pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 14)

The next day arrives and it is haldi ceremony at Shrivastav Mansion. Both the grooms and the brides do haldi together. The ladies apply haldi to suhani and Somya whereas the men apply haldi to yuvraj and Krishna. All the ladies apply haldi to Somya and Suhani…..Ragini smirks as suhani is applied haldi by other ladies.
Flashback ….once suhani’s car had spilt mud on her new dress when it was raining and she was going to her friend’s birthday party where she got humiliated. Suhani apologized but still ragini was determined to teach her a lesson….flashback ends.
After a while suhani starts to complain about the haldi.
Suhani: di….. This haldi is giving be burning sensation
Bhavna: Suhani, but when I checked this haldi nothing happened to me
Somya: ya suhani nothing is happening to me either.
Suhani: I want to remove this haldi…..I can’t stand it for long
Bhavna: but suhani…. It’s a ritual and after sometime you can wash it off.
Suhani: No di…. I have to wash it now itself…. (Saying this she went to her washroom and washed off her haldi and came back to them. Everyone is shocked to see suhani’s face which got red.)
Somya: di … even I ‘m having burning sensation…
Bhavna (smelling the haldi paste): it smells like it has cinnamon powder in it. (all the ladies are shocked to know this)
Dadi: pratima….you gave such products to us that are really cheap and of low quality…. First amit gave bhavna expired sweets and now you gave us faulty haldi paste….
Suhani: maybe she didn’t know…..
Dadi: why is it always them, tell me?…..
Bhavna: I and mummyji checked the haldi before bringing it and it didn’t have any fault….maybe someone exchanged it ….(ragini worries)
Pratima: yes maaji , I think someone exchanged it….(bhavna goes to the kitchen and makes a new haldi paste and comes to them)
Bhavna: now I made a new haldi paste ….. so now u both won’t have any problem.( Saying this Suhani and Somya are again applied haldi by other ladies)

At the men’s side Krishna is applied haldi….and yuvi covers his face as he doesn’t want to give haldi…
Pankaj: yuvraj beta…. Pls let us apply haldi to u …
Yuvraj: uncle I don’t like applying haldi…..
Krishna: what’s the problem if u apply haldi , yuvi?
Sharad (smiling): guru…. Haldi nahi lagana hai to phir kya khana hai?( u don’t want haldi to be applied so do u want to eat it then?)
Yuvi( making faces): I don’t want haldi to be applied or eaten.
Sharad : guru… agar aap haldi nahi lagaenge toh fir aapko karela ki juice peena parega… thhek hai.( if u don’t apply haldi, then u have to drink bitter gourd juice…ok?
Yuvi: ok ok … I will apply haldi
Sharad: that’s my guru….( Everyone smiles and apply haldi to yuvi).

Later Suhani goes to washroom to wash her face when she sees yuvraj’s face fully covered by haldi.
Suhani(laughing and teasing yuvi): oh ho ….. Mr perfect ne haldi lagaya( oh ho….. Mr perfect applied turmeric paste)
Yuvi( making faces): ya I had to …. Otherwise they would have made me drink bitter gourd juice.
Suhani( laughing): ok ok …. U first wash your face… and then talk
Yuvi goes to washroom and washes his face and comes out….
Suhani: wow u look fresh and handsome
Yuvi: thanks ….. and u are looking beautiful too
Suhani: as usual ….leave all this , I ‘m just worried about tomorrow’s wedding….will our plan succeed?
Yuvi: don’t worry I hope everything goes according to our plan
Suhani: I hope so too….

Precap: wedding…. Everyone is shocked as they find……

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