Pyar ki ek kahani suno (Intro)

hey guys I am twinju here I am with my ff hope you like it…this is just an intro episode

Amritsar the houses are at same location Manohar house Taneja house Luthra house Arora house
Twinkle taneja – daughter of leela taneja and RT sister of kabir——boring, crying, afraid of everything feared from boys [reason for that would be revealed later]
Kunj sarana – son of usha and Manohar sarna brother of nisha—–romantic handsome flirty cool
Yuvraj luthra[uv] – son of anita luthra [ no father ]——-angery,silly,
Sneha arora – daughter of radhika arora [ no father ]—-alone ,likes boys clever and sharp minded
the TWO families —-TANEJA AND SARNA are friends and the enimies of LUTHRAS AND ARORAS while love arose between the two peo[ple after marrige kunj and twinkle …how the will stay together inspite of uv and sneha’s clever ideas and enemity
the cause of enimity and all other things will be shown after please comment as this is my first ff bye

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  1. Boring.
    No romance between twinj.

    1. Plzz don’t disappoint twinju.. He/She will make amendments in the ff

    2. Sari bathon main thodi sabr karna accha hota hai

      1. mukti is right..twinju it is awsome

  2. pls make twinkle confident

  3. I must say twinju nice story plot… i will love to read it nd plzzz update asap… i really like ur story… best of luckk…. nd yeah dont bother about the negative comments… ???

  4. Good ff but unite Twinj faster. k….waiting for ur 1st episode.

  5. Why is twinkle boring? Ugh

  6. Meenat Abubakar

    Nice start, wetin 4 d 1st episode

  7. Nice intro.

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