh…I’m sorry I didn’t know it was u , I thought it was someone else
Gauri: it’s ok bhabi…I will come home from my inlaws after 1 month
Suhani: really !! I’m very eager to meet u gauri…
Gauri: bye Suhani bhabi…see u
Suhani :bye gauri…( she tells yuvi about gauri’s arrival after a month)
Yuvi: that’s a great news ,I will inform everyone….by the way I saw u being jealous
Suhani: no I wasn’t …
Yuvi: yes u were… u were so burning with jealousy that I can even make chapatti by your heat(he teases her)
Suhani: u just wait yuvi….i will show how hot I am( She runs behind yuvi and throws pillows on him….. their nok jhok continues and later they sleep in each other’s arms)

After a month at afternoon Suhani hears the calling bell ringing and rushes to open the door. She opens the door and gets surprised to see gauri….She smiles and welcomes gauri with a hug.

Precap: Gauri says to Suhani that she lost and Suhani won….

Credit to: Sanaa

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    Sanaa noone would ever get bored of ur ff x when the time comes for it to end it will x 😀 Love you di, you mean soo much to me x Loving how the plan went smoothly x

    1. Thanks Aqsaah …..Actually I’m ending it in August as my school will reopen and I will be in eleventh grade so I will have my studies to focus on more . hopefully I’ll come up with another ff at the winter break in december…

    2. Love u too Aqsaah, u too mean a lot to me, I got inspired to write an ff after reading your ff. My very first comment was on your ff….our names are also similar so we r already sisters even though we don’t have any blood relation…..???

      1. Aqsxxh

        ?❤️ awwee Sanaa x my school reopened in September so I have time x but never give up writing it’s a special talent you have ? ly di

      2. Aqsaah , my school also would have reopened in September but since I’m in dubai, the school authority are concerned about the starting of ramadan which is I guess 26th of may next year. In ramadan most of the schools in here are closed so we would have an early summer vacation thats why they shifted the first day of school in August….. don’t worry i will still continue to write ffs at winter vacation and i will post the intro in first of august.

  3. Awesomeeeeeeeeee and I am not able to understand the precap

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  5. Awsome …nice episode i like it waiting for next episode

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    1. Thanks subha dear , u r right i stopped reading the written updates and if i read them i will go through depression. Instead the ffs are far better than the episode. Don’t worry , I will end it in august so till then enjoy the episodes and drop in your comments?

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    2. By the way, I really liked your name Subha.

      1. thank u di…!! i share ur ff link to my frnds.. thy al really very much excited nd ask link fr daily..

      2. Thats so sweet of u Subha…u can also tell your friends about this site to read my and others ff.

  7. first congratulations for completetion of 30 beautiful episodes and how can u say that ur ff is boring actuall its becoming more and more beautiful day by day.i wish u to continue this ff for 100 more’s episode was very very nice.the way of plan execution and family support was verygood.waiting for guari’s coming in bh.all d best.

    1. Thanks radha u r my strength of pillar…. don’t worry even of i have to end it I will post the intro of my another ff just for u. And there will be a surprise for all those who kept supporting me all this while. Love u dear????

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    1. Thanks tanisha, its ok tanisha I understand and speak hindi but there r some people who r a little weak in hindi that’s why I asked u to comment in english.

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