Pyar ki Roshni:(chapter-4)


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Pyaar ki roshni:chapter 4

Hmm frnds wn i came to knw its all attraction which happens fr every1..i stopped looking at him n i started my work wt else nly studying!!!as i neglected him i started seeing changes him like he used to try tricks to get noticed infront of me….i was happy to knw dat he also feels fr me bt smetimes i doubted as no one likes me as i am a bookworm n bubbly girl
Bt i was happy let me tell u wt he used to do…

Every mrng wn i used to come with my frnd i usee to see him at d cycle stand talking wit his frndss sitting on his cycle like a hero n gazing at me…aftr dat he usee to follow me till class thn used to stand at d door of d class n chat thr wit his frndss giggling at me..thn he used to sit in my next bench even during classes he used to look at me slightly at the end of his eyes
I used to blush thn everytime i used to do so one thought usee to stick my mind dat do he really likes me as i knw hw boring n bad looking i was…!!thn if we r allowed to play outside he used to play a lottt i used to sit at corner n see thr playing obviously was looking at kunj aftr smetime i used to cme back to class n study…one time wn i came back frm ground n i was studying sme guys including uv taunted me…

Boy1:kamaal our bookworm is eating books agaim boy2:dats y she is soo fat uv:twinki shall i gve u my lunch box so dat u can eat it instead of books..all 3 giggled i gave thm a death glare as i was abt to burst out on thm kunj enteres d class…i back offed..he came in n took his water bottle n started drinking water these3 boys again started…uv:sme1 is boiling wit anger here boy1:ohhh may volcano burst cme lets leave boy2:nt volcano its balloon guys thy laughed louder dis time i heard even kunj also gigglee drinking water in his can…he saw ne as i was silently rubbing my hands fastly due to anger n helplessness thn as he was abt to leave back to ground

He went near d boys n said,saale u guys wnt read atleast allow her to read chall hat yaha se(just leave frm here) as kunj was hero of our class thy left i wanted to thank him bt he left d class as he was abt to leave he turned to ne n smiled i too smiled back…he noticed it n came back…i got tensed he came to iwas abt to thank him he said,’if u want i will gve u my luncubox dnt eat books ok’all my energy turned into anger on him as he taunted me!!ohhh b4 i culd reply he smiled n ran away frm thr

I smiled though he taunted ne i liked it actually i loved it bt y..i was angry wn othr did soo at dat time i had noo answer bt i knw nw coz i love him more than anything…like dis we both shared small smiles dats it nting more bt had a lot of impact on each othr thats wt i think so it cant be one sided coz force cnt be alone it will be equisidedas acc to science both bodies hv to excert equal force on each othr na…hehe c i am going back to my physics clases…k let it be even many times in evening he used to smile at me at cyclestand wn we used to leave back home..

****chapter4 ends****

hope u liked it n long enough i thank ridhi n krystal fr updating dis love u both a lottt muahhhh….!!! LOVE

Credit to: rose

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