Pyar ki Roshni:(chapter-9)


Hi frndss sry fr creating non sense here…by posting one slot of adhuri kahani…sry..i hope u r liking this nlt 1 nore epi to go…


RECAP:revealation of twinj seperation n kunj playinh wit twinkles emotions twinkle lost her parents n is supported by uv nw..kunj is renowed artist now…


R:i got huge money aftr business auction n i joined a add company in mumbai to live asay frm kunj n his thoughts so thn i started working in dat once on a company business plan i went to paris u must be thinking y i changed my name n identity right…s due to uv forrce i joined add company bt was nt happy my routine was like simply i was like a living dead body daily i was like dead soul…i was unable to come out frm trauma frm many days..I think my life was locked in a dark roon frm wr i culdnt open myself frever n ever..everything seemed blank fr me i had no one that thought killed me wn ever i think of parents i will be held back by myself woth all love..i wass hindered by thr love nw…i need thm bt i was going to die as an orphan dat wt made me to attempt suicides…bt destiny saved me..many times thn uv supported me to lead dis life at dat time i went to Paris as uv forced me…he took a lot care of me whom never did…!!!!

At paris. …

Aftr 2 weeks due to my veey gud luck n destiny i lost dat add n my company fired me i culdnt concentrat on work as nly 3 things were hunting me…my parents,mt kunj,my life….so i lost my job…it didnt made any change on me coz i was used to it as it doesnt mattes me if i lost job coz i lost my everything in life….i stayed thr nly.

One evening wn i was near park i saw a girl hurringly crossing d road bt was hit by a car i was panicked i ran to her she was lying in a pool of blood immediatly i took her to hospital n joined her n took lot if care aftr week she recovered well n god gave me a new relationship with her as a loving supporting her she is CHINKI she changed me a lottt influenced me as we kne many ppl come into life sme change ur thoughts bt sne ppp change our life itself she is also one who changed my life as she listend to my story she taught me d real life wn she took me to oldage home n orphanage i saw the reality over thr many ppl who hv family r left thr though thh hv a family thy r equal tp orphans…so its nting matters wit me as i hv no one so i started changing with chinki s help n assistance she changed my name as ROSHNI..n one of her frnd noticed me n promoted ne as a model thn i did many modellings n i bcane a famous model over thr n did many shows as a show stopper..thn i got a chance to cme back to India i came n even succeeeded over here…i did many movies.

Precap:twinj union n successful love confession…

Thnkq hope u like it tonight gonna be ny last epi atleast let ne knw hw many of u r reading my epi…

Profile..roshini rockstar…


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Credit to: Roshini

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  1. Roshini u don’t from when I waiting for the next chap. Of this ff.the episode was short but very good. I request you pls ctd…bcoz I m addicted to this ff.waiting eagerly for the next episode….
    Ctd asap dear.

  2. Hey rosh it was amazing epi dear eagerly waiting for d nxt epi do cont asap

  3. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    roshni plz continue yaar. …its amazing. .

  4. noooooooooooooo……..plz dont stop ur ff is amazing plz plz

  5. Don’t let twinj unite so easily…..let kunj regret his faults….. extend ur ff further…. plzzz.
    Eagerly waiting for next one…

  6. amazinggggggggg epi yaar
    heart touching one

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