Pyar ki Roshni:(chapter-3)


Thnks fr ur immense love n support n lol u guessed right i am ROSHINI an old writer…
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Pyar ki roshni..chapter 3…
Roshni:hmm..welcome frndss…ready na i am also ready i finished my shot n relieved now come let me start my adhuri prem kahani for u…dnt mind if i get emotional smetimes…let me tell u this in filmy style as i am in film industry now….

I was a nerd frnds…used to spend time nly with books a lott though i was social wit frndss i concentrated more on studies as usual i was a topper in schul days…at certain age i also had harmonal disease dnt get me wrong frndss…i mean over harmonal activities as u kns initial stages of attraction n crushes…bt no guy had it on me as i was bubbly,with chashma n curly hair…smewt typical desi girl….i tooo didnt thought of it bt one day wn i saw him i was lost frever n ever…i dnt knw wt to name dat feeling at d very first sight he caught me…KUNJ…
He was my classmate since earlier bt i started Feelings fr him nly aftr my harmones told me…actually felt me…

I used to watch him secretly..follow him wn he will be playing in ground.looking at him wn he was chatting with his frnds…bt as soon as he noticed my eyes used to run far away frm him…like playing…i felt like on cloud 9 …wn he notices me..nly he used to smile dats was one sided i thought as days passed..i controlled mt feelings bt he started all those things which i did fr him b4..

Years passed we were didnt comfessed abt anything we were like looking frndss..all happnd is nly we both used to see othrs n smile nting more thn dat…

As in last year of my school i realised dat uts just attraction so i left concentrating on him n shifted back to my studies…i used to avoid looking him..he also sensed it..

Precap:twinj first talk…

Sry i knw its frndss..i shifted to new home soo cant write longer
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Credit to: Rose

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  1. hey rosy this is not fair……. such a short update………. 🙁 Next do not forget to give COMPLAN to your update so that it can grow taller….. 😛 Anyways,nice episode dear…… waiting for next one….plz update fast…… love u…….. <3 <3
    Jerly di…… 🙂 🙂

  2. Loved it…u r a brilliant writer roshni…

  3. Osmmmmmmmm loved it roshini amazing …..???

  4. Fabulous!

  5. lovely ????
    but please next time make it bit longer
    but seriously u r a brilliant writer????????
    well continue soon

  6. Don’t be sorry for small update u can take ur time to set urself in new house but after that u have to compensate it with longer updates ….It was small but superb …good plot ..the story starting with infatuation to love to separation …nice yrr

  7. Amazing i rele like this story Rose for a special reason :v 🙂 btw im in love with ur ff’s do ???

  8. *dp (display pic)

  9. Rose u nailed it yaar plzzzzzzz continue soon I m dieing to read futher,….btw superb episode

  10. zing zing amazing….

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