pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (chapter 2)


The chapter starts with Suhani getting the contract and is very happy so she decides to visit the orphanage to share her happiness with children. (Suhani shares her happiness and sadness with kids as she sometimes considers herself to be a kid.)

Meanwhile Shrikant and Krishna arrive at Shrivastav mansion to ask hand in marriage of Suhani since Bhavna is already engaged to Amit. Both Shrikant and Krishna thought Somya to be Suhani as she came out of her room.

Shrikant: hume to Suhani bohot pasand hai wo jo itni khoobsoorat hai haina Krishna?

Looking at Somya he said (we liked suhani as she is very beautiful , right Krishna?) Krishna was mesmerized looking at somya and was lost in his own thoughts.

Shrikant: Krishna …..kaha khoye ho tum ?(Krishna , where are u lost?)

Krishna: huh … haan wo bohot khubsuraat hai (yes she is very beautiful)

Somya was also mesmerized by his looks

Dadi notices both Shrikant and Krishna looking at somya and mistaken her to be Suhani.

Dadi: Actually she is somya, Suhani’s friend and she is lives in our house.

Shrikant: oh sorry maasi ji ,We didn’t know that , so where is suhani ?

Dadi:Suhani went to attend an important meeting and she won’t return before evening.

Dadi gave suhani’s photo to Krishna and Shrikant but Krishna was still looking at Somya and didn’t pay much attention to Suhani’s photo.

Shrikant : maasi ji , we will leave now as Suhani is not here and come other time when she is here and give this photo of Krishna to her .Saying this both of them left Shivastav Mansion.

Dadi : ae ladki, tumhe aur koi waqt nahi mili bahar apni kamrey se aane ka?

(didn’t you find any other time to come out of your room?)

Somya:Wo dadi….…..

Dadi: chup raho ladki, yeh mat bhulo kit tum is ghar mein sirf Suhani ki wajey se ho aur uske hi kismat per nazar daal rahe ho. Agar ainda aisa kuch hua to mujhse bura koi nahi hoga .Samjhi……..

(Shut up, don’t forget that u are in this house because of Suhani and you are eyeing on her luck. If you try to interfere in her life again then I will be the worst person you have ever seen.)

Yuvraj meanwhile visits an orphanage near his house to distribute sweets since he got his promotion but was unaware of Suhani’s presence there. As he distributed sweets to everyone he notices Suhani talking to a girl. He smiles seeing her and again was lost in his thoughts. Suhani also saw him and she was surprised.

Suhani: tum ?

Yuvraaj : haan mein…

Yuvraaj also gave her sweets. Suhani thanked him and asked for the reason why he was distributing sweets. He tells her about his promotion.

Suhani: Kya baat hai… hum dono ki kismat to khul gai aaj. Hume bhi ek contract mil gayi aur tumhe tumhara promotion. Lagta hai tum bhi meri jaise ho. Kya tum mere dost banogi?…..

(wow…today is our lucky day. I got my contract and u got your promotion. Looks like you are also like me. Do u want to be my friend?) Suhani forwards her hand to shake hands with yuvraj. Yuvraaj smiles.

Suhani : so friends……

Yuvraj: friends…..

They smile and suddenly it started to rain and suhani comes outside. The kids drag Yuvraaj in the rain. Both dance and sing chak dhum dhum…. along with kids. At the end of the dance Suhani hugs yuvraaj. Yuvraj too hugs her and smiles.

Precap: Dadi tells Suhani about Krishna and shows his photo to her

Chapter 3

The chapter star with Suhani about to leave the orphanage and return to her house.

Suhani: yuvraj, it’s getting late and I should be going home so see you later.

Yuvraj: Suhani wait….. I was thinking since we are friends now can I have your mobile number?

Suhani : o…. yes. Then write 0763954811 ( this is a random number). Then give me your number also.

Yuvraj: I will call you then you can save my number ok

Suhani : ok bye…

Saying this Suhani left for her home. Meanwhile at home Dadi was very annoyed at Suhani for being late.

Dadi:Let this girl come home once, then I will not talk to her

Suddenly suhani arrived all drenched in rain and slowly sneaked inside her house and covered Dadi’s eyes with her hands.

Dadi : Suhani … tum hi ho na . Maine tumhe pehchan liya

(Suhani ….it is you right , look I recognized you)

Suhani: Dadi aap humesha hume pehchan leti ho

(Dadi you always recognize me)

Dadi : Haan que nahi tum to meri ek loti poti ho bhavna ke baad.

(Yes,why not u are one of my second granddaughter after Bhavna)

Dadi : leave all this and first tell me how was your meeting? Did u get the contract and why are you all drenched in rain, you went in car naa… then?

Suhani: All questions at a time . at least give me some time to answer your questions

Suhani: the meeting was fine and guess what I got the contract.I am all wet because I danced in rain with children at the orphanage since I love getting wet in rain so that’s y and also I met………….

Dadi: bas , bas Congrats for getting the contract and go quickly and change your clothes before you catch a cold.

Suhani: Ok dadi

After changing her clothes she came to the hall where Dadi was sitting. Dadi was shocked seeing her wearing knee length shorts.She told suhani to change her clothes. Suhani was adamant on not changing her clothes.

Dadi : you have to change since u can’t roam around like this at your in laws. Saying this Dadi showed her a picture of Krishna and asked her whether she is interested in him or not.

Suhani: Dadi I m still very young and not ready for marriage

Dadi : but beta you should atleast meet and talk to him

Suhani pulling Dadi’s cheeks : my sweet Dadi pls atleast you understand me I am not ready for this marriage.

Dadi : But………………..

Suhani started singing Hum to bhai jaise hai waise rahengi( from Veer Zara movie)

Hum to bhai jaise hai waise rahenge

(I am the way I am and I will be like that)

Ya koi khush ho ya ho Khafa

(Even if someone is happy or angry)

Hum nahi badlenge apni aada

(I will not change my ways) saying this Suhani pulled dadi’s cheeks playfully as Dadi was annoyed with her.

Samjhe na samjhe koi hum yahi kahenge

(Even if someone understands this or not , I will say only this)……

Hum to bhai jaise hai waise rahenge

(I am the way I am and I will be like that)

Hume shauq mehendi ka na shehnai ka hai

(I am not fond of henna or the Shehnai) means she doesn’t want to get married.

Humari liye to apna ghar hi bhala hai

(For me my home is the best place to be)

Sunna agar hai toh sun lo Dadi

(If you want to listen , then listen dadi)

Lagta nahi kabhi hum honge raji

(It does’nt seem that I will ever agree to marry)

Saying this Syhani kissed Dadi’s cheek to make her smile

Dadi(smiling): Yeh pagal ladki kabhi nahi sudhrega

Saying this she hugs suhani.

Precap : Pankaj returns to Shrivastav mansion along with yuvraj

Credit to: Sanaa

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