pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 17)

This epi is a special one and I hope that all of u will enjoy it . Eid Mubarak to all specially Aqsxxh. Keep supporting and love u all. muaaah…..

The chapter starts with dadi leaving yuvi’s house .
Dadi: suhani beta, stay happy and blessed in your new relation so now beta I will leave. U take rest and yuvraj u take care of suhani…. If I get any sort of complain from her then I will pull your ears.
Yuvi( smiling): ok dadi….(dadi leaves. Everyone goes to their room leaving Suhani and yuvi to spend some time together.)
Yuvi: now r u happy suhani?…
Suhani: yes , dadi came and also gave me blessings . what else do I need?
Yuvi( making faces): oh , u only love dadi and not me…
Suhani: yuvraj….to be with u only I didn’t tell dadi about our plan and dadi got angry with me. Its hust that in any relation if u get elders blessing then that relation shall become a happy and successful one.
Yuvraj: ok now drink water and go to sleep , u must be very tired today…
Suhani: I’m not getting sleep…dadi used to sing lullaby to make me sleep. Can u pls sing a song for me?
Yuvi : now ? at this time? I will caress your head and u try to sleep.
Suhani: ok pati parpeshwar( husband)

Next day morning, suhani come out of the bathroom after taking a shower in a simple yellow transparent saree. She comes to yuvi who is still sleeping to wake him up. She smiles seeing yuvi’s cute face while he is sleeping.
Suhani: yuvraj, wake up ,it’s morning… yuvraj, yuvraj wake up…( she gets annoyed and heads to go but just then… yuvi holds her hand and pulls her towards him and she falls on him)
Suhani: leave me yuvi…what r u doing? get up and go get fresh
Yuvi: now I’m your husband so what’s the problem if I want to get romantic with u?
Suhani: first leave me . I have to apply sindoor (vermillion)
Yuvi: ok ok… bring it to me I will apply it on your hair partition
Suhani: ok ( yuvi applies the vermillion on her hair partition)

Suhani: now I have to go downstairs to the kitchen to prepare food so get freshen and come down quickly yuvi.( saying this she heads to leave from there)
Yuvi: but we didn’t have our suhaag raat yet ….( he smiles and suhani gets embarrassed and leaves)

At the kitchen suhani is cooking and bhavna comes to her.
Bhavna: suhani do u want any help
Suhani : no thanks di … I will manage…
Bhavna: ok ..

At the dining table suhani is serving dishes to everyone. Saurab and anuj taste the food and compliments suhani.
Anuj and saurabh: wao suhani bhabi….it is very delicious
Yuvi: akir biwi kiski hai( after all whose wife is this)
Suhani: thanks anuj and saurabh bhaiyya.. actually bhavna di taught all this so all the credit is her.
Bhavna: now sit I will serve u have food…( suhani sits besides yuvi. Yuvi tastes the food and holds suhani’s hand tightly. )
Suhani ( whispering to yuvi): yuvraj what r u doing? Leave my hand I have to eat . if u don’t leave my hand the I will
Yuvi: what will u do ? I will leave your hands but first I have to kiss the hand which made such delicious foods…
Pratima: suhani beta , why r u not eating your food?
Suhani: actually maa , my hand is stuck…
Pratima: where?
Suhani: in yuvi’s hand….( everyone smile and tease yuvi. Yuvi gets embarrassed and leaves her hand and suhani smiles and winks at yuvi)
Yuvi frowns….

Precap : yuvani’s honeymoon planning…..

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    I love love loveeee it! Absolutley adore this Sanaa! Eid Mubarak to youo! It means soo much to see updates dedicated to fans x I couldn’t stop smiling at the YuvAni scenes they wree soooooo Cute x Ty sanaa x Ly x

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        Hehe im 15 and sure u can call me di! 😀 we are all sisters x

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