pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 24)

The chapter starts with Suhani going and other women going to their respective dressing rooms. Suhani tries to find something interesting to wear but there is nothing that could please her.
Suhani: I have searched everything but there is nothing interesting to wear except these western dresses that show more skin. I wish I have designed the clothes over here.( she again starts searching for a dress and just then she sees a cream and pink saree that she finds is special and with a pair with matching earrings and high heel shoes . After finding the accessories she keeps them aside and goes to change in the washroom.)

Meanwhile a young lady named Barbie comes to Suhani’s dressing room and finds her accessories there. Her eyes get struck on the pair of high heel shoes.
Barbie (taking a knife and making the heel of a shoe loose while talking to herself): So Mrs Suhani Yuvraj Birla, I think u will enjoy falling infront of everyone for the ramp walk and be disqualified. Others think that your pair is the most gorgeous but after u trip over every one will think that your pair is hilarious. Now I and Radhe will win the competition and be the most gorgeous couple.( she smirks and leaves from there)

After changing Suhani comes out of the washroom and wears her accessories and her high heel shoes and comes out behind the stage where she finds other women waiting for their turn. She sees bhavna there and they both have a talk. Bhavna is seen wearing a beautiful white gown with simple white earrings and her hair tied up in a bun.
Suhani: arey wah bhavna di , aap toh bohot khubsurat lagrahi ho…sharad bhaiyaa aapki khubsurti dekh ke toh behosh he ho jayenge.( wow, bhavna di, u r looking very beautiful… if sharad bhaiyaa sees you then he will faint by your charm)
Bhavna: chup kar badmash, waisae tub hi to kamala ki lag rahi hai.( shut up shameless , by the way u r also looking great)
The men come there behind the stage but are not seen by their partners as there is a curtain in between. Sharad is seen wearing a black coat tie with white shirt. Yuvi is seen wearing a dark blue kurta.
Yuvi( laughing seeing sharad and making fun of him): sharad….suhani was telling me not to wear suit because I look like a businessman but here u r wearing a suit and looking like a boss.
Sharad: jitna hasna hai has lo guru,par mujhe yakeen hai ki hum jo pehne hai wo bhavna ji ke dress se zaroor suit karega.(laugh as much as u can guru, but I believe what I have worn will surely match bhavna ji’s dress.)
Yuvi: may be, I’m worried thinking what Suhani must have worn

At ladies side Suhani shares her worry with bhavna but bhavna consoles her that everything is going to be fine. An announcement is made where Barbie and radhe’s turn was first so they walked towards the stage but everyone was shocked to find Barbie wearing a blue mini skirt with white top and radhey wearing a red kurta.
Manager: radhey and Barbie’s dress does not suit with each other so they r disqualified.
Barbie: sir this was not our fault , we didn’t know what our partners were wearing so this means we can’t get disqualified.
Manager: rules r rules and so u have to obey them , I don’t want any arguments so take your seat over their along with your husband( Barbie angrily takes her seat).
Manager: now it is turn for Mr and Mrs patel.( like ways each and every couple do the ramp walk and some are selected while others are eliminated)
Manager: Bhavna and Sharad Birla are up next ( bhavna and sharad walk at the ramp and gets selected. )

Manager: last but not least it’s turn for yuvraj and Suhani Birla….( Suhani and yuvi walk on the stage holding hands as everyone cheer for them. Yuvi gets mesmerized seeing suhani’s glory and just then yuvi lifts her up making her shocked)
Manager: give a round of applause for this romantic couple who wore dresses similar to their tastes, not only their clothes match but also their romance made them compatible with each other.( everyone claps for Yuvani as Suhani gets shy. Barbie wonders why hasn’t Suhani tripped yet and gets jealous seeing Suhani getting qualified)
After a while the manager makes an announcement for the third round where only 5 couples are participating as others are disqualified.
Manager: now we would play a song and u have to dance according to the rules that I said. R u all ready?
All the couples: yes…..
Manager play’s the song “Saiyaraa” and Yuvani are dancing romantically in that song”
aasmaan, tera mera hua
khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
aasmaan, tera mera hua
saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan
jaaye jahan tu jaye
paaye mujhe hi paaye
saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye
Saiyyara main saiyaara
sayyara tu saiyyara
Sitaron ke jahan mein milenge ab yaara

(your sky, and mine,
has become all smoke, like a dream..
your sky, and mine,
is spread in parts, like breaths..
wherever you go,
you’ll find me only..
these shadows of mine are comprised in you..
planet, I’m a planet now..
Planet, you’re a planet (too)..
And we shall meet again in the world of stars now..)
yuvani were dancing well but just then Suhani slipped and was about to fall but yuvi held her in his arms and they have and eye lock and lost in each other’s eyes yuvi kissed Suhani on her cheek at the end of the song. They get their senses as they hear everyone clapping for their victory.
Manager: So the winner of our contest is Yuvraj and Suhani birla. I announce that they r the most gorgeous couple of the year. ( he gives them a sash and award for the most gorgeous couple).
Bhavna, sharad and other couples clap for yuvani and congratulate them.

Later that night at the balcony of that hotel yuvi and Suhani have a talk.
Yuvi: I liked the song that we danced in, did u also like it?
Suhani: ya that’s nice….( they look at the stars stars in the sky and suddenly they see a shooting star and they make a wish)
Yuvi: Suhani , what wish did u make?
Suhani: I made a wish for your happiness. What did u wish yuvi?
Yuvi: I made a wish that u stay with me forever
Suhani: don’t worry where ever u go u will always find me , whether in your thoughts or in reality but u will surely find me. U will find my shadow in u too. ( she hugs yuvi)
Yuvi(getting emotional): I don’t only want your shadow but u too Suhani
Suhani: what did I say? U will always find me by your side. Now smile, I don’t like this sad of yours as I like to see a smile on my sadu’s cute face.
Yuvi( Smiling): Stay always like this and never change at all Suhani
Suhani: what do u mean? I have to say sadu to u always ok then sadu sadu sadu…..
Yuvi( chasing Suhani): Suhani…….u just wait( he catches Suhani locks her on the wall and came closer and closer and until he could hear her breath.)

Precap: YuvAni gets shocked to know ……….

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