pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 28)


The chapter starts with rags leaving from somya’s room and bumping onto yuvraj.
Yuvraj: ragini bhabi , aap kya dekh ke chal nahi sacti?( ragini bhabi, can’t u see your way and walk?)
Rags: it was u who bumped onto me
Yuvi: wah bhabi wah , first it was your fault and now u are blaming me….
Rags: leave all this, I came from Somya’s room and she wanted to talk to u
Yuvi: right now?
Rags: yes , right now
Yuvi: I will talk to her in the morning , it’s getting late and I have to sleep as I have to go office tomorrow…
Rags: But she wanted to meet u now, she looked worried…..maybe she wants to tell u something important. I think u should go to her and ask her what’s the matter
Yuvi: bhabi, I have never seen u this worried for anyone…..why don’t u go and ask her
Rags: I would have but she may not trust me so I’m telling u
Yuvi: ok I will go( he heads towards somya’s room as rags smirks )

Yuvi(knocking the door): somya did u want to talk to me ?
Somya: yes, I wanted to talk to u for a long time…
Yuvi: what’s the matter, why r u worried?
Somya: because of u ….
Yuvi: what do u mean?….
Somya: why did u leave me, why did u not believe me?
Yuvi: what r u saying somya? I’m not understanding anything
Somya: I love u a lot, but don’t punish me by going away from me…
Yuvi: what did u just say ? r u out of your mind?
Somya: u can say anything but the truth won’t change, I love u a lot , pls don’t go away from me

Yuvi(being angry): u called me for saying these nonscence…
Somya: this is not nonscense but true love….I promise I will remove the barrier between u and me and clear all the misunderstandings( she suddenly hugs yuvi making him shocked. Rags takes their pic from outside their room and grins)
Yuvi( pushing somya away from him): did u even think about Suhani if she knows your truth, how will she feel?
Somya: yes I know she will be upset ….that’s why I didn’t tells her about us , as it is just between u and me( she again tries to hug yuvi but he pushes her and leaves. )
Somya: pls don’t go away from me, I’m telling u it’s not my mistake…..pls don’t leave me alone Krishna……….( she falls unconscious on the ground)
Rags (witnessing all this from outside somya’s room ): now I will see how u control your tears seeing these photos Suhani ….(she smiles and reminisces mixing some drug in the glass of milk that she gave to somya)

Yuvi (in his room looking at Suhani as she is asleep): How can somya think such cheap things about me? Suhani, how will I tell u about somya ….u consider her as your best friend but she really is your enemy. No, I can’t tell Suhani about Somya as she will be heartbroken and I can’t hurt Suhani. Now I have to make somya realize that I belong to Suhani only and she is the love of my life.( he kisses Suhani’s forehead and sleeps)
Next morning Yuvi gets ready for going to his office. Suhani comes to her room after making breakfast ready and sees Yuvi struggling to tie a tie.
Suhani(laughing): oho Mr Perfect doesn’t know how to tie a tie….
Yuvi(frowning):don’t laugh no one is perfect….
Suhani: Achha, then why r u such a cleanliness freak?
Yuvi: I like being clean so what’s the problem in it….now ,can u pls help me to tie this tie?
Suhani: ok, I will help u …..( she starts to tie the tie for yuvi)
Suhani( while tying the tie on his neck): yuvi, who used to tie your tie when I was not there in your life?
Yuvi: I didn’t get promotion at that time so I didn’t wear the tie….After u came in my life , I got the promotion and later also I got u, u r very lucky for me and till I have u I won’t have any problem at all.( Suhani finishes tying .)
Suhani: there u go Mr perfect, now u really look perfect….(she heads to leave but just then he holds her hand and pulls her towards him. He comes closer and closer to her until their nose touch each others. As he is about to kiss her on her lips she pulls is nose and teases him)
Suhani(teasing him): yuvi, don’t get romantic now, did u forget that u have to go office today?
Yuvi: I know….can I at least have a kiss?
Suhani: I will think first….(suddenly she kisses him on his cheek and leaves from there blushing)
Yuvi(smiling): thanks Suhani…..

At breakfast Suhani sits between yuvi and somya. Bhavna serves food to everyone.
Yuvi( noticing Suhani having problem in eating): Suhani, why r u eating very slowly? is there any problem?( he looks at somya angrily)
Bhavna: Yuvraj, Suhani slightly burned her hand while cooking….
Yuvi: what? Suhani, u didn’t even tell me about it….( he gets concerned for her). Did u apply the cream?
Suhani: relax yuvraj, it’s just a slight burn and I have applied cream so don’t worry…
Yuvraj: why should I not worry Suhani….I will feed u now open your mouth
Suhani: but here…(Yuvi puts food in her mouth. Everyone smiles seeing them except rags)
Pratima(Smiling): u did right yuvraj beta, if u didn’t put food in her mouth then she would not have agreed to eat by your hands.( yuvi observes somya’s expressions and gets surprised seeing her smiling looking at them)
After feedind breakfast to Suhani , he leaves for his office.

Later at evening when yuvi arrives from office, he gets gifts for everyone. He gets sarees for all the ladies and shirts for all men. He gets a beautiful saree and a pair of jhumkas( earrings) for Suhani. He comes to somya and hands her a packet full of guavas.
Menka: hawww, jiji main yeh kya dekh rahi hoon,yuvraj bhaiyaa na somya ko amrudh diya tofe me.(hawww jiji, what am I seeing , yuvraj bhaiyya gave guavas to Somya)
Suhani: yuvi, u got sarees for everyone then why did u get only guavas for somya ?
Yuvi: I didn’t know somya’s choice and I remembered that u once said that u and somya used to steal guavas from your neighbors garden so I thought of gifting guavas to somya…
Somya: thanks yuvraj….(Somya leaves and yuvi wonders whether she changed her mind or not)
Later Rags calls someone and their conversation is seen muted. Rags cuts the call and smiles.
Rags(smiling and talking to herself): ab aayegi mazaa….(now it will be fun)

Precap: everyone gets shocked seeing….

Credit to: Sanaa

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