pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 23)


The chapter starts with Suhani and yuvi getting ready for the party for couples who came to this hotel for their honeymoon. Suhani is seen wearing a simple turquoise and golden anarkali with matching earrings. Yuvi is seen wearing a shirt and pant with a coat. Yuvi gets mesmerized seeing Suhani in anarkali for the first time.
Suhani: yuvi , this is not your office meeting that u r wearing a suit. Yuvraj, yuvraj, yuvraj…….
Yuvi( lost in his own world seeing Suhani): ya…..
Suhani: where r u lost? I have been telling u that this is not any formal occasion that u r wearing a suit and tie.
Yuvi: I was lost in your beauty and as for the suit I’m wearing, I think it’s the best.
Suhani: no way …..I will choose what u should wear( she takes out a shirt and a pant and asks yuvi to wear that)
Yuvi: u mean I have to wear this ….
Suhani: yes, u have to. In this suit that u r wearing u look like a business man who came here for some business purpose.
Yuvi: ok ok as u say my queen.( Suhani smiles and yuvi changes his clothes meanwhile)

After a while they both enter the hall where other couples were present. All other couples were complementing Yuvani’s pair. A hotel attendant comes to Suhani and yuvi with a huge and heavy gift.
Attendant: Sir and Mam this is a gift for u both…
Suhani: who sent this huge gift?
Attendant: Mam we don’t know who sent it we just got it in our hotel door and there is a tag on it saying that it is for Mr and Mrs Yuvraj Birla.
Suhani and yuvi: thanks ( the hotel attendant leaves.)
Other couples were astonished to see the size of the gift that was as tall as them. yuvi unwraps the gift and they all are shocked to find……….. a statue of yuvi holding Suhani when she was about to fall and having an eye lock. All the other couples smile seeing such a cute and lovely present.
Suhani: this is so beautiful, right yuvi?
Yuvi: ya that’s true but who sent us and how will we take it with us back to Allahabad ?
Suddenly the statue moves and says “ Surprise”.
Yuvi: this statue can even move

The statue removes its perfect masks of Suhani and yuvi and they are all shocked to find that it is Bhavna and Sharad pretending to be Yuvani’s statue.
Bhavna: surprise….aww look at your face. Did u like the surprise?
Suhani: di…we liked it a lot. Thanks
Bhavna: this was Sharad’s idea to surprise u in this way so half of the credit is his
Suhani: thanks Sharad bhaiyaa
Yuvi: sharad what was this…. U came here as a present for us pretending to be us in front of everyone. What would they think?
Sharad: guru don’t worry. Why to worry when u r happy ….I’m sure that no one had any problem with this.( they see a hotel attendant who got the gift inside the hotel by pushing it walking clumsily and repetedly saying ” murthy insaan ban gaye”{ statue became human} in a state of shock.)
Sharad: I mean almost everyone didn’t have any problem in this (Sharad and Bhavna apologise to that attendant and gives him some tip for his hardwork”

All of a sudden they hear an announcement from the hotel’s manager
Manager: u all must be curious to know why we invited u all here tonight. Well we thought to make this trip here to Darjeeling for all couples who came here for their honeymoon to be memorable. So without any delay I would like to say what we r going to do here so that u all can enjoy here. We have held a competition of the most gorgeous couple and this competition has three rounds. In the first round all the husbands here have to identify their wives being blind folded by touching their hands and the ones who will not be able to identify shall be disqualified. In the second round, it is compatibility round and here all the couples shall dress up to their choice but the women and the men will only meet in the stage for the ramp walk so the pairs who’s dressing style will not suit with each other shall be disqualified. In the third round, all the couples have to dance closely between the hula hoops that are laying down and at the end have to kiss their wife’s cheek. The pair stepping the edge of the hula hoop or tripping shall be disqualified and the last couple remaining in the hoola hoop and kissing his wife’s cheek shall be the most gorgeous couple. So r u all ready?
All the couples: yes….
Manager: then let the first round begin.
All the men are blind folded and one by one touch the women’s hands. First it is sharad’s turn and he touches bhavna’s hands and identifies her. they get qualified in the first round. Next some coupls get qualified while others get disqualified. Next is our yuvani’s turn Yuvi for a while touches some other lady’s hand making Suhani jealous. Then he comes to Suhani and feels her hand making her think that he identified her but then leaves her hand making Suhani angry but then again he comes back to Suhani and say ‘this is my wife’ touching her hand and he gets qualified in the first round.
There is a break of two minutes between the first and the second round. Yuvani have a talk
Suhani: why were u touching that lady’s hand for a long while?
Yuvi: oho, so Mrs yuvraj birla is jealous
Suhani: no I’m not, I was worried whether u thought her to be me and we would get disqualified
Yuvi: I could even identify your presence around me without seeing your face
Suhani: really….then it would be really hard for me to hide or get lost.
Yuvi( getting angry and emotional at the same time): Suhani don’t u ever say that ……I really never ever want to lose u
Suhani: yuvraj … just relax , don’t worry I will never leave my sadu ……
Yuvi: promise….?
Suhani: promise…..( they both smile)
Suhani: don’t know what will be there in the dressing room for us to wear
Yuvi: don’t worry I know your favorite color and u know mine so we will wear a combination of both colors.
Suhani: but if we don’t get any then….
Yuvi: we will wear the colour of love…..
Suhani: u mean red….
Yuvi: n……..
Manager: the time is up so u all go and get ready. Keep in mind that if u do any sort of cheating then u shall be disqualified.
Suhani and yuvi both go towards their dressing rooms in different directions looking at each other. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Suhani and yuvi r dancing in the competition romantically but just then Suhani slips….

Credit to: Sanaa

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