Pyar ki Roshni:(chapter-8)

hi thnks fr comments n my sath janmon kha will be uploaded tmrw…
sry fr late as i m busy with councillings……..
i am ending dis ff nly 2 more epis to go………

pyaar ki roshni:(chapter 8)

truth revealed……….

R:frnds u knw y we r apart one day i n kunj had a small mis communication so kunj broke out his anger he said dat i am nting fr himm i was hell angry coz i loved him like hell so i too bursted out i asked him y he wanted to see me,gaze me,follow me,n he supported me,danced with me,he itself contacted me i put out all my feelings infront of him as i expected him to agree his love for me bt u knw wt he told…his words trembled me..i expected 3 words I LPVE U from him bt he said WHO THE HELL RU?
shocked…sad..panicked…everything my heart cried out loud as much as bt my tears backed off..i asked him,wt he meant ? he said i loved ur frnd ALISHA..s my nly frnd who was always with me s he loved her to make her jealous he moved towards me which felt as love for me…i was shattered n i remembered each n every thing happnd bw me n kunj in all dat alisha was with me..s i remember everything…i am a fool to love him infact the biggest fool as i knw dat i am nerd fatty n no one loves me…even not likes me thn hw culd a handsome like kunj come close towards me..kunj was angry on me dat day i saw his one more angle which i hate forever n ever..he is a cheater i am a fool stupid to believe him more often love him….

R:s frnds love is hell its nly gives pain…
as she was crying uv came…
U:again u started dats y i told u nt to remember dat thingss…
roshni hugged uv tightly..n cried he carassed her back with care..
U:twinki can i ask u smething..(giving tissue)
R:we r in sets..(she said taking tissue frm him)
U:sry roshni still i m with u frm 2 yrs u didnt tell y u came here wt abt kunj nw?
R:(she smiled little)k u also listen u hv to as u hv full rights…
(she continued)
as kunj said dat i was shattered i was in trauma fr many days my parents observed dis so thy took me to paris to maake my mood fine as we reached thr i changed my phone number i dnt want to contact any1 so aftr many days i was alright my dad asked me to return to india bt iasked him to leave me here fr one more month he agreed n left me..i gave send off fr my parents at airport they left i reached back home…still wn i was alone i usd to think only one thing kunj..always him nly..i was emotionally held by him..aftr few hours i got a call i picked it up n was shattered to listen it..
i shouted hard at the pitch of my voice:mammma…………!!!!!!!!!!!!
i rushed to hospital as i was waiting at reception i saw a news dat flight crashed..many ppl died fr my bad luck my parents were in same flight….i was crying like hell everyone left me.even my love,my life evrything…………
i finished thr death rituals n came back to india as thy wanted thr rituals to be finished over here as i came back i wished i shuld nt met dat person kunj…bt my luck was tooooo bad as i entered INDIA i saw kunj at first i was happy coz i loved him bt he was nt waiting fr me he was still waiting fr his love alisha my frnd hus love….hooo funny life na!!! i didnt talked i just moved off as he also wanted dat he also didnt made trial to talk to me aftr 3 days uv came to me as nw he was grown up n more matured he took care of me..all my parents business was auctioned as i didnt knw hw to manage i got lot of money i dnt knw wt to do with it…i started working in a add company thn aftr many days i was sent to abroad at that time i changed my identity n did modelling n came back to india as ROSHNI even i hv a story behind selecting dat name u must be thinking y dat name…i will tell u knw even uv also dnt knw abt that.


wn i came back i worked fr many movies n started my career as a heroine good work money name fame everything is with me now bt my life n my love is nt with me still i am thinking of him nly nly kunj of my life this life is fr him nly now he is also a good artist in his career an award wining…his liffe is at full form so he wont remember me as i knw he is happy with his love n life……..he wont remember me aftr dat uv came into my life he is so nice dat he even remember d rose i gave as a frndship symbol till today he supported me a lottt who ever marries him is lucky girl…he is with me aftr my parents left me he is my manager now…looks aftr with care as u knw…
by saying this she hugged him frm side he smiled………

precap:wt happnd in abroad y she changed her identity u will come to knw abt the title meaning

hope u like it nly 2 more epis to go as i am busy with clg in few days n krystal cant write ff s as she is nt feeling well she is very weekcoz of me nly i regret fr it..sry frndsss n sry krystal…



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  1. Roshini di loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much no no no dis can’t happen nly 2 more epis really mmmmmm oh btw epi ws amazing do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

  2. Roshini di great…, superb episode…
    U r an amazing writer….ctd soon

  3. Osm episode but it is twiraj or twinj ff??

  4. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    wow it was amazing ….loved it .roshni..

  5. I’m waiting to know what does kunj feels at present for twinkle….. whether they ever came face to face….right now many thoughts r running in my mind but I will to get it answer from ur ff……but too good one nice ff.

  6. Awesome wonder when they will meet again

  7. roshinikya kahu?
    perfect words are not getting to describe my feeling
    it is which touched my heart
    heart touching epi
    it was wow!!!!

  8. Omgg the way u write is simply superb…the episode was awesomeee

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