pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 11)

The chapter starts with Suhani and yuvi coming out of the bathroom all soaked in water. Bhavna and Sharad come there and laugh seeing them all wet.
Bhavna(Laughing): Suhani and yuvi…. Your plan backfired on u
Suhani: but di … this was not our plan
Bhavna: I mean u played a prank on us so we played a prank on u both…
Sharad: we closed the water supply in your room for few minutes then we again opened it…( he gives a high five to Bhavna)
Suhani and yuvi: we won’t talk to u both( Suhani and yuvi make faces)
Sharad and Bhavna: ok we r also sorry…. Pls forgive us( they both hold ears)
Suhani: ok but di…… what about my clothes? My kurta is all wet
Bhavna : don’t worry about that , u can wear any of my sarees(Saying this she takes Suhani to her room and they both leave)
Sharad: guru…. Aap bhi apna kaprey badlo hum jaa rahe hai yahan se( yuvi,you also change your clothes , I ‘m going from here)

Later Suhani comes out of Bhavna’s room bearing a transparent black saree with dark pink border. Yuvi looks at her and gets smitten at her beauty that he opened his mouth). Suhani feels shy as yuvi stares at her .
Sharad: guru…..( he closes his mouth and yuvi comes back to his sense)
Suhani: ok di, now I shall leave as dadi and papa both must be worried.
Sharad: guru…. You take saali sahiba to her home
Yuvi: ok …..come Suhani(they leave by auto)

At Shrivastav mansion pankaj and Dadi are both worried about where suhani has went. Dadi tells pankaj about Shrikant’s arrival at Shrivastav mansion to see Suhani during his abscense. Just then they hear the calling bell and dadi goes to check who is it.She opens the door and is shocked to see Shrikant and Krishna. She welcomes them in.
Shrikant: pankaj I came here to finalize Suhani and Krishna’s relation
Pankaj: But just two days before Bhavna got married and now suhani…Shrikant don’t u think it’s too early for Suhani to get married?
Shrikant:I understand your worry pankaj but the pandit ji said that the wedding should take place in the next two weeks or after 10 months so that’s why I thought to finalize their wedding today .(Somya hears this from far and is upset and cries)
Pankaj: yes …but I need to know Suhani’s opinion.
Shrikant: we promised each other that our children will get married to each other when they are adult so why should we ask them?
Pankaj: but I need to know about suhani’s opinion as I can’t force her……
Dadi: I think she likes Krishna and anyways I believe she will surely agree to you as she obeys whatever u say.
Pankaj: ok Shrikant then, the wedding is fixed after 2 weeks. Shrikant and pankaj hug and feed each other sweets.
Meanwhile Suhani and Yuvraj arrive near golgappa and ice cream stall. Suhani and yuvi get off the auto and enjoy eating ice-cream. Suhani then challenges yuvraj for a golgappa eating competition where suhani wins. They both have a wonderful time together.

At Shrivastav mansion , Shrikant and pankaj finalise the engagement date.
Shrikant: Pankaj , so the engagement will be after 5 days, ok
Pankaj: it’s too soon… after 1 week
Shrikant: ok pankaj then it is settled the engagement is after 1 week.(Shrikant notices Krishna upset )
Shrikant: beta , why are u upset?
Krishna: wo actually papa……..
Dadi: Shrikant , why don’t u and Krishna have lunch with us?
Shrikant: Sorry maasi ji, we have to leave as we have many arrangements to do….. maybe next time.( Saying this they both left from Shrivastav mansion)

Later ,Suhani arrives at Shrivastav Mansion . Dadi is annoyed with her yet again for being late and for not telling her where she went. Suhani tells Dadi that she went to Bhavna’s in-laws to give her Surprise. Dadi then tells Suhani about her relation being fixed with Krisha and her wedding is finalized after 2 weeks .Suhani gets shocked knowing that.
Suhani: why did u not inform me about this?
Dadi: u weren’t here that I could tell u.
Suhani: Dadi, I already told u that I’m not ready for this marriage.
Dadi: you have to marry someday….
Suhani: but I wished to get married along with somya in the same mandap.
Dadi: u don’t worry about that… I will find a nice groom for her too.
Suhani: but……
Dadi: I don’t want any excuses( Dadi leaves)

Dadi then tells pankaj about Suhani’s wish that her and Somya’s wedding will be in the same day and same mandap. Pankaj gets thinking.
Pankaj: but maa ji, how will I find a groom for Somya in a week?
Dadi: let me think……how about yuvraj? He is educated , handsome and honest…. But he is a middle classed man.
Pankaj: I think u r right maa ji…he will be the perfect match for our Somya…( he then calls Pratima and asks her to visit Shrivastav mansion the next day)

Precap: Pratima comes to Shrivastav mansion ………Yuvani love confession.

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