Pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (chapter 1)

The chapter starts with a young lady running down the stairs of her house after getting ready to go for a meeting.She is none other than Suhani. Bhavana was calling her to come to have breakfast whereas Pankaj had left for his businesses meeting for 2 days.

Bhavna: Suhani ! Jaldi aja, aur kitni deyr lagaygi tu ready hone mein?(Suhani ! Come down fast , how long will you take to get ready?)
Suhani: aa rahi hoon, aa rahi hoon bas ek minute aur
( Coming, coming just one more minute)
Bhavna: offo yeh ladki bhi na yeh kabhi nahi sudhrega.
(Offo, this girl woild never change)

At last suhani came and she asked bhavna how was she looking?
Bhavana: very beautiful
Suhani was wearing a designer pink and green saree with golden border and a pair of golden earings to match her saree.

Dadi came down and she said wow Suhani you are looking amazing today and wards of the evil eye.
Dadi:kisiki nazar na lage meri poti ko
Suhani smiled
Suhani: thank you dadi but no one compare your beauty.
Anyways di and dadi I m going to meeting bye… see you at evening.
When she arrived half way through the car stopped suddenly. She asked the driver what’s wrong?
Driver: sorry mam, car had a problem so it stopped.
Suhani:how long will it take to fix it ?
Driver: atleast one hour
Suhani: what one hour? Have you lost your mind ? I have an important meeting after half an hour. Anyways I will go with auto.

Suhani waits but no auto was free. Suddenly a man riding on a scooter wearing a helmet passed by. It was none other than yuvraj.
Suhani: hey , hello Mr I have an important meeting can u pls take me there?
Yuvraj was mesmerized by her beauty and was lost in hos thoughts.
Suhani: hello Mr kaha kho gaye aap?
(Hello Mr ,where are you lost??)
Yuvraj: huh yes I will take u there.
After reaching her destination she thanked yuvraj and was about to leave.
Suhani: thank you Mr …..?
Yuvraj:Yuvraj…and u ?

While Suhani was leaving her saree pallu was blown by the wind and it landed on Yuvraj’s face.Yuvraj removed it from his face . Suhani covered her nose with her handkerchief as she was passing by some garbages nearby when suddenly it was blown towards yuvraj’s face. Suhani turned to look for it but she hurried off thinking she was late.Yuvraj removed suhani’s handkerchief from his face and looked at it. The handkerchief had an “S ” written on it. He looked at the handkerchief and smiled thinking about Suhani.

Precap:Shrikant ( Krishna’s father) and his son Krishna came to Shrivastav mansion to ask hand in marriage of suhani.

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  1. Wow great start 😀

  2. sanaa..
    U r 1st episode is too amazing…. and ur english transulation helping fr me to read thank u fr that…
    if dnt mine wht is the meaning of title

    1. Yes Ik she is very understanding! ? ty Sanaa for the English amazing epi

    2. An extraordinary love story

      1. nizz title sanaa

  3. Wow nice story bt make it long it’s too short update

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    Too good.. Plzz continue.. 🙂

  6. Nice episode keep it up?

  7. thanks all of you and yes the next chapter will be a bit lengthy annu. Special thanks to Aqsxxh and Napsha J for inspiring me to write an ff

  8. Yaa good start..

    1. thanks Farhat and wait until you read the second and the third chapter . there’s lot to come in the following chapters.

  9. Radically awesome episode! Keep going Sanaa!

    1. Thanks Neethu and keep keep supporting me?

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    Loving it Sanaa x

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    Super se bhi upar sanna i mean in first episode are sre rocked !

  12. thank you dear Aqsxxh and komal sontani and continue to support me so that I can write something better than this.

  13. Guys the next epi may have some mistakes in it so pls ignore them.?

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