pyar ki ek kahani [promo]


Hi guys this story is very different from the real IB…..i hope u all like it

Ek naya kahaani ki shru huye
A new story begins…………………..
Shivaay singh oberoi; his character is same as in real serial…..but after meeting his lady love he changed a lot… he is a caring, loving, 0handsome,etc……
Anika ;shivaay’s wife now she is mrs shivaay singh oberoi …….
Omkara; he loves his brothers and he married ishaana……his passion is art so he started an art gallery
Ishana; om’s wife she loves dance so near the art gallery she also opens her dance academy
Rudra; now he stopped his flirting …preparing for his marriage….loves his brothers more than his life
Soumya; rudra’s fiancée …..She is a teacher …..She is cute and bubbly

A girl is sleeping peacefully in a big room
After few seconds a boy came to the room

Boy; ohh my jaan is sleeping
He walks towards her and kisses her forehead
Boy; good morning my jaan….wake up…….
Girl; no hubby I want to sleep more
Boy; no my darling its time for ur breakfast
Girl; still in sleep but she replies his every question
No hubby now I want to sleep plz no breakfast
Boy; no my baby boy will be hungry
Hearing baby she suddenly gets up from the sleep
Girl; ohh god my baby girl will be hungry
Ani; no hubby its girl

Shi; why u always fighting with me
Ani; bcz I want baby girl
Shi; no I want baby boy ….just like me
Ani; ohh my mata……if baby is boy not like u I don’t want carbon copy
Shi; ohh then u r saying u want ur baby like you
Ani; mera matlab yei nahe hei
Shi; then
Just then dadii enters
Dadii; morning itself u too started with ur tashen
Ani; no dadii
Dadii; I know u too were discussing about baby only
Shi; yes dadii
Dadii; ha don’t worry wait till next week……she leaves the room
Ani; ohh god am so scared
Shi; suddenly holds her hand……….why baby am with u naa
So no tension
Ani; no shivaay there is no tension but am worried about our child
If the child is healthy or not
Shi; our child will be always fine so don’t worry come down

Anika and shivaay is coming down
Shi; slowly my jaan
Ani; haa shivaay I know how to walk
Shi; but u r too fast
Ani; keeps sad face
Pinky comes there
She holds anika’s hand
Ani; maa mei teek hu
Pi; I know anika but this is my duty to make u comfortable
Ani; ha maa
Ishkara enters into dining hall
Ishu; good morning anika bhabhi
They share a lovely hug
Om; good morning all and gm bhabhi he too hugs her
Shivaay was just staring at them
Shi; anika come sit here
She sits beside anika
Shi; he is ready with her food
Ani; I don’t want this……..toomuch food I want only dates
Shi; no anika u have to eat
Pi; haa anika u cant skip any of these items
Ru; bhabhiii u r soo lucky somany people are feeding u
Ani; shut up rudy
Ru; hmm
Ani; shivaay plzz ……
Shi; starts feeding her
Ru; bhaiyya
Shi; ha rudy
Ru; when did u started feeding her
Shi; from the first month of pregnancy
Ru; u r soo sweet bhaiyya
Om; waise thumari bhaai heina
Shi; where is soumya
Ru; she gone to college
Ishu; why she doesn’t have class today
Ru; no bhabhii she have to submit the results
Ishu; ohh okay
Ru; by the way am going
Ani; where
Ru; soumya ke pass
Shivika and ishkara together; ohhoh….
Ru; hei shut up all of you
Everyone laughs

Om; ishi am going to art gallery…r u coming
Ishi; no om
Om; why
Ishi; today I want to be with anika bhabhi
Om; ohh okay ….he comes near her and they shared a cute wala side hug
Ishi; om ……
Om; haaa
Ishi; take care and she smiles
Om; u also hmmm bye……

Shi;ohh ishi thank god …..Today u didn’t gone to dance class

Ishi; kya bhaiyya
Shi; today I have an important meeting so I should go to office
Ishu; its okay bhaiyya no thanks she is my bhabhi
Shi; he smiles looking at anika
Ani; shivaay
Shi; haa tell me
Ani; its urgent to go
Shi; ha baby last time also I didn’t attend their meeting
Ani; she makes sad face
Shi; don’t be sad……meeting will take only 3 hours after that I will be here
Ishu; why bhabhii u cant stay with me
Ani; nothing like that ishu
Ishu;then what’s the matter
Anika; no one else can make me feel the way like shivaay does so…..
Shi; awww he comes towards her and hugged her tightly….don’t be sad my jaan….. I will come soon
He kissed her forehead and starts to leave
But anika holds his hand from the back
Shi; now what u wants
Ani; u didn’t kissed our baby
Shi; oops I forgot
Ani; how can u forgot him/her shivaay
Shi;he kneels down and kept his hands on her belly …….. baby am really sorry …… romancing with ur mom that’s why I forgot u ….muje maaf karo….Then he kissed her belly. Bye bye baby
Ani; bye shivaay jaldi aana
Shivaay also leaves from there now anika and ishu is only left.

After 3 hours
Anika is sitting on the couch
Pinky comes with the food
Ani; maa plz I have it later
Pin; no anika
Ani; dadii plz maako samjo
Dadii; no puttar pinky is saying right only
Ishu; haa bhabhi after that u have some medicine also
Om and rumya also joins them
rudy; why everyone is disturbing anika bhabhii
Ani; haa rudy
om ;oyye duffer u cant see
ru; what om
om; anika don’t want the food so dadii and choti maa is scolding her
ru; that’s fine
so; dii eat something if bhaiyya comes then it will become a problem
shivaay enters the hall
shi; what problem soumya
so; woo bhaiyya actually…..

anika makes sad face
ani; shivaay

shi; just saw her he thought something happened…
So he rushed towards her
shi; anika what happened why are u soo sad
ani; woo maa want me to eat this food
shi; ohh god for this small problem u r sad
ani; haa hubby
shi; okay then
he turns towards pinky
anika thought shivaay will not make her eat the food
but shivaay takes the food from pinky’s hand
shi; anika open ur mouth
ani; she just obeys him
shi; he feeds her nicely
ani; this is cheating
shi; ohh my darling is angry with me
ani; yes
shivaay; okay then come lets go for a drive he forwards his hand
anika just hold his hand walks

so guys I hope u all like this promo, if I continue or not….. plz plzz comment below

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