pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 20)


The chapter starts in the evening when Suhani and yuvi were going to the park to spend some quality time together.
Suhani: yuvi , shall we go ?
Yuvi: did u ask dadi first?
Suhani: yuvi….dadi gave me this idea of going out with u to spend some time with u so why to ask?
Yuvi: ok , let’s go
After a while they reach the park and enjoy eating kulfi ice cream there.
Suhani: yuvraj, what is your favorite flavor?
Yuvraj: you….
Suhani: I asked about ice cream….
Yuvi: then it is your favorite flavor

Suhani: aww….. how sweet of u yuvi… favorite flavor is kesar pista( almond pistachio)
They both buy the ice cream and feed each other. Then they come to the same orphanage where they first met and became friends and distribute sweets among the children because of their marriage.
Shweta ( a child in the orphanage): suhani didi , aapne hamari yuvraj bhaiyya se shadi karli aur wo bhi itni jaldi…( suhani didi, u married yuvraaj bhaiyya and that too so quick)
Suhani: yes shweta …..sorry we couldn’t invite u all
Ajay( another child): sorry won’t work u have to do something else……
Suhani and yuvi: what?…..
Sanjana ( another child): today it is my birthday and so u both have to dance
Suhani : happy birthday Sanjana ……but dancing with your yuv bhaiyaa
Sanjana: u both came it’s the best gift for me but if u want to give us a wedding treat then u have to dance with us…
Yuvi: ok dear ….(he then starts dancing with kids along with suhani on “bum bum bole”

After a while yuvi and suhani bid farewell to the kids and returns to shrivastav mansion. As suhani was about to step inside her house, some flower petals fell on her and she was surprised.
Suhani: yuvi did u do all this for me?
Yuvi: no ….I didn’t know about this
Suhani: who did this then….

Rohan: I did (he smiles and walks towards suhani)
Suhani: rohan….( she runs and hugs him and he also hugs her back leaving yuvi irked)
Suhani: rohan tum kab aye?( when did u come?)
Rohan: before 20 minutes…..Dadi told me that u both went to park so I was bored and thought to surprise u. you must be Mr yuvraj birla right? dadi told me about u
Yuvraj: ya that’s me
Suhani: yuvraj, this is my college bestie rohan mehra
Yuvi: hi…..
Suhani: Rohan, I’m glad that u came. ( yuvi gets jealous as rohan holds her hand and leaves angrily from there)
Rohan: how can I not come after hearing that u r already married?
Suhani: sorry rohan….we couldn’t invite u at our wedding as everything happened so quick.
Rohan: it’s ok Suhani….

Suhani: tell me about your London trip…how was it?
Rohan: it was fine ….( they went on talking nonstop until dadi arrived)
Dadi: will u both have talks as you food or what ….suhani its time for dinner go and make the dinner ready.
Dadi: and call yuvi too for dinner
Suhani: ok dadi ….( she gets the dinner ready and heads to her room)

Suhani: yuvi , come lets go and have dinner down stairs
Yuvi:I won’t come , u go and feed your Rohan with your hands
Suhani: oh someone is burning in jealousy…
Yuvi: no I’m not jealous
Suhani: I didn’t even ask u( suhani teases yuvi and laughs)
Yuvi: ha ha very funny
Suhani: u should at least see your face in the mirror, it’s red like a tomato
Yuvi: what?….
Suhani: now lets go and have dinner….

Yuvi: no I won’t eat
Suhani: eat at least for me …
Yuvi: ok ok just for u….( he goes and haves dinner with everyone)

Precap: Suhani falls in the swimming pool and shouts for help

Credit to: Sanaa

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