pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 15)


It’s my 15th chapter and I’m extremely happy by all of your comments. Thanks guys for your support all this while .I would specially like to thank Aqsxxh, Roz, Farhad ,Ayushi, Nithu, Neethu, Napsha, radha and Sona for their unconditional love and support. Keep supporting and love u all <3.

Wedding day arrives the next day and Bhavna makes Suhani and Somya ready. Suhani is seen wearing a red and golden designer lahenga with wedding accessories and Somya is seen wearing the same lahenga as Suhani and having the same get up.
Bhavna: u both are looking like princesses
Suhani and Somya: thanks bhavna di
Suhani: u know di.. I’m very happy since I ‘m coming to live with u… at your inlaws…
Somya: u r lucky Suhani…. It is me who will be missing u both…( She bursts into tears and suhani and bhavna hugs her)
Suhani: we will be meeting from time to time so u don’t worry and I’m sure that Krishna will take good care of u, now smile ….Somya smiles(Dadi comes there)
Dadi: my suhani always looks like a princess but today she is looking like a queen( she wards off the evil eye from her.)
Suhani: I will be missing u a lot dadi…..(she starts crying)
Dadi (crying): Even I will miss u Suhani…… your mischief, your talks, your lovely face…..I will be completely alone now…
Suhani: Dadi, u r the one who decided to get me married and now u r crying? You told me that every girl has to go her in laws house, the same way I also have to go to my in laws house so why these tears now in your eyes?
Dadi: u don’t know how much I love u Suhani….. u lost your mother at birth and pankaj was completely shattered at her loss. Bhavna was a little girl who didn’t know anything but crying. I gathered courage seeing your little face. I used to sing u lullabies to stop your crying and when u grew up I was the one who used to tolerate all your mischief…. your every single wish was like a command for me…. And now…..(she started crying vigorously)

Suhani( wiping Dadi’s tears): u want me to be happy right? Then stop crying ….whenever I see you cry then I can’t control my tears
Dadi(wiping suhani’s tears): now I will not cry….. I m happy that u r happy….( she smiles and hugs suhani)
Dadi: I will go now and see other arrangements ( she leaves from there)
Bhavna: u both remember the plan we made?(Suhani and Somya nod)
Bhavna: Now u have to work according to that. ( bhavna covers their face with ghoongat)

At the grooms side sharad covers yuvi’s face and krishna’s face with sehra.
Sharad: now no one will be able to know who is guru.. and who is Krishna. Krishna u go to your house your papa must be worried about u and remember… what so ever happens don’t remove your sehra until the marriage is complete)
Krishna: ok I will leave now….. see you at the marriage venue( he leaves)

After a while grooms arrive at shrivastav mansion with their baraat. Sharad makes yuvi and Krishna sit in their respective seats. Bhavna descends down the stairs along with Suhani and somya. She then makes suhani sit with krishna and somya with yuvraj.
Dadi: I want to take a wedding photo of both jodis …. Suhani and a ladki remove your ghungat and the grooms remove your sehra.

Bhavna gets worried, she comes in front of dadi
Bhavna: whats the need of wedding photo right now, dadi? U can take it after the wedding…
Dadi: no …. I won’t have time and I will forget so that’s why….
Bhavna: take suhani and somya’s photo then….. and both the jodi’s after the wedding ok?
Dadi: ok….
Suhani and somya come out of their seats and the photographer clicks their photo’s. they return back to their seats but switch places covering their ghoongat. Suhani calls out for bhavna.
Suhani: di how will I know that it is yuvi I m sitting next to?
Bhavna ( thinking): by the engagement ring…..krishna has a golden ring and yuvraj has silver ring
Suhani:Oh thanks di…( she then sees silver ring and assumes that it is yuvi… to make sure it is yuvi she slighty removes the sehra and sees half of his face and gets relieved)

Pandit: it’s time for the weddings to take place so both the grooms and brides come to mandap.
Suhani- yuvi and somya – Krishna come to the mandap holding the hands of their respective partners. Soon the wedding starts and both the couples have pheras and yuvi makes suhani and Krishna makes somya wear the nuptial chain and dons vermillion on their hair partition.
Pandit: shaadi samapt hua aur aaj se aap dono pati-patni hai..( the marriage is complete and from today you both are husband and wife)
Suhani ,yuvi,somya and Krishna smile. They head to take blessings from elders. They come to dadi first to take blessings.

Dadi: I want to see your faces….and take a photo of both the jodis ( suhani and somya remove their ghoongat and yuvi and Krishna remove their sehra.) all gets shocked to find suhani – yuvraj and somya-krishna married. Dadi steps back.
Menka: oh… ragini jiji …yeh mai kya dekh rahi hoon?….. dulhae badal gaye ya dulhanae ?( oh, ragini jiji…. What m I seeing? Did the grooms get swapped or the brides ?)
Rags: shut up menka…
Dadi: I won’t give any blessing to anyone
Suhani: the wedding has already taken place…. And so you can’t do anything but accept the marriage. Pls bless us dadi.
Dadi: never…. The grooms got swapped and I know who is behind this. (suhani -yuvi and somu-krishna get worried)
Suhani: who?
Dadi: this ladki …. (Pointing towards Somya). She always wanted to snatch your belongings and happiness….and always eyed your luck

Suhani: no it is not like that….. it is not only somu’s fault, even I ,yuvi and Krishna are also with her in this plan. I and yuvi love each other and somu and Krishna also loves each other ….
Dadi(shocked): I will not give u any blessings and turns her face….
Suhani gets sad and asks pankaj to give her blessings
Pankaj: I didn’t know this would have happened….i gave promise to shrikant that u will marry Krishna…. But everything swapped.
Suhani: you promised that one of your daughters will marry Krishna right?. In the engagement u said to yuvi that somu is also like me then what’s the problem? She is also like your daughter….. pls bless us in this relation….

Pankaj( blesses them): ya u r correct…. I did fulfill my promise to shrikant …. I ‘m happy that u r happy…(Suhani and yuvi smiles and hugs pankaj .Somya and Krishna also takes his blessing )
They come to pratima who blesses them and then they go to Shrikant.
Shrikant( gets angry at first and then smiles and blesses them): jo hua so hua …. Tum dono khush raho. ( what happened , already happened…. U both stay happy)
Suhani: Dadi…. Look even Shrikant uncle accepted this relation….u also accept it.. u said u love me a lot right then wont u hug and give me blessings?
Dadi( wiping her tears): I loved u a lot and also trusted u…. But u took the wrong advantage of my trust…. U didn’t even tell me about your feelings for yuvi and planned all this… for u only we couldn’t fulfill our promise to shrikant and our head has bent down to shame. Go away from me I don’t want to see your face….
Suhani cries hugging pankaj and sits on the wedding car along with yuvi. Somya and Krishna also sit in the wedding car and head to leave Shrivastav mansion. Dadi breaks on to tears as they leave …..

Inside the car, suhani is crying reminiscing dadi’s words. Yuvraj consoles her but she still continues crying.
Suhani: yuvi, did I do right by breaking Dadi’s trust? I never ever saw dadi this upset… today is the first time that I hurt Dadi to the core that she doesn’t even want to see my face
Yuvi: what happened , already happened…. Don’t worry everything will be fine with time
The screen freezes at suhani’s crying face.

Precap: Suhani ‘s grihapravesh …..Suhani faints…

Credit to: Sanaa

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