pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 26)


The chapter starts with yuvani and shavna returning to birla house after their honeymoon. Yuvani and shavna are welcomed by pratima. Rags and menka fume in jealousy seeing them very happy.
Rags: how was your honeymoon?
Suhani and bhavna: it was fine
Rags: great ….so did u only enjoy your trip or got us gifts also
Pratima: ragini…..
Suhani: haan haan que nahi. Humne aap logo kiliye tofe zaroor le aye( yes yes why not? We got gifts for u all). ( Suhani , yuvi, sharad and bhavna distribute gifts to everyone.
Pratima: thanks beta per ye sab ki kya zaroorat thi beta?( thanks dear but what was the need to give gifts)
Yuvi: we got gifts for everyone to see them happy that’s all.
Saurabh : thanks yuvraj….
Anuj: thanks yuvraj bhaiyya…..
Yuvi: u r welcome
Pratima: rags and menka do u have any manners or not . u were asking for gifts and they gave u and u didn’t even thank them.
Rags: thanks yuvraj and sharad
Pratima: what about Suhani and bhavna….
Rags( hesitantly replies): ttthhhaanks Suhani and bhavna( she leaves from there)
Menka : thanks Suhani aur bhavna ji ji, thanks yuvraj aur sharad bhaiyaa( she smiles and leaves from there)

Later at evening everyone were chatting at the main hall except yuvi when they hear the calling bell ringing.
Suhani: I will see who is it…( Suhani opens the door and surprised to see soumya)
Suhani: Somu…….( she smiles hugs her). Kaisi hai tu aapne sasural mein?( how r u at your in laws?)
Somu(smiling): I’m fine, how r u?
Suhani: don’t ask, I’m super happy over here as everyone loves me a lot.
Suhani: how is Krishna and Shrikant uncle?( soumya’s smile fades away)
Soumya: ya they r fine…
Pratima: beta u both talk , I will bring some snacks for u
Soumya: Suhani I need to talk to u….
Yuvi (calling from his room): Suhani, Suhani can u come here pls…
Suhani: somu u talk to others , I will see what yuvi needs( saying this she goes to their room and sees it messed up)

Suhani: yuvi, why were u calling me like a vegetable vendor?
Yuvi: I’m not a vegetable vendor, did u see the blue file that contains important documents? I’m searching for it but I’m not able to find it
Suhani: how will u be able to find it if u make the room messy like this?
Suhani: now help me clean this mess and then we will be able to find the blue file( they clean the mess and Suhani notices the file under yuvi’s pillow)
Suhani: Accha so u were hiding it under your pillow and called me here for nothing
Yuvi(smiling): no not for nothing ,I called u here for your kiss. Can u pls give me a kiss on my cheek
Suhani: how shameless can u be? There my friend has come to meet me after a long time and u called me here to give a kiss on your cheek…( she heads to leave but yuvi pulls her closer and is about to kiss her, just then soumya passes by and sees yuvani romancing )
Somya: hhmmm….( yuvani move away)
Suhani: arey somu , tum yahan?( somya, u here?)
Somya: I want to go to bathroom so I was searching for it…
Suhani: somu , come I will show u the bathroom( they both leave)
Yuvi: whenever we r romancing someone surely comes and destroys our precious moment…

At dinner time Suhani is serving food to everyone and sits beside yuvi
Pratima: Suhani beta why r u not eating?
Suhani: maa, your son has locked my hand yet again
Everyone smile and tease yuvi( yuvi feels shy and leaves her hand)
Everyone compliment the food Suhani made
Rags: why not everyone will obviously compliment Suhani as she is from a rich family
Yuvi: ragini bhabi, u don’t like Suhani so just keep your mouth shut at least in front of a guest
Saurabh( teasing rags): monkeys will always remain monkeys no matter how hard u try to explain or shut their mouth
Menka( laughing): u r right saurabh bhaiyaa rags jiji was calling me a monkey that day but she is a monkey herself.( rags fumes hearing this)
Anuj(teasing menka): Don’t laugh menka cause u r a donkey which is worse than a monkey
Pratima: this is not a zoo park that u will call each other animals, and rags I would like to talk to u personally in my room after u finish your dinner.
Rags: ok mummy ji….
Pratima: Somya, did u tell Krishna that u came here
Somya( witnessing all this and is lost in her thoughts): actually aunty , Krishna and papa ji went to dubai for a business meeting for 4 days and I was bored so I came here to meet Suhani.
Pratima: oh ok, u can stay here if u wish ….
Suhani: haan somu pls stay
Somya: ok , as u wish Suhani

