pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 16)


The chapter starts with Suhani reaching her inlaws and pratima does her aarti and grahpravesh . As she was about to step in with her foot she slips and yuvi holds her in her arms.
Sharad: guru… u have to take saali sahiba…. I mean Bhabhi by lifting her all the way to your room…
Yuvi: sharad…

At shrivastav mansion, dadi is crying seeing Suhani and her pic…She sleeps hugging Suhani’s pic
At yuvi’s house Suhani and yuvi reach yuvi ‘s room where they find it beautifully decorated with flowers. He leaves suhani and tells her he will come back after few minutes … just then suhani faints and he shouts SUHANI. He calls the doctor and after a while the doctor arrives.
Yuvi: doctor … what happened to suhani? Is she fine
Doc: she has a very high fever and she has a mental trauma….( she hears suhani calling out dadi’s name at her unconscious state)
Suhani (being unconscious): dadi …. Pls forgive me … pls ….dadi…
At Shrivastav mansion Dadi wakes up from a nightmare and shouts”SUHANI”
At yuvi’s house..doc tells yuvi to bring dadi…so that her condition may improve…
Yuvi: ok doc….( he dials the landline number)
At shrivastav mansion dadi hears the phone ringing and picks the call
Dadi: who is it speaking?..
Yuvi: it’s me yuvraj….suhani has high fever and is in trauma and is calling your name at her unconscious state…. Can u pls come
Dadi(Shocked): ok I will be there….( saying this she hurries)

At yuvi’s house everyone gather around suhani and is worried. Dadi arrives and is shocked to see Suhani’s state.
Dadi(crying sitting beside suhani): Suhani your dadi is here…open your eyes… it’s my mistake…. I should have accepted your realtion and shouldn’t have said those harsh words …Suhani pls open your eyes….(she then sings lullaby that she used to sing when she was a little girl)
Lori lori lori
(Lullaby )

Chandaniya chup jaana re
oh stars hide away

Chan bhar ko ruk jaana re
(stop for a while)

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
(Let the sleep come)

Bitiya meri so jaaye
(and my daughter be asleep)

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
(Let the sleep come)

Bitiya meri so jaaye
(and my daughter be asleep)

Leke godh mein sulaaun
(I will make her sleep in my lap)

Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
(and sing lullaby for her entire night)

Main lori lori
(I will sing lullaby)

ho main lori lori
(I will sing lullaby0

Lori lori lori

After a while suhani slowly opens her eyes and looks at dadi with tears in her eyes.
Suhani: dadi, pls forgive me…I’m sorry for breaking your trust….
Dadi(crying): I should be the one who should be sorry…. Pls forgive me beta, because of me you r in this state.

Suhani: it’s not your fault dadi….it’s my fault, I should have at least told u about my affair but ….now anyways when everything is fine why are u crying.(she wipes Dadi’s tears and dadi also wipes Suhani’s tears and they hug.)

A tear falls down from Yuvi’s eyes eeing this much love and care between the two
Yuvi (thinking): Suhani u have a very strange and unique relation with dadi…both cannot stay angry with each other for a very long time . Sometimes I get jealous seeing this much love and care between u both. ( he smiles)

Precap: yuvani moments……

Credit to: Sanaa

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  1. Nice episode sanaa

    1. Thanks Ayushi… I’m glad that u liked it .??

  2. Aqsxxh

    I get jealous at your writing skills, I had tears in my eyes watching this x this was amazing x

    1. Thanks Aqsxxh and no matter what u think or say about my ff, your ff always steals my heart. I’m addicted to your ff and love u too.???

  3. Shilpa-Saraj

    Superb epi… Dude… Really happy to see this bonding btwn suhani and dadi.. Eagerly waiting for next episode… And yuvani moments . .

    1. Thanks Shilpa dear. The serial is fiiled with negatives so I thought to make a change in the character which is dadi. Shilpa if u have read the intro of my ff u would find it is exactly contrary to the show. Anyways keep supporting dear?

  4. Incredible ??????

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    1. Thanks Ci and pls keep supporting.

  5. Nithu

    Suprb lovely no wrds

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  6. Superb Sanaa!!!!!! Sooo emotional,,,,,,,,Dadi-Suhani bonding is toooo sweeet <3

    1. Thanks roz , I’m glad that u liked it.?

  7. Nice pi sanaa. Dadi in your ff is too sweet. I wish I had such dadi in real life….?.

    1. Thanks Sona, your comment means a lot dear

  8. Nice and emotional epi….

    1. Thanks Diya…

  9. Amazing epi Sanaa. Sorry for the late comment as I was a bit busy since my relatives came over to my house.

    1. Thanks Tanisha , it’s ok tanisha u made my day by your comment it’s more than enough. Love u dear?

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