pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 19)


The chapter starts at night in the shrivastav mansion where dadi and suhani are talking at suhani’s room. Yuvi comes there and is bored hearing their talk.
Suhani: so dadi tell me about your love story. How did your marriage happen ?…
Dadi: leave all this and tell me about your in laws, does anyone trouble u there?
Suhani: everything is fine in my in laws… dadi pls tell me about your and dada ji’s love story

Dadi: ok ok…. If u want to listen then listen. Flashback…..Once when I was returning from the market after buying groceries, I mistakenly bumped on to your dada ji and some of the vegetables fell down. I got angry at him at first but then he helped me pick up the fallen ones and I calmed down…
Suhani: dadi…………… tell me was dada ji handsome?
Dadi: do u mean your papa is less handsome ? your dada ji was so handsome like a hero that even your Bachchan Saab would look zero infront of him ( she blushed a little)
Suhani : oho…. Pls continue dadi
Dadi: after that he asked my name and I said Chandrakala Pandey and before I could ask his name he left from there looking at me and I was also lost ….just then I met my friend and she told me about my marriage being fixed today. At our time the bride and the groom used to meet only at the wedding venue so I didn’t know whom I was going to marry, I just only knew the name of the person whom I was going to get married. Later at night I dreamt of your dada ji …..but then at middle of the night I woke up and said to myself that I ‘m getting married and I shouldn’t be thinking of him anymore. Suddenly a question came to my mind….why was I thinking of him , why was his face appearing infront of me always… I thought and thought and then realized that I was in love …….

Suhani: Dadi…. What about your groom, and how did u get married to dada ji?
Dadi: Suhani ,listen first ……it was my wedding day and my friends were making me get ready as a bride but I was lost in thoughts of your dada ji . I couldn’t tell anybody about my feelings at in our time we children had to marry the person our parents chose. I was taken to mandap for my wedding and then I didn’t even look at the groom’s face as I was still lost in thoughts of your dada ji but then I heard a gentle, polite voice calling out “Chandrakala ji…..aap”. I looked at my to be husband and was astonished to see that it was none other than …….your dada ji. Your dada ji then confessed that he fell in love with me at his first sight and even I also told him about my feeling for him and then our wedding took place and we lived a happy life until he passed away when your father was only 5 years old and we weren’t that rich as now…… ( tears roll down of dadi’s eyes)

Suhani: wow dadi….your love story is much amazing than mine , now don’t cry if u cry then my dada ji’s soul would also be hurt as I’m sure that he didn’t like to see tears in your eyes.( saying this she wiped dadi’s tears)
Dadi: yes u r right your dada ji didn’t like to see any tears in my eyes …..ok now u tell me about your love story, how did u meet yuvi and how did u fall in love?

Suhani: pyar ki ek anokhi kahani hai hamari prem kahani jo dosti mein shuru hui thi ….(our love story is an extraordinary one that stated by friendship).( Suhani tells dadi about how she met yuvi and the following incidents until marriage)
Dadi: all this happened and u didn’t even tell me …….
Suhani: time passed so quickly that I didn’t have enough time to tell u, and like u I realized that I was in love with yuvraj when my wedding was fixed with Krishna….
Dadi: what happened, happened for your good and now go to sleep , it’s getting late but first drink this milk ….
Suhani( drinking the milk by holding her nose): ok dadi…..goodnight
Dadi: goodnight beta…..

At suhani’s room suhani notices yuvi sleeping and she murmurs .
Suhani: this yuvi didn’t wait for me and went to sleep without saying goodnight ….(suhani notices yuvi squinting a bit). Dada ji and dadi’s love story was better than ours….
Yuvi: what………. your dadi’s love story?
Suhani looks at him and smirks
Suhani: I know u were pretending to sleep …….see how easily I caught your lie
Yuvi: whatever…. Pls suhani tell me your dadi’s love story…..
Suhani: in one condition……
Yuvi: what?
Suhani: u will massage my leg…..
Yuvi: me?…..Suhani: yes u ….r u seeing any other people in this room except u
Yuvi: but…..
Suhani: no buts…. If u want to listen then u have to massage my leg otherwise ……
Yuvi: ok ok ….( he massages suhani’s legs as she tells him about dadi’s love story).
Yuvi: nice one …..Suhani: ya isn’t it and anyways u go to sleep as I’m also feeling sleepy.(Saying this they both went to sleep)

Next morning , yuvi is seen taking a shower and asks suhani to get a towel for him as he forgot it outside. Just then dadi arrives and hears this . suhani signs dadi and dadi takes the towel near the washroom when yuvi pulls her her hand thinking it is suhani.
Dadi ( getting shocked):yuvraj ….what kind of mischief is this? Leave my hand…..(yuvi gets shocked and leaves her hand).
They both hear suhani laughing loudly and both of them smile seeing suhani laughing.
Dadi: now will u stare suhani like this standing in the bathroom?
Yuvi: oh sorry dadi…..( yuvi gets shy)
The screen freezes on suhani and dadi’s smiling faces.

Precap: Rohan’s entry……..

Credit to: Sanaa

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