pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (chapter 3)


The chapter start with Yuvraj returning home after leaving for orphanage. Pratima was waiting for yuvraj and all of a sudden he entered his house. His house was big but not as Shrivastav mansion.

Pratima: Yuvi itni deyr que laga di?
(Yuvi, why are u so late?)
Yuvraj: Wo actually maa mera promotion hua aur main isse bhi uchi post mein kaam karunga.
(Actually, mom I had a promotion so I would work in a higher rank than the current rank)Saying this he took the sweets to Pratima.
Yuvraj: and mom do u know whom did I meet …………….
Pratima: bas bas, enough ,go and change first since you are drenched in rain otherwise you will catch cold.

Yuvraj: ok maa. (Saying this he leaves to his room)

Ragini has heard all this and talks to Saurab which is audible to Pratima.
Ragini: dekha Saurab tumhara chotha bhai bhi tumse uchi post mein kaam karne waala hai aur tum uske bade bhai hone ke baad bhi usse bhi niche post mein kaam kar rahe ho. Meri baat maan jao Yuvraj jo company mein kaam karta hai usme join karo. Kya paata tumhari bhi kismat khul jaye Yuvraj ki tarha.
(Look Saurabh, your younger brother Yuvraaj got a promotion and will work at a higher rank than u and u being the elder brother is still working at a lower rank than Yuvraaj. Listen to me why don’t you join the company where Yuvraaj works; who knows maybe you will also be lucky yuvraj)
Saurabh: No Ragini, Yuvraaj got promotion because of his hard work and not because of the company he works. If I also work harder I may also get a promotion.
Ragini: but…….

Pratima: bas Ragini bahu! Bohot ho gaya ab aur nahi. Tumhe apna pati ko hosla dena chahiye ki wo aur achhi tarah kaam kar saky, par tum to ……. Khair. Agey se aise baat mat karna samjhi……?
(Enough ragini , you should encourage your husband to work harder so that he can also get promotion but u are…………….leave it , don’t say such things thereafter understand…..?)
Menka : My Anuj ji is the best since he is the captain of the Kabbadi team so he earns a lot if he wins and there is not a single game that he had lost.
Ragini: bla bla bla , don’t care menka
Menka: huh , I also don’t care about u jiji

At night Yuvraj receives a call from Pankaj that he is returning the following day and the Presentation that Yuvraaj sent him was outstanding and thus he got the contract. So he wants Yuvraj to come with him at his house as a treat. Yuvraj agrees to come along with pankaj at his house and thanks him.

Yuvraj then remembers Suhani and dials her phone number to call her. Talks to her about his family and Suhani too about her family when suddenly he hears Sharad calling him.
Sharad: guru……..
Yuvraj :bye suhani talk to you later.
Suhani : bye , goodnight.( suhani also hears bhavna calling her)
Sharad: whom were u talking to guru..?
Yuvraj: to my boss
Sharad: Oh ok…..Actually maasi sent me to sleep next to you today because the window glass is broken and there are lots of mosquitoes there in my room.
Yuvraj :ok , you can sleep with me today and tomorrow I will get that window fixed. Yuvraj sleeps next to Sharad reminiscing Suhani.

At Suhani’s house bavna came and asked Suhani to drink milk that Dadi sent her . Suhani makes faces .
Suhani: di , I want to drink milk.
Bhavna: u have to drink it …..otherwise I will call Dadi
Suhani: ok ok ok …. I will drink it , happy?
Bhavna : By the way whom were you taking to?
Suhani : no one di just my friend
Bhavna : Suhani today I will be sleeping with u since the AC in my room is not working.
Suhani : ok di

In the middle of the night Yuvraj dreams about Suhani and kisses sharad in sleep. Sharad gets shoched and gets up from the bed quickly. At suhani’s house also suhani dreams about Yuvraaj and hugs bhavna instead. Bhavna also gets up from bed.
Sharad: guru… utho apko kya ho gaya?
(guru… what happened to u?)
Yuvraj: huh ….Kya hua?
Sharad : You kissed me when you were sleeping.
Yuvraj(remembering his dream): actually sharad….

Sharad : understood… you have fallen in love right ?
Yuvi: what nonsense ?
Sharad: just say right or wrong? By the way what is the girl’s name?
Yuvi: Suhani
Sharad : oho …
Yuvi : let’s go to sleep it’s getting late . saying this they went to sleep again

At Suhani’s house suhani also tells bhavna about Yuvraj and bhavna teases suhani , they also goes to steep again
In the morning Yuvraj went to receive Pankaj from the airport and reached Shrivastav mansion. Pankaj asked yuvraj to go inside while he parks his car properly. Yuvraj walks towards the mansion.

Precap: Yuvraj is shocked to see Dadi.

Any guesses why is he shocked to see Dadi?

Credit to: Sanaa

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  1. Sorry for the mistake
    Suhani: di I don’t want to drink milk

  2. awesome dear.. No guess

    1. Thanks dear ruby

  3. Nithu

    Nyce twist

    1. Thanks Nithu and I can guarantee u that u will surely like the following chapter

  4. This was a WONDERFULLLL episode sanaa

    1. Thanks Ayushi

  5. Good epi,,,, 😀 ,,..I thnk Yuvi knw dadi,,,,lyk Yuvi did somethng to her and she don’t lyk him,,,,

    1. Good guess Roz , you will know why he is shocked in the next chapter.

  6. Awesome sanaa.. eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. Thanks Saraj , tomorrow’s episode will be much better than today’s

  7. OMG I’m loving this ff so much!! The plot is very good indeed Sanaa!

    1. thanks Neethu and keep supporting. Wait for tomorrow’s episode to know why is yuvraj shocked. It would be a bit funny?

  8. Aqsxxh

    OOOOOOO I love it! I think Yuv and Dadi knows each other becos probably yuvi done a prank of some sort and dadi accidently come in the middle of it XD I love it x

    1. Good guess and to know why simply read the next episode.

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