Later at night somya wakes up from a nightmare and screams.
Somya: Suhani is very lucky to get a husband like yuvi , who loves her and supports her no matter what happens unlike Krishna. She also has a very loving family, I wish I was here in her place…
Flashback……….:Rishi, krishna’s younger brother came to visit Somya and Krishna after their wedding when rishi greeted them and and looked at somya with an evil eye. Somya felt uncomfortable seeing rishi starring at her for a long time. One day when Krishna and Shrikant went out for some work, only somya and rishi were left in the house. Somya was getting ready to go out for a long drive with Krishna in her room when someone keeps a hand on her shoulder. It was none other than rishi.
Somya : rishi, u ? what r u doing in my room?
Rishi: I came here to see your lovely beautiful face bhabi. By the way today u r looking gorgeous and hot in this red saree. I have an idea why to wait for krishna bhaiyya for a dinner date , u can simply go with me and enjoy.( Somya slaps him hard on his face)
Soumya: how dare u to think such cheap things about me Rishi? I’m your bhabi
Rishi(getting angry): u r my bhabi but u didn’t do right by slapping me. Now I will make u mine( he pushes somya on bed and forces himself on her as somya struggles to get free)
Somya: leave me …..( she bites on rishi’s hand and runs out of her room to the hall when she notices krishna and Shrikant entering)
Somya: krishna, krishhhna , rishi tried to molest me
Krishna: whaaaat?…( he sees rishi coming downstairs with an innocent face. )
Rishi: Krish bhai, actually bhabi’s hand had a cut from her glass bangle and I was applying a bandage on her hand when she told me to get out of her room but I tried to help her with applying the bandage but she got really angry and now blaming me of molestation. Bhabi how can u do this with me…..
Somya(being shocked and disgusted): krishna, don’t believe him, I know he is your younger brother but he always had an evil eye on me.( krishna gets angry and slaps Soumya hard)
Krishna: enough Soumya enough, how much can u lie and that too about my brother. This is my last warning to u, don’t try to create any misunderstandings between me and rishi…did u get me?
Soumya: but….
Krishna: I don’t want to see your face
Shrikant: bahu, what do u get by creating misunderstandings between two brothers who love each other a lot?
Somya : I did not lie , your son is lying…
Krishna( slapping somya again): look somya if u ever try to speak another word against my brother then I will be the worst person u have ever seen in your entire life.
Somya: Suhani is lucky getting a husband like yuvraj unlike u…
Krishna : then why don’t u go to him then ? marrying u was my biggest mistake ever…(he leaves from there as soumya cries) Flashback ends…
Soumya(wiping her tears): I would have been married to yuvraj if we didn’t make that stupid plan….now I will get what I rightfully deserve.

Precap: Dadi slaps Soumya hard on her face….

Credit to: Sanaa

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  1. Story is going gr8

    1. Thanks Ayushi sweetheart

  2. sanaa episode was too good.sorry for the thing which i am going to tell u now.dear please make some changes to present track because it is similar to serial na.i am telling u this because urs is very very nice ff with wonderful conversation and good story.i am really sooooooooo sorry dear if i hurt u by saying this.

    1. Thanks radha,don’t worry the track will not be like the serial

  3. different methid of it dude.

    1. Thanks ci and keep supporting me dear

  4. Nithu

    I also agree wid sanaa pls change track dr

    1. Nithu dear I didn’t even introduce the track properly and I r asking me to change it. Have patience dear….

  5. Aqsxxh

    Superb Sanaa, very well put together! 🙂

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  6. sorry sanaa for my comment and thanks for ur i will definetly wait fr ur upcoming track with full of excitement.all d very best dear.

    1. Radha u didn’t say anything wrong,infact if I was in your place, I would have said the same thing. Just chill and love u dear<3?

  7. nice….!!! but ths s not enough fr somu change negative.. she must got jelous on suhani many maters.. thn its a strong reason to change her character. bcz somu got rich lif but husband trust nd love is her prob.. but suhani got husband love nd trust pls mak ths strong!!!

    1. Thanks subha, ….If u read carefully then u can understand how strong message that I’m trying to say. Suhani went to a middle class family at her in-laws from all the riches she had at her papa’s house before marrying yuvi. She left her rich life just to be with yuvi otherwise she would be in place of soumya. Also suhani has most precious treasure that Somya doesn’t have even though she is married in a rich family – her husband’s love and trust. I hope now u understand that money can’t always buy happiness.

  8. Nithu

    Oh gid to hear…dat ua track is diff n im sry if i hd hurt u

    1. U shouldn’t be sorry nithu, keep smiling and supporting me. I will not introduce the same track as the serial because this is “pyar ki ek anokhi kahani” ?

      1. Nithu

        Yea…dr i wish u gud luck…..

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  9. … wwooooooww sanaaaaaa… today am really enjoying this episode…. 😀

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  10. Oh lovely dear..are you continuing the track of ssel.. BTW its good..

    1. Thanks Farhat, no I’m not introducing the same track as the serial

  11. Nice episode Sanaa, by the way why did dadi slap somya?

    1. Thanks Diya, read the next epi and u will know

  12. Superb Sanaa, but will somya be similar to the character in the serial?

    1. Thanks Sona, it’s a surprise……

  13. Amaaaazing ………..

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  14. This one sounds interesting! Keep going Sanaa dear ❤

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