pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 18)


The chapter starts with dadi arriving at yuvi’s house at evening along with pankaj. Pratima welcomes them in as everybody looks on. Suhani greets and hugs Dadi and pankaj .
Dadi: I and pankaj have come here to give u both your wedding gift
Suhani: dadi u already have given us a wedding gift by blessing us so what else do we need?
Pankaj: here this is your wedding trip…( he gives something to suhani)
Suhani: whats this?
Pankaj: tickets to Switzerland for your honeymoon….
Suhani( gets shy): what’s the need of this when I have such a loving family here…we can go somewhere in india only…
Yuvraj: and I have my promotion so I have to work much harder sir…. Sorry uncle
Pankaj: why uncle ? from today onwards u should call me papa ….no uncle and no sir. As for your promotion , I shall grant your leave for 15 days so u can go to your honeymoon and enjoy.
Yuvi: but its Switzerland and I have never been away from India… if we shall go for our honeymoon it should be in India only. Suhani do u have any problem in this ?
Suhani: no yuvraj…. I agree with u
Pankaj( smiling): here take this tickets to Darjeeling then …. I hope u both won’t have any problem in this.( suhani gets shy and goes to the kitchen and yuvi’s face got a bit red).
Suhani : ok papa … I’m going to make tea … u talk with others.
Pankaj: Bhavna and sharad I also got tickets for u both….will u also join them both to Darjeeling?( bhavna blushes and leaves from there)
Sharad: as u wish papa ji

Pratima: pankaj ji, tomorrow is suhani’s mu dikhai rasm( a ritual to show the new brides face ) so I was wondering that would u both come tomorrow.
Pankaj: pratima ji… look I would have come tomorrow but I have to go to a business trip to Singapore so I would not be able to attend … maa ji will u attend suhani’s mu dikhai rasm on behalf of me?
Dadi: ok I will attend it but at tomorrow’s evening… I will bring suhani to our house for pakphere rasm after the mu dikhai is over .
Pratima: ok maa ji

Pankaj and dadi leave after having tea made my suhani and blessing her.
Rags to menka : after my marriage I didn’t have a chance to go for honeymoon and they both are going to enjoy…. This is not fair .
Menka: ya this is not fair ….. even I and anuj ji didn’t go for honeymoon
Pratima: ragini and menka … u had some issues that’s why u bot coudnt go for your honeymoon.Ragini u had dengue fever so u couldn’t go and menka anuj had a kabaddi match on the day of your trip so u also couldn’t go… it has been 4 years since ragini is married and it has been 3 years since menka is married. So u could have gone much earlier right ? so why now ? just directly say that u both are jealous of suhani and bhavna and nothing else.( pratima leaves)
Menka: haan maa ji u r right…..

Ragini : haan haan, jabse suhani aur bhavna ayi hai tab se toh hamari koi keemat hi nahi bachi. Sab un dono ke tsariff me hi lipte hai( yes , yes after suhani and bhavna came to this house there is no value left for me in this house. Everyone is complementing them both).
Menka : haan ragini ji ji , app sahi bol rahi ho( yes ragini u r correct)
Ragini: shut up menka….naachhne waali bandariya kahiki jiske haat mein damru usika ishare pe naachte ho.( shut up menka…. U are a dancing monkey that dances on the gesture of the person holding the pellet drum). Ragini leaves
Menka : jiji ne mujhe bandar kaha. Wo hi Bandar hoga hmh…( ragini called me a monkey. She is a monkey herself). Menka leaves

At next day morning , suhani took a shower and woke up yuvraj . yuvi went to take shower in the bathroom while suhani was cleaning the bedroom. Yuvi then suddenly calls suhani.
Yuvi: Suhaaaani, suhaaaaani. I forgot my towel outside . can u pls bring it near the washroom door.
Suhani ( smiling): ok ok … here u go ( suhani extends her hand inside the bathroom door handing out the towel to yuvi . just then yuvi pulls suhani inside the bathroom. The shower was on so both of them got wet. Yuvi already had a towel wrapped around his waist.)
Suhani: what r u doing yuvi. I just took a bath and now again I have to….
Yuvi: ssshhh …. If u want to take a baath then u can have it with me…( sayind this he locks suhani to the wall and was about to kiss her …. )
Suhani: yuvi …. Your towel has slipped… saying this she ran outside the bathroom blushing)
Yuvi( noticing suhani has tricked him): Suhani …. How long will u run away from me, u will surely come back to me , afterall I’m your husband.( he smiled)

At evening it was Suhani’s mu dikhai rasm and suhani is descending the stairs along with bhavna. Suhani is wearind a dark pink designer lahenga with golden embroidery with a vein on her face. Bhavna makes suhani sit and other ladies look on . pratima removes the veil and everybody compliments suhani after seeing her beauty. Yuvi is also awestruck at her beauty. The ladies give gits to suhani and dadi also arrives there and also gifts her.
A lady: pratima , u have got a very beautiful bahu….
Another lady: ya she is very beautiful …. The wedding was very quick and hopefully she will soon show the face of your grand child too. Haina na…( suhani blushes)
Pratima: ya maybe…
After a while he ladies leave as the mu dikhai is over.
Dadi: as the mu dikhai is over I shall take suhani for the pakphere rasm?
Pratima :ok maaji
Yuvi: dadi can I also come with u?
Dadi: ya of course beta u r our damaad( son in law) now….come lets go
Suhani and yuvi both head to leave along with dadi .

Precap: dadi tells Suhani about her love story. Yuvi pulls dadi’s hand and dadi gets shocked…….

Credit to: Sanaa

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