pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 22)


The chapter starts the next day morning when Suhani and yuvi are leaving the shrivastav Mansion for their honeymoon. Suhani and yuvraaj take blessings from dadi and leave.
Dadi: beta sambhal ke janaa( reach there safely dear)
Suhani: theek hai dadi, bye( ok dadi, bye). They leave

At the airplane suhani and yuvi takes their seat. After a while the airplane takes off.
Suhani(laughing ): oh so Mr perfect is scared of riding airplanes ?
Yuvi ( covering his ears and closing his eyes being scared) : no I’m not
Suhani: achha , then why r you closing your eyes and covering your ears with your hands?
Yuvi: I don’t like the noise of the airplane that’s why
Suhani(smiling): look yuvi, that kid is not closing his eyes or covering his ears like u because he is not scared like u.
Yuvi: no I’m not scared.( he takes off his hands from his ears and opens his eyes)
Yuvi: Suhani, r u not scared?
Suhani: why should I….when I’m with u?( she lays her head on his shoulders and smiles. Yuvi too keep his head on the top of her headland smiles. They then sleep in that position.)
An air hostess (whispering to another air hostess): look Anita, they r looking so cute sleeping in that position.
Another air hostess: tum sahi keh rahi ho megha , un dono ko dekh kar lagta hai ki rab bana di jodi un dono ki. ( u r right megha, they both look like god has made their pair like this)

After a while the air plane lands and yuvi and suhani reach their honeymoon suite by a taxi.
After entering the hotel room they are amazed seeing the decorations in there and the view of hills from their window.
Suhani: yuvi, this place is so beautiful right?
Yuvi: ya …
Suhani: I’m going to bath till then u order the lunch
Yuvi : I have a better idea…
Suhani: what?…
Yuvi: why don’t we bath together?
Suhani( blushing while entering the bathroom): shut up shameless
Yuvi (heading towards the bathroom): but….( suhani shuts the bathroom door at his face and smiles). Yuvi too smiles mischievously.

Later at evening they travel around the beautiful hills in Darjeeling and are amazed to see its beauty. Then all of a sudden it starts to rain and Yuvi and Suhani get wet. Yuvi smiles seeing Suhani dancing in the rain and he also dances with her in the song “ mohabbat barsa dena tu sawan ayaa hai”. After a while they return to their hotel room and get changed. After changing Suhani orders 3 cups of tea.
Yuvi: why did u order 3 cups of tea yuvi when we r two over here?
Suhani: because an extra one for me so to wash my hair with
Yuvi: r u mad Suhani? Tea is for drinking and not for washing hair
Suhani: Yuvi u won’t understand these things because u r a sadu. I read in the internet that tea can prevent split ends and enhances the shine of overall hair.
Yuvi: oh, but your hair is already shiny, straight and soft so why do u need to apply it?
Suhani: to maintain the shine of my hair. Leave all this u won’t understand this as u r not a girl. (suddenly they hear a knock at the door)

Yuvi: come in (a hotel attendant comes in with a tray with teas)
Attendant: Sir, here’s your tea and this letter from our hotel, and if u need anything else pls let us know.
Yuvi: thanks, u may leave( Yuvi opens the letter and reads that they r invited at the hall of the hotel at night at a gathering of couples who came here for their honeymoon.)
Suhani: Yuvi, what is written in this letter
Yuvi: actually Suhani….(Suhani takes the letter from yuvi and reads it)
Suhani: Yuvi I think we should go there…
Yuvi: I don’t know whether we should go there or not.
Suhani: pls Yuvi( she makes an innocent face)
Yuvi: ok, we will go there.( Suhani kisses yuvi on his cheek making yuvi shocked)
Yuvi : u kissed me Suhani?
Suhani: ya what’s the problem?
Yuvi: I didn’t know that a jungli billi( wild cat) like u can do such a thing
Suhani: what….. u called me a jungli billi, you r a sadu with halki dari bikhre baal ( slight beard and messy hair)
Yuvi: how many time will I tell u not to call me ‘sadu’
Suhani: why what will u do ….sadu, sadu, sadu…..( She teases)
Yuvi( chasing Suhani): I will show u what can I do …..
They both run around and finally yuvi catches Suhani and they both fall on the bed with yuvi on the top of Suhani followed by an intense eyelock. Sawray plays …….

Precap: A surprise waiting for YuvAni

Credit to: Sanaa

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    Really really wonderful…. Loved the dialogue of the air hostess…. Really suberb.. Loved the yuvani moments…..

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    1. Thanks Roz, actually I myself was surfing the internet and read a fact that tea can make hair shiny,silky and soft so I thought to add this fact in my ff.?

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