pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 21)


The chapter starts with everyone finishing dinner and going to their room.
At yuvani’s room..
Suhani: yuvi I’m getting suffocated here, let’s go to the terrace and get some fresh air
Yuvi: why do u want to take me ….u can take your friend rohan
Suhani: oho yuvraj…Rohan is my friend and have come to stay here after a long time so what’s the problem if I want to spend some time with him…..
Yuvi: So what r u doing with me here ? go to your friend’s room
Suhani: yuvraj…. I have to spend the rest of my life with u not with him and I only see him as my friend and not anything else.
Yuvraj: really…?
Suhani: yes..
Suhani: now pls lets go
Yuvi: ok

At the terrace Suhani and yuvraj fly Chinese lamp together and smile.
Yuvi: Suhani u love flying Chinese lamp right ?
Suhani: yes…but if we fly it together then I love it more
Yuvraj: really..then we will fly Chinese lamp every year together ok?
Suhani: ok ( they both then goes to their room and sleep)

Next morning suhani wakes up yuvi and goes to make breakfast at the kitchen. She was surprised to see the worker back at home after vacation.
Suhani: arey Ramesh bhaiyya aap kab aye?( When did u come Ramesh Bhaiyya?)
Ramesh: Just now…and I have heard that u and bhavna di have married
Suhani: yes …everything was so quick that we forgot to invite u as u were on a vacation
Ramesh: where is yuvraj bhaiyya ?
Suhani: how do u know him?
Ramesh : dadi told me…
Suhani: oh ok ( suddenly a dog came running inside the house and chases Suhani)

Suhani comes outside and was running around the swimming pool and just then she slipped and fell in it.
Suhani ( shouting): bachao ,bachao….mujhe tairna nahi aati( save me , save me….I don’t know swimming)
Both rohan and yuvi hears and rushes to help her. Both enter the swimming pool but just then as both rohan and yuvi came close to suhani , suhani fell unconscious and yuvi lifts her and brings her out of the swimming pool. He sees suhani unconscious and presses her stomach so that the excess water comes out. Then when the water doesn’t come out of her, yuvi comes close to her face to give her oxygen so that she can breathe properly but just then water comes out of her mouth and touches yuvi’s face… he sees suhani getting conscious and laughs.

Yuvi: ha ha very funny
Rohan: I m calling the doctor, he will come in a few minutes
Suhani: no need ….I’m absolutely fine now (then they hear the dog barking and suhani gets scared. The dog comes to her and takes out the small piece of bone stuck at her saree’s end as she had sat on snoopy’s chair near the kitchen)
Suhani: from where did this dog come from…wait is it u snoopy? (Snoopy licks her face)
Yuvi: do u know this dog?
Suhani( patting the dog): ya I know snoopy, he is my dog he went with Ramesh for a vacation as he usually takes care of Snoopy.
Yuvi: oh ( snoopy comes near yuvi and licks his hand)
Suhani: I think he likes u yuvi
Yuvi: ya I think so but tell him stop licking my hand ( suhani sends snoopy away)
Yuvi: suhani go get changed , u might catch cold.
Rohan: suhani yuvraj is right go get changed
Suhani: u both too get changed( they all leave from there to change their clothes)

At evening rohan bids farewell after he gets an important call.
Rohan: Suhani, yuvraj and dadi my sister called and told me that my mom is sick and so I need to go and visit her. I will come to visit u all later. Bye
Dadi: bye rohan beta( she leaves from there)
Yuvi(murmuring) : thank god he is leaving
Suhani( in angry tone): yuvi….I heard u
Rohan( looking back): bye Suhani….
Suhani(waving her hand) : bye rohan ( rohan leaves)

Yuvi(murmuring): what was the need to say a special bye to Suhani?…strange man
Suhani: yuvi I think u should apply an icepack on your face. I ‘m seeing that your face is swollen and red because u were burning with jealousy. Will u get the icepack or should I get it for u?. oh I forgot u r getting so hot that the ice will melt after you apply it.( she teases and laughs)
Yuvi: Suhani what do u get by teasing me?
Suhani: to see your sweet, sadu face
Yuvi: what did u just say?
Suhani: ya that’s right u r a sadu( she teases yuvi)
Yuvi(chasing suhani): who will save u from me today Suhani …..
The run around the house and accidentally yuvi bumps onto dadi and dadi falls down.
Dadi: aaaah….meri kamar( my hips)
Yuvi: sorry dadi( he helps her to get up)
Suhani :sorry dadi
Dadi: is this a play ground or what . why were u both running like tom and jerry?
Yuvi: dadi…aapko ‘tom and jerry’ pataa hai. Bhai kya baat hai ( u know tom and jerry dadi. Wow how cool)
Dadi: why won’t I know it after all suhani used to see ‘Tom and Jerry’ when she was a kid
Yuvi: oh that’s why she behaves like animals (he teases suhani)
Suhani: dadi, tell this sadu that I’m not an animal he is one himself
Yuvi: I’m not u r (they both argue)
Dadi: bas bas , it’s enough. Behave like adults and stop behaving like kids. U both r my sweethearts and it doesn’t suit both of u arguing like kids.
Suhani and yuvi: but daadi…
Dadi; no buts…stop arguing with each other and I made special barfi for u both . Come taste it and tell me how is it.
Suhani and yuvi : thanks dadi ( they both hug dadi and dadi to hugs them back and smiles)

Precap: suhani and yuvi’s honeymoon trip……….

Credit to: Sanaa

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