pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 27)


The chapter starts in the morning when everyone is eating breakfast at birla house and Suhani serving the food to everyone.
Suhani(noticing Somya while she is lost in her thoughts): arey somu , why r u not eating? Where r u lost?
Somya: Actually Suhani…….
Suhani: u r missing Krishna right?
Somya( reluctantly saying): yes….
Suhani: don’t worry when he will come back from Dubai u can go to your in laws
Rags( noticing somya worried): did he go for a meeting or kicked Somya out of his house….
Pratima: ragini…….
Suhani: Ragini bhabi, u can say anything to me I won’t mind but if u say a single word against my best friend somu , then I will not tolerate.( Somya looks at Suhani being touched by her words)
Saurab: Suhani, it’s useless to shut up ragini…don’t spoil your breakfast arguing with her (Rags fumes)

Just then they hear the calling bell and Suhani goes to open the door. She opens the door and she gets surprised seeing dadi .
Suhani: Dadi , aap………?( she hugs dadi and welcomes her in)
Dadi: how r u beta?
Suhani: I’m fine dadi, how r u and how is papa?
Dadi: I and your papa are fine, u know how busy he is so he couldn’t come….Sorry to disturb u all at your breakfast.
Pratima: no, no maa ji, it’s ok u also come and join us…
Dadi: no thanks pratima, I already had breakfast and came here.
Dadi( looking at somya): Ae ladki what r u doing here?(Somya gets tensed)
Suhani: wo..actually dadi krishna and Shrikant uncle went for a business trip to dubai for 4 days and she got bored staying alone so she came here to meet me and I asked her to stay here till he comes back.
Dadi: she met u right , and if she gets bored then shay can come to Shrivastav mansion
Suhani: oho dadi…..we were missing each other a lot and if she stays here what’s the problem?
Dadi: she is the problem herself!
Suhani: dadi….pls u don’t start here , at least for my sake
Dadi: ok just for your sake….
Yuvi: by the way dadi u still look like u r in your 40s
Dadi: really……thanks yuvraj beta
Rags(saying to herself): looks more like a witch with white hair to me….
Dadi: kya bola ragini? Tumne mujhe chudail kaha? (what did u say ragini? u called me a witch?)
Saurabh(teasing rags): dadi , maaf kijiyega ragini ki taraf se, uske baaton mat aiyye ……uske pas to koi dimag toh hai nahi…wo kehte hai ‘ki khali bartan zyada shor machati hai’, waise hi bin dimaag wali aurat aise bak bak toh karenge hi…..( Dadi, forgive me from her behalf, don’t come in her words….she doesn’t have any brain at all….like they say ‘empty vessels make more noise’, similarly brainless women would blabber nonsense)…(rags gets angry and leaves)
Dadi(smiling): u said right beta…(they both do high five)

Later, Rags in her room gets angry thinking about suhani and others teasing her….
Rags: I will not leave Suhani for insulting me…u have to pay for this Suhani
Rags : by the way somya was looking worried about something, I have to find out why…( she leaves and heads towards somya’s room and sees hercrying and talking to krishna’s pic.)
Somya(crying): krishna, why don’t u trust me? Whenever I look at Suhani and yuvi being happy, I really wish that I was in her place…(She cries and hugs krishna’s pic)
Rags(in mind): oh, this is why she is worried, don’t worry I will help u somya.(she smirks and leaves)
Later in evening Yuvi gets a pendant for Suhani written ‘s’ on it. Suhani shows it to everyone…
Dadi: wow its nice, I’m glad that yuvraj loves u a lot( Suhani smiles)
Bhavna: wow…. Isn’t it beautiful Somya
Somya: ya it is (she leaves)

Later rags steals the pendant when Suhani was busy cooking dinner….Rags takes the pendant and keeps it in somya’s room. After cooking Suhani notices that she has lost her pendant and tells yuvi and others. Everybody looks for the pendant and dadi thinks that it is somya who stole her pendant and goes to her room to check. She searches in her room and gets shocked seeing it is in the drawer. She calls everyone there and shows the pendant by which everyone get shocked.
Suhani: how did this come here?
Dadi: I will tell…this ladki stole this and kept it in here
Somya: no I didn’t steal it … I don’t know how did it come here…( Dadi slaps her hard)
Dadi: first u stole this pendant and now u r lying?(Somya cries)
Suhani: dad , if it is in her room it doesn’t mean that she stole it. May be it fell when I came to show her.
Dadi: then how did it get in the drawer
Suhani : maybe the drawer was open and it feel in it and somu close it without knowing about it.
Pratima: the pendant is found and I don’t want any more arguments now…( all leave from there and dadi bids farewell to everyone)
Suhani: somu, I’m sorry as dadi slapped u by misunderstanding u…
Somya: it’s ok at least u trust me. If u didn’t trust me then she would have called me a thief ( she hugs Suhani and cries)
Suhani: now when everything is fine then why r tears on your eyes. U look good smiling so smile…(She wipes somya’s tears and makes her smile)
At night rags brings a glass of milk for somya and asks her to drink. Somya refuses but rags insists and makes her drink it. Rags takes the glass from there and smirks while leaving.

Precap : yuvi get’s angry at somya….

Credit to: Sanaa

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