Pyar ki Roshni:(chapter-7)

hi every 1 i know i am hell late due to some personal problems so no delay plz excuse me…

fast recap: we met a girl called roshni in beach side she was in pain n wished to rell her sad love story to us as she told us she is presently an actress n she was a nerd b4 she used to like a guy called kunj n accompined by a frnd calld uv even nw he is her manager he supports her a lott in schul no one liked her nw she is a heroine…she told her adhuri kahani with kunj til nw she topped her class n a romantic dance with him at farewell n thn thy started chatting as he got twinkles or roshni s nmuber….


I am left alone with her mobile phone on d desk as twinkle/roshni left with uv fr her shot i hesitatingly took d phone asi kne dat its nt gud to c othrs msgs dat to personal stuffs like love n msgs bt i took n opened went on like dis…

(i wont mention dates n timings bt a sseries of msgs)
K:had food?
K:u thr..


K:ru ignoring me…if u dnt want to talk thn dnt bt dnt ignore me like dis

(it seems twinkle didnt replied fr longtime)
T:arey,,,,stop it..i went outside i didnt took my phone so i culdnt reply..
K:k..wr were u?
T:to my frnds home.
K:who?dat girlwho will be always with u na….
K:isnt she good looking?
T:ya she is…
K:k cu latr…

K:hey happy birthday
(it s midnight 12)
T:oh..thnkq…u remember my bday…
K:i knw everything abt u…

(now i will tell u wt all happened thr in summary)
like dis twinj s connection went beyond limits nly in chatting he used to talk to her actually loved to talk to her more emotionally so dat any girl could feel it as a love even she too as i went thru thr msgs n call recordings i feel dat kunj wanted to express his love fr her bt resisited always at d same time twinkle wished tooo bt she backed off as she dnt knw wts in kunj s mind like dis thy talked fr 2yrs at the end twinkle was madly inlove with him as all thr chats ended at 3am in mrng….everyday same timings smetimess till more all were gud talks abt thr personals dat to most of the time kunj paid lots of attention to twinkle i think coz of him only twinkle changed a lott…thy had lots of romantic talks bt all were limits n even confusionas their msgs said dat thy both love eo bt concealed thmselves…oh…god this type of things r dangerous in love…

as i was talking twinkle/roshni came back…
(i use roshni coz we r in sets)
R:hmm i m back so u read all the msgs n call recordings…i think u r confused right s even me too at dat tine i was confused so i culdnt confess bt its d best thing i did in my life..our relation was vw love n frndship tht wt i thought bt kunj had different plan…
u wll be thinking y i am here n kunj is not with me k i will tell…

PRECAP:truth revealation….

FRNDSS hope u liked it i will be regular plz comment i am getting less cmnts..plz support me

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  1. Roshini dear good 1 but plz make it longer.

  2. Hii rosh such a long time btw epi ws short n amazing loved it

  3. I think kunj loves twinkle’s frnd…..

  4. very cute ???????
    but please make it little longer

  5. Awesome post soon

  6. nice epi di

  7. roshini i love uh n ur ff yaaaar plsss poat asap plsssss n yeah will uh plsssss inform everyone that m nt well thats y i may nt post my ff i fainted almost 9-10 times in 2 days so plsssss will uh inform them plsss n yeah continue ur ff 7 janmon ka pyaar ya rab ka khel

  8. don’t be sad due to comments it happens at first
    epi was wonderful and post next soon

    please make it longer

  9. Nyc one …… wtng fr d nxt epi …….

  10. It was amazing.

  11. Roshni finally u posted …..I was waiting for it since long time…
    Nd plzzz don’t get disheartened with less comments coz ur previous ff was dammm good though I never commented but I read it whole… similarly this one is fab…
    And yah plzzz post ur ff saath janmo ka khel….excited for truth revelation… love it……

  12. Wonderfull roshini

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