pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 10)

The chapter starts at yuvi’s house where pratima does sharad’s and bhavna‘s aarti and grihapravesh . bhavna steps in to the house and is about to slip when sharad holds her and they have an eye lock .
Pratima (smiling): hmmm….. (sharad and bhavna come to their senses ). Do all this at your room and not here.
Sharad and bhavna blushes. Mean while yuvi decorates sharad’s room well for Sharad and bhavna’s wedding night. Yuvi comes to his room and calls suhani saying work is done.

At suhani’s house suhani in her room cries vigorously as she misses bhavna a lot. Dadi comes to her room and consoles her and gives her milk to drink. Suhani reminisces how bhavna used to make her drink milk and cries.

Dadi: Suhani, sab ladkion ko apni sasural jaana parta hai , jaise aaj bhavna chali gayi uski sasural par waise hi tumhe tumari sasural per ek din jana hi hai.(Suhani, every girl has to go to her in-laws house some day , like today bhavna went to her in-laws house similarly u also have to go to your in-laws house)
Suhani: but dadi, I don’t want to leave u all and go to my inlaws house … and if I go I wish to go to only bhavna ‘s in-laws house.
Dadi: now quickly drink milk and bhavna used to make u drink milk by referring to me then from now on I will make u drink referring to bhavna. I will complain about u to her and she will pull your ears when she comes. (suhani drinks the milk and is still upset. Dadi notices this and leaves from there ). Suhani receives yuvi’s call that he did exactly what she told .
Yuvi: suhani I did exactly what u told me to do .
Suhani: thanks yuvi…. (yuvi hints suhani is still upset and makes her smile by his talks).Dadi comes to her and sees her talking , she thinks it is Krishna she is talking with and smiles seeing suhani smile.

Sharad and bhavna come to their room and sits on bed when they hear some cracking sounds under the bed sheet. They lift the bed sheet a little and they find many pieces of (papad) chips under it.
Bhavna : I know this kind of work must be done by suhani, and if not suhani then someone must have done it by her order.
Sharad (smiling): Suhani is really unique … she found a way to trouble u even at your inlaws
Bhavna: I know her tactics and let me meet her once then I will pull her ears.
Bhavna and sharad smile and go to sleep on bed after removing chips under the bedsheet.

The next day arrives and Suhani plans to make a surprise visit at bhavna’s in law’s house.
She calls yuvi and tells him about her plan of making a surprise visit at his house. When she arrives half way through her car’s tire punctures, she then comes out of her car and tells the driver that she will be going by an auto. Saying this she walks a bit further where she notices some men looking at her in a wrong way. She tries to run when one of the men holds her hand tightly. She shouts for help but there was no one to be seen there at that time there. Another man pulls her dupatta and laughs. just then as another man was about to touch her ,a man kicks his hand other side. It is seen that it is none other than yuvraj. Yuvi fights with all the goons and injures them badly. He then takes Suhani’s dupatta from the goon’s hand and makes suhani wear it. The goons run away as yuvi says that he is karate champion and would break their bones into pieces.

Yuvi: Suhani, why did u come alone?
Suhani: I came by car and wanted to surprise di but then the car tire punctured so I was looking for an auto when these goons came and started to tease me …
Yuvi: do u even know what would have happened if I had not arrived at the nick of the time? It was your good luck that I was passing by to the market to buy some groceries.
Suhani: I ‘m sorry I should have at least told Dadi that I ‘m coming here , she would also have come with me…but I ‘m lucky to have u with me as a friend.
Yuvi: now let’s go to my home then u will surprise bhavna
Suhani: ya.. Let’s go but yuvi don’t tell bhavna di or anybody about this incident. It should be a secret only between us.
Yuvi: ok ok….

At yuvi’s house bhavna has cooked food for breakfast and sits next to Sharad. She reminisces calling Suhani for breakfast and gets sad…Just then suhani enters the house and signs everyone to keep quiet. She then creeps slowly and closes bhavna’s eyes with her hands.
Bhavna: Suhani tum hi ho na….per suhani iss waqt yaha … shayed yeh koi aur hoga( Suhani is it u? … but how can Suhani be here at this time… maybe it’s someone else). Suhani removes her hands from her eyes.
Suhani: you recognized me but I still surprised u na di?(bhavna turns an sees Suhani standing … she hugs Suhani and cries)
Bhavna: Suhani.. how r u and how is papa and dadi?
Suhani: they are fine but I miss u a lot so I came here to surprise u.
Pratima: Suhani beta, Since u have come now pls have breakfast with us..
Suhani: ya sure..
Menka : but mummy ji how will suhani eat with her hands here? She needs spoon and fork as she is used to it.
Rags: shut up menka… since she came here she has to eat with her hands.(saurabh, anuj and yuvi gets angry)
Suhani: why not ragini bhabi? Infact I love eating with hands rather than spoon.
All get shocked at Suhani exept Bhavna. Suhani smiles and eats the food by her hands…..Pratima , yuvi , Saurabh , anuj, sharad and bhavna smiles seeing suhani eat by her hands.
Later bhavna pulls Suhani and yuvi’s ears after knowing their plan of keeping chips under their bed sheet at their wedding night.
Suhani and yuvi: Sorry Bhavna di , pls hume maaf kar do( sorry bhavna, pls forgive us).
Bhavna: ok ok but don’t u do these kind of pranks with me … understand?
Suhani and yuvi: ok di, ok bhabi.(bhavna leaves their ears)

After a while Suhani enters yuvi’s room. She finds everything neat and clean in his room
Suhani: wow yuvi u r Mr perfect since u keep your room so clean that even I can’t find a single piece of dirt in your room.
Yuvi: ya .. actually I like keeping things neat and clean unlike you
Suhani: what ? you mean that I keep my room dirty.
Yuvi: no… actually yes
Suhani: yuvi………u just wait.( She runs behind yuvi and she sees a cockroach and screams. She runs and hides behind yuvi..Yuvi catches the cockroach and throws it outside.)
Suhani: yuvi… u said that your room is very clean and I’m dirty … then what is this cockroach doing in your room?
Yuvi: maybe it came from someone else’s room
Suhani:Oh I need to wash my hands, ( yuvi, shows her the bathroom. Suhani enters the bathroom and tells yuvi that the tap is not working.)
Yuvi: wait suhani I’m coming.(he enters the bathroom and tries opening the tap but no water is coming out of it. He then checks the shower and suddenly the water starts pouring out and making yuvi and Suhani all wet. Suhani tries walking away from the shower then suddenly she slips and yuvi holds her . They share and intense eyelock as the water pours over them both. Saware…. Plays in the bg)

Precap: Dadi tells pankaj about Shrikant’s arrival at Shrivastav mansion to see Suhani during his abscense….. Shrikant and Pankaj fixes Suhani’s wedding with Krishna.

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