pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 13)

The chapter begins after 3 days in Shrivastav mansion at the sangeet ceremony of Suhani, somya, yuvraj and Krishna. Suhani is seen wearing a golden lahenga and matching jewelleries with her long hair being open and brought at front side whereas somya is seen in a silver lehanga with matching jewelleries and descending down the stairs along with suhani. As usual yuvi and Krishna get awestruck at their beauty. Later, sharad and bhavna goes to the stage and makes an announcement.

Sharad: this is a special night where two soul mates shall express their love to each other by the talent of dancing…..
Bhavna: and this Sangeet is not like the usual sangeet ceremony where a couple dances together.
Sharad:In today’s sangeet we will make a lottery and I will choose one chit and bhavna will choose another and …..
Bhavna: the ones whose names are written in both the chits shall dance together .
Sharad and bhavna (picking a chit each and reading the names): so firstly it’s our papa and our mummy ji. Give a big hand of applause for them . pankaj and pratima dance on “ do dil mil rahi hai….magar chupke chupke”. Everyone clap for them at the end of the dance.
Bhavna: next it is turn for ragini and …….
Sharad: Ragini….( she dances in the song “Lo chali me apne devar ki baraat leke” and at the end everyone clap for her.)

Sharad: the next performance is of anuj and …..
Bhavna: Saurab….( they both dance on “Dil Da Mamla Hai dilbar… Mast Kalandar” followed by a hand of applause)
Sharad: next it turn for me and
Bhavna: me ….( they dance in the song “guzaarish”)
Sharad and bhavna: Next it is our dear Dadi and menka bhabi( they dance on the song “Ichak dana bichak dana dane upar dana”)
Sharad : our dulhas and dulhans can pick a chit and dance with the person whose name is on it.
(Suhani and Krishna both pich up chits)
Suhani: it is yuvraj for me…
Krishna : it is written Somya in mine.

Sharad: So first suhani and guru will dance and then Krishna and somya. Dadi gets irked hearing this. Suhani and yuvi dance romantically on “ Jeene laga hoon pehle se zaada ” and “ manwa lage”. Everyone claps for them and then Krishna and Somya dance in “Soch na sake and “piya o re piya”. Then both couples dance on “bole chudiyan” with their lovers and everyone claps for them except Dadi who is not very pleased with this. the sangeet then finishes on a happy note with everyone being happy.

The next day at Shrivastav mansion it is mehendi (henna ) function. Suhani gets worried that how will she write yuvraaj’s initial in her mehendi. Bhavna comes to her and tells her that she is going to draw henna on her hand so she should not worry. Bhavna then draws yuvraj’s initial in such a way that it looks like a design and not a letter.Suhani gets happy and is about to hug bhavna when bhavna tells her not to do as it will spoil her henna. Bhavna then draws henna on Somya’s hand and writes Krishna’s initial in a form of design. Yuvi and Krishna then arrives there and dances in the song “ mehendi saja ke rakhna… chehra chhupake rakhna” and pulls Suhani and somya to dance with them .

Later Suhani goes to her room to fix her dress’s dori that has been untied while she was dancing but she can’t fix it due to henna on her hand. Then yuvi arrives to her room and ties her dress’s dori for her.
Suhani: thanks yuvi
Yuvi: thanks will not work , u have to do something else
Suhani: what?…
Yuvi: give me a kiss on my cheek
Suhani :wait … close your eyes( yuvi closes his eyes and suhani blows on his face)
Yuvi: I said to give me a kiss and not to blow on my face
Suhani: u will not get kiss until our marriage…(she runs saying this …. And yuvi runs behind her. He then catches her and is about to kiss her when suddenly they hear bhavna calling for suhani. Suhani runs pushing yuvi aside and smiling. He then smiles thinking about Suhani. )

Precap: haldi function……….. ragini smirks as suhani is applied haldi.

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