Pyar ki Roshni:(chapter-6)

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Pyaar ki roshni:chapter 6
I was hell shocked to hear dat frm kunj is he following me i dnt knw wt to say i just smiled at him n said it was a big think for s bookworm like me…
He replied,u r soo simple n ur simplicity is enough to make any1 fall fr u…
As i was lost in him i was smiling like a stupid wn all of a suddden i was distracted by claps…as the dance ended i dnt want to leave him bt unwillingly i did so…..

That was s last day j saw him n talked to him its over holidays 2 weeks passed j didnt noticed him anywr…almost 1 month passed i am at thr verge of forgetting him and finally i felt him as a passing cloud of my life bt i didnt get dat he was a permanent star in my life like sun smetimes which gave warmth bt many times harshness…!!!
Even kunj also…he gave me a biggest shock of my life…●●●●●

Aftr many days first time i brought a phone my dad gifted me fr passing my exam as a topper…as next was my clg life he brought ne a phone i gave number to my nly frnd as i mentioned b4…
One late night as i was studying i gt a call from unknown number….it was 11pm i thought to pick d call as it was soo late bt i took it as i thought i may be emergency bt wn i heard d voice…
All my body shiver fr a second,adrenaline rushed throughout my body my heart jumped many times as it wished to come out..heatbeat had no bounds to stop i slowly uttered.
T:kk kunj…!!!!
K:hmm glad dat u remember me..

I thought stupid hw can i frgrt my crush…
T:haha bt hw u got my number
K:i knw everything…
T:who gave u,??
K:i am kunj d great kunj sarna i can find out anything….
T:so..y u called me so late??
My heart was poundering to knw d reason to be frank i thought he wuld propose me aftr sooo longtime.

K:nting just a casual call. So frnds??
T:hmm ya..y nt(i told aftr longtime)
Of course frndss frndship us d initial stage of love…so i agreed…
Days passed we both talked a lott bt didnt met coz we dared 2 face eo..
Many times we chatted n called eo…see i hv all messages of our talks still they hurt me if I remember thm i regret hw can i did such a bigggg mistake in my life so here u go my phone u nly read my msgs…!! Dnt hesitate u hv rights to see coz u r my frnd…take..

Uv:roshni…shot ready hai…come..

R/T:u guys read it i will come aftr shot….

She left…

****Chapter 6 ends here****
Keep thinking wt kunj did dat twinkle is soo hurt??y she changed her name to roshni???still y uv is with her??wt abt her family?? Most important who was her frnd…???


Hope its nice…u liked it…will be back soon plx cmnt n share ur views wt i wanna say is need comments to witstand myself. FILL MY FUEL BOX WITH COMMENTS…


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  1. You know what! This is amazing. I really like the way you end up writing so nicely in first person.

  2. Loved it roshni…
    u r realy a rockstar di…

  3. wow awesome ?????
    thanx for quick update

  4. Awesome yaar ……. jst loved it …… wtng fr d nxt epi ……

  5. Roshni awesomeness ki hiehgt hai yaar.fab epi….ctd soon

  6. Yup rosh it ws jus amazing epi dear loved

  7. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    I didnt read your first episodes… I read ur chapter 6…. I loved it..but I m totally confused…if u dont mind can u plz give a quick recap of all ur episodes ….Srrrry if I hurt u…

  8. Awesome episode dear

  9. wow dear….so nice episode… make the next one fast……… 🙂 …. love uuuuuuuu……………..

  10. Awesome loved it

  11. roshini you always rocks and please give episodes of 7 janam of twinj also

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