A forest is shown which is all dark and gloomy. A boy and a girl is shown who are just looking towards sky waiting for the moon. Their wait got over and moon is shown which was hid behind the dark clouds

Today is full moonday and today is the day we will be one again forever said a man and changes into a vampire his fangs got open. He was staring at the moon and his eyes changed into deep shade red

Will you be with me forever said the man kneeling in front of a lady who was looking at him.

Its my pleasure to be with you now make me yours said the girl giving her hand in his

The boy smiled with his devlish look and leaned towards her. Girl is having a satisfaction on her face , she closed her eyes seeing him close to her.

Suddenly a gunshot is heard and the boy immediately opened his eyes but the scene in front of him made him shattered. The girl whom he was going to made his was lying in his arms with a pool of blood

Girl(semi conscious): I love you a lot but now my time has come seems like our journey was till here only. I will come back to you its my promise because our love will is not weak which would die easily. In next birth I will become yours. Could you please kiss me(smiles faintly)

Boy: nothing is going to happen with you. Stop talking rubbish(angry voice)

Girl: its my last wish(leading to close eyes)

Boy immediately placed his lips on her and kissed her passionately . girl closed her eyes with satisfaction and her hands fell down.


Voice:you are cursed to be love. She can take many births but will never become yours its my promise(laughs evilly)

Hi guys its my new story prologue did you liked it

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  1. Rosey

    Is this theme from English movie…I have seen one I think it’s name was Collins something like that…
    But amazing concept

    1. thank you but i do not know it is the concept of a movie or not.
      i was just thought it while watching a show

      1. oops galat jagah comment kardiya

    2. Moon

      my id is thinemoon

  2. nice..continue soon..

  3. Sus

    r u in watspad dear
    nyc starting

    1. Moon


      1. Rosey

        Then tell me your I’d


    Interesting plz continue the names

  5. Kojagorimalik

    Interesting and waiting

  6. Soujanya


  7. Interesting

  8. Seebu_s

    interesting dear☺

  9. Simi

    Interesting ?

  10. Awesome staring continue soon…

  11. Awesome…and soon.

  12. Pramudi

    Nice start dear.

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