hiii everyone as my dear frnd roshinii told uh ki she is gonna end this ff nt coz of her parents bt due to her college m krystal jst conveying her msg to uh –

Guys dont think that m ending this ff coz of ur less cmments bt i have to go to college for my graduation n there phones r restricted dont know when i will be able to talk to uh guys again bt i will miss uh a lot n uh guys plsss dont miss me instead always remember me n love me love uh guys forever n if possible i will try to continue sath janmon ka pyaar ff stay blessed muuaahh!!!
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Guys i jst want u all to pray fr her bettr future now the episode

hi everyone thnks fr ur support i am endingthis ff due to my clg n evn less comments…thnks fr ur immense love n support…RECAP:we met a girl called roshni on a beachside she was struggling fr her love kunj later we came to knw her dat she evn lost her parents love n life also as kunj who is her clsmate behaved to like her bt she was shocked to knw dat kunj loved herfrnd alisha twinkle was in deep shock coz she loved kunj a lott…later she left to london ith her parents evn at flight accident she lost thm also thn she came back to india fr her parents death rights she saw kunj happy with alisha thn with help of uv she auctioned her business n got huge money in return thn she started working at add company n thn she left to paris on her work bt she was unable to do her work due to kunj thoughts she was fired n she stayed back thr nly thr one day she met a girl called chinki who was working fr old people n orphans twinkle came to knw d reality of life n started working with her,chinki influenced her n changed hr n thn twinkle became roshni n did modelling n became a famous model over thr thn she came back to india n startred her film career wih great bang !! evn kunj was also a renowed artist an award winning one.he was happy with alisha…lets c wt happns will twinj unite…after twinkle told her story we came to knwdat she is lonely deep inside though she seem to be succesfull fr world she has losteverything so lets c wt happnd next in her lifeafter a leap of 6 months…a grand weeding reception party is going on….whole place is decorated with red n white roses n on stage thrs a dashing hot looking guy in black patiala suit his hair is spiked n looking vry hott he is our UV…along with him thr s a girl cute with chubbies n looking damn pretty n beautifulin black netted saree with gold embroidary n flowers..she is our..MAHI(nt twinkle coz she yuvle r best frnds fr dis century)yes uv s marriage is going on with mahi,his love even twinkle knws mahi well as thy r frndss…as usual.a small kid is seen running towards a girl dkid goes n pulls d long elegant merun gown of the girl,the girl turns n she is revealed to be twinkle ooppss sry roshniKID:i m a big fan of u can i get a selfie?(cutely)T/R:oh,,cutiee..sureshe takes d phone frm d kid n takes a pic of thm she evn kisses her cheek n asksT/R:wts ur name?KID:i m samaira…i am frm xyz place..i love u a lotttT/R:ohh..thnkq sam…kid runs away…as twinkle went near d stage n was busy looking at yuhi…suddenly thr was a huge air blowing twinkle s hair started to fly…she turned to look behind thr he was our dashing handsome hunk kunj(sid) in a blue suit n was looking super hot..TWINKLE S POV:wt is he doing here?who called him?uv?or mahi?shall i ask him?shall i talk to him?no….ohhh god wts wrong with me soo many questions i cant bare thm..its better if i leave frm here i turned to uv who was intentionally looking at my reaction i came to knw its uv s plan so i waved him bye in anger nleft outside i noticed uv smiled bt why?ohh these boys na!!!!with much anger i came outside to a park it was soo cool outside i felt relaxed my frown vanished n my anger mixed with air…as i closed my eyes everything appeared in front of my eyes all my past…with a sudden jerk of movement i opened my eyes,tears fell down i cleared thm as i was about to leave i felt sme1 holding me..s i knew it..i knew d touch hei s my kunj no he is nt mine just kunj sarna..d great who cheated me nplayed with my emotions…i slowly turned….to see him,he was smilingat meK:hi..hw ru?T:ya i m stil