pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 29)


The chapter starts at night at birla house after everybody has finished dinner. All are at the hall and are chatting…
Anuj:Saurabh bhaiyya, I’m bored of sitting….Can we play some game?
Saurabh: why not? Mmm… how about truth or dare?
Sharad: that’s a great idea ….so its settled we r playing truth or dear.( Everyone sit in a circle as sharad spins the bottle.)
Sharad: looks like its menka bhabi and anuj…
Anuj: Truth or dare?
Menka: Mmm…dare
Anuj: dance like a monkey….
Menka: no I won’t …this is not fair
Anuj: u choose dare so u have to do what I say…now dance ( menka gets irked and jumps around like a monkey as everyone laughs at her)

Sharad (spinning the bottle): now it is me and guru …guru I will ask u
Sharad: truth or dear?( yuvi hints that sharad will assume him to choose truth as he never lies so yuvi choses dare)
Yuvi: dare….
Sharad: u have to dance with Suhani bhabi now…
Yuvi: ok..( yuvi and Suhani dance on sanam re). (the game continues and rags looks at the door)
Sharad (spinning the bottle ): now it is our ragini bhabi and Suhani bhabi
Rags: truth or dare?
Suhani: truth…
Rags: whom do u trust the most- Soumya or yuvraj?
Suhani: bhabi what sort of question is this? (Yuvi and somya look on)
Rags: u have to answer my question….
Suhani: Every relation is based upon trust and if there is no trust there is no meaning of that relation. Yuvi is my husband and I have my full trust on him ….if he asks me to give up my life, I will give up my life for him. Somu is my childhood friend who lost her both parents at a very young age. She has never told me a lie and if there is any problem, she always discusses it with me and together we used to find the solution of every problem. I don’t consider somu as my friend but as a sister to me….I trust her unconditionally. (Somya looks at her being touched by her words)

Rags( thinking): lets see how long does this trust stay…( Just then they hear the calling bell ringing and bhavna goes to open the door. Bhavna sees a mailman with corridor)
Mailman : is this birla house ?
Bhavna: yes , this is birla house
Mailman: I have got a courier for Suhani yuvraj birla…R u Suhani birla?
Bhavna : no , I’m bhavna Birla, Suhani’s elder sister …u can give the parcel to me and I will give it to suhani
Mailman: here is the parcel mam..pls sign here( bhavna signs and the man leaves)

Bhavna: Suhani there is a parcel for u …
Suhani: who sent it?
Bhavna: don’t know u open and see…( Suhani opens it and gets shocked seeing ….somya hugging yuvi. The pics fall from her hand and rags smirks)
Yuvi(picking up the photos and being shocked): who sent this photos…Suhani trust me there is nothing like that, that u r seeing in this photos….
Pratima: Show me the photo( she and everyone sees the pictures and gets shocked)
Somya: Suhani, trust me there is nothing like that ….
Yuvi: Shut up Somya…. U r the reason for these problems, how much will u lie?
Somya: what r u saying yuvraj? I don’t know when someone clicked these pics..
Yuvi: Don’t act innocent now, u called me yesterday night at your room and said “ don’t leave me, I love u , we can still be together, I will clear all the misunderstandings between us…etc.”
Somya: I don’t remember anything of that sort

Suhani: bas…its enough, Somu I trust u
Yuvi: How can u trust her when she said all these things to me…
Somu: I would prefer drinking poison before doing such a thing
Suhani: Somu , u don’t worry ….I will find the truth
Somu: yes….Its strange that after drinking the glass of milk that ragini bhabi gave me I had headache and don’t remember what happened next…
Yuvi: now I got it …ragini bhabi told me last night that u called me and wanted to talk to me..
Somya: why would I call u at night in my room?
Suhani: I will tell u all, I saw ragini bhabi mixing this drug in the glass of milk she gave to somya. To clear my doubt I stood behind the curtain in somu’s roomand saw with my own eyes the entire thing…
Yuvi: why didn’t u tell anything about it to me?

Suhani: I wanted to know why did ragini bhabi do this….Now I know she wanted to break my trust on yuvi and somu… Am I right ragini bhabi?
Rags: yes , I wanted to break your trust….(everyone gets shocked at her confession)
Suhani: but why bhabi?
Rags: to take revenge for my insult that day
Suhani: u wanted to break my trust just for your revenge…Saurabh bhaiyya was right nothing can be done about u…
Suhani: Somu, after seeing your behavior last night I sensed that there is some problem between u and krishna . I am angry at u for not sharing your problems with me…..tell me what is bothing u
Somya( crying and hugging): Suhani, I’m sorry ….pls forgive me .( she tells the whole incident to Suhani)
Suhani (pacifying and hugging somya): U went through all this and u dint even tink to tell me once…don’t worry somu, let krishna come tomorrow…I have a plan she tells the plan to everyone.(Everyone join hands and agree to help somya)
Somya: Suhani…. Do u think it will work?
Yuvi: ofcourse it will even though it is a bit risky…. I’m sorry somya for misunderstanding u…
Somya: its ok yuvi…
Somya: thanks Suhani for trusting and helping me out…( she hugs Suhani and smiles)

The screen freezes on both of their smiling faces

Precap: Kriya reunion……yuvani moments and Gauri’s entry

Credit to: Sanaa

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  1. sanaa dear episode was really surprising. u just rocked it. u have narrated both suhani’s love and trust for yuvraj and sowmya perfectly and the way u exposed rags also nice.keep going like this.all d best dear.

    1. Thanks radha….your comment made my day

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  3. Episode was amazing

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  4. NAPSHa J

    Its amazing Sanaa.. 🙂

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  5. good sanaa keep it going this way 😀

    1. Thanks ash , I will if u all keep supporting me this way

  6. Aqsxxh

    See this is how it’s done writers! The evil intentions always dies!

    1. Thanks Aqsaah di for your compliment

  7. Aqsxxh

    Sanaa it’s a masterpiece

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  8. Superb epi sanaa… I was really upset after reading the past two days episodic analysis but after reading your ff I chilled out. Keep continuibg the good work sanaa

    1. Thanks Sona and yes i read your comments in the written update of yesterday’s epi….u said right , but sadly the directors don’t read their audience’s comments

  9. Amazing….yeh episode agar serial mein hota toh bohot pehle serial ke trp bar jaate…ab mein serial ki kya batao, kehne ki liye toh kuch baaki nahi raha…wish u all the best sanaa for your upcoming episodes

    1. Thanks Tanisha dear for the compliment…but next time would u pls comment in english as there are others here who doesn’t know hindi properly…Sorry if i hurt u dear

  10. Amazing 😀

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