aliveK:(his smile vanished)oh..sry..i heard about ur parentsT:thats fate(i answerd in shot)K:hmm…so…T:keep ur so to urself want to leaveas i turned to leave i heard him againK:i m also a big fan of u,can i hv a selfie?i was shocked to knw that kunj still remember me,he saw my!! i slowly turned n nodded with a smile with controlled emotionshe came running towards me n took a pic with huge pleasure.K:will u come with me?T:sry i cantK:just a treat fr meeting aftr a longtime plzzz…as i was abt to deny saw his puppy face which made me melt…hw strong i may be bt wn i saw him i will melt may be coz i stilllove him s i love him frever i smiled]K:oh u smiled thn its s green signal…he immediatly holded my hand n rushed tohis car n took me to a church.i wondered y church?that to now?i slowly got down of car n started seeing around thr was a beautiful decorations in church..we went in..we prayed fr a while n sat thr as kunj woke up n started moving towards the lord he lit up a candle n spoke to meK:twinkle i knw u still love me..sry i didnt get it these days plz forgive me n accept me twinke i love u..he turned i was hell shocked t hear dat iwas happy too bt i stopped myself as i didnt want to bcome fool agianT:sry i m nt twinkle nw u knw who i am..K:no u r my twinkle frever..u remember oneday wn we used to chat u told me dat…oneday i will be is high position so at that timei willl remember u,as my twinkle stood withme,yes dat happnd with mei was shocked to hear dat kunj still remember dat****flashback*****once kunj went to england fr his competition thr he unknowingly drew twinkles picture with nature he was surprised to see dat pic,with whole heartedly he drew d picture bt unknowinglyhe expressed his love fr twinkle in his painting aftr dat alisha left kunj at d same time kunj came to knw abt twinkles past frm uv n contacted him*****flashback ends******(TILL NW WE SAW TWINKLE S POV COME LETS C WTS IN KUNJ S POV)KUNJ S POV:s twinkle aftr i came to knw dat i love u,i rememberd all my childhood i was happy talking to u,u r my everyhing,i really hurted u a lott bt i was nt matured enough to realise my love i was in attraction fr alisha bt wn she broke up withme i came to knw d value of ral love so i came back to u.”i really love u twink;e, i wont leave u,till medeath i wasnt ot finish my life nly with u,plzforgive me n accept me”,i said n turned to her she was full of tears she came running towards me i was ready fr a tight slap fr meas i deserve it bt i was shocked wn she met me with her glossy lips i was taken aback fr a minute bt later i gave in,we kissed fr a longtime as both of us wanted itfrever we r nt ready to leave bt d hell i bit hrlips with much force she immediatly took back n gave me a tight slap…ouchh!!T:pagal,idiot…K:oh..sry baby..T:nt fr dis,u took too much of time to confess….i hate u fr dis.K:bt iam here nly to love u..i pulled her towards me n gave her a small peck on her lips,she blushed…K:oh,my bookworm knws to blushT:shut up(she blushed again)we both hugged n exchanged our rings infront of lord n prayed n moved back to uvs place..thr he was waiting fr us nly yuhi were happy fr us,twinkle n i thanked him ni took her to my [email protected]:K:plzz come is MRs.TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA…T:oh..thnkqqq my lovely hubby…K:so dnt waste time come fast we hv lott to do tonight..twinkle blushed..K:let me make u see myu paintingT:oh yatwinkle saw d painting n was happy she hugged him tightly evn he too..she thn remembered chinki s words,”if every1 in ur life leaves u, u dnt need to leave dis life coz one day u will get back ur love n life in sme1 s life till thn u hv to trustso frn today u r ROSHNI,wn ever u listen to dis name u shuld remember to hopr fr good fr nayi pyaar ki ummed in ur lightningeyes”T:yes chinki u r right,iss roshni ne meri life mei ek nayi ummed lekar aaya hai..ab huyi na meri nayi ummed ki adhuri love story completeshe thinks it n hugs kunj tightly.

***PYAAR KI ROSHNI****(ek nayi ummed kilove story is completed)

thnakq all fr ur love n support plz do comment
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Credit to: Roshini Rockstar